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What is Defamation, Libel and Slander?

Generally speaking, defamation is the issuance of a false statement about another person, which causes that person to suffer harm. Slander involves the making of defamatory statements by a transitory (non-fixed) representation, usually an oral (spoken) representation. Libel involves the making of defamatory statements in a printed or fixed medium, such as a magazine or newspaper.

A defamation lawyer can advise on matters such as defamatory statements, libel, slander and malicious falsehood. A solicitor specialising in defamation will also be able to advise on statements to be made or previously made in newspapers and magazines, in emails, on TV or radio, in employee references or in advertising material.

A defamation lawyer can also help with securing public apologies for defamatory statements made in the press.

Where a person makes a defamatory statement that damages your reputation, you may be able to sue them for compensation or prevent them repeating it.

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While the classic example of a defamation claimant is the celebrity who believes that a newspaper has published an unflattering untruth about her, defamation also comes up in more mundane circumstances.

For example, a businessman might claim that he has been defamed by a rival who sends an email containing false statements that damage his professional reputation. Or someone might object to falsehoods published on a social networking website that reflect adversely on their integrity or honesty.

If you think you have a claim for defamation, there are a few basic questions you need to consider, including:

• Is the statement defamatory?
• Did the defendant "publish" the statement to a third person?
• Does the defendant have a valid defence?

What does the defamed person need to prove?

The defamed person must prove three things in order to bring a defamation action:

• The material was published
The word ‘published’ in this context simply means having been communicated by you to someone other than the plaintiff.

• The plaintiff must have been identified by the publication.
You do not have to use their name to identify someone. The law only requires that there be enough information contained in the publication for others, such as co-workers or acquaintances, to figure out who the person is.

• The material in question must have been defamatory
It is defamatory if it exposes them to ridicule, lowers their reputation in the eyes of other members of the community, causes people to shun or avoid them, or injures their professional reputation. Even if the actual words are not defamatory, the message they portray may still be considered defamatory. See imputations below.

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The relevant defamation legislation in Australia is:

• Defamation Act 2005 (NSW)
• Defamation Act 2005 (Vic)
• Defamation Act 2005 (Qld)
• Defamation Act 2005 (SA)
• Defamation Act 2005 (WA)
• Defamation Act 2005 (Tas)
• Civil Laws (Wrongs) Act 2002
• Defamation Act (NT)

Defamation litigation

Defamation lawyers deal with all aspects of defamation including:

• Libel
• Slander
• Maliciousfalsehood

Defamation, Libel and Slander Law

It is not unusual for lawyers to receive inquiries about defamation actions from people who are in conflicts with neighbours or other members of their communities, and have become the subjects of vicious lies. The area of law most implicated by that type of conduct is "defamation of character", a cause of action which is generally defined to include "libel" and slander".

Typically, the elements of a cause of action for defamation include:

1.A false and defamatory statement concerning another;

2.The unprivileged publication of the statement to a third party (that is, somebody other than the person defamed by the statement);

3.If the defamatory matter is of public concern, fault amounting at least to negligence on the part of the publisher; and

4.Damage to the plaintiff.

In the context of defamation law, a statement is "published" when it is made to the third party. That term does not mean that the statement has to be in print.

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Damages are typically to the reputation of the plaintiff, but depending upon the laws of the jurisdiction it may be enough to establish mental anguish.

Most jurisdictions also recognize "per se" defamation, where the allegations are presumed to cause damage to the plaintiff. Typically, the following may constitute defamation per se:

• Attacks on a person's professional character or standing;
• Allegations that an unmarried person is unchaste;
• Allegations that a person is infected with a sexually transmitted disease;
• Allegations that the person has committed a crime of moral turpitude;

While actions for defamation have their roots in common law, most jurisdictions have now enacted statutes which modify the common law. They may change the elements of the cause of action, limit when an action may be filed, or modify the defences to an action for defamation. Some may even require that the defendant be given an opportunity to apologize before the plaintiff can seek damages.

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A person is considered as an author, editor or publisher if he is, either, the originator of the statement, or has editorial responsibility for the content, or he is a commercial publisher. But if he is only involved in printing, producing, distributing or selling printed material then he is not considered as an author, editor or publisher.

Meaning of Defamation

There is no single comprehensive definition of what is defamatory. Various suggestions have been made before the courts, including any material which:

• Is to a person’s discredit.
• Tends to lower him or her in the estimation of others.
• Causes him or her to be shunned or avoided.
• Causes him or her to be exposed to hatred, ridicule or contempt.

For a statement to be defamatory the imputation must tend to lower the claimant in the estimation of right-thinking members of society generally. Even if the words damage a person in the eyes of a section of society or the community, they are not defamatory unless they amount to a disparagement of the reputation in the eyes of right-thinking people generally.

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The law of defamation recognises two types of meanings. The first type of meaning is the natural and ordinary meaning of the words. This is not limited to the obvious and literal meaning, but includes any inference which the ordinary, reasonable reader would draw from the words.


The words complained of must have been published by the person sued to a third party. Publication includes any means of communication even if only to one other person. Due to the breadth of the term publication, many individuals with only a slight connection to the work can find themselves ensnared in defamation proceedings.

However, the Defamation Act 1996 provides a defence to persons who are not authors, editors or commercial publishers of the statement if they took reasonable care in relation to its publication and they did not know and had no reason to believe that what they did caused or contributed to the publication of a defamatory statement. This is intended to cover printers, distributors, on-line service providers and live broadcasters.

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The High Court has held for the purposes of the Defamation Act 1996 that an Internet Service Provider (ISP) which transmits a posting from its news server to subscribers who want to use it, is not the publisher of the posting, although at common law it would be considered to be. However, the court held that because the ISP had not removed the offending material as soon as it was notified of its existence, it had not acted reasonably and the defence under the Defamation Act 1996 was not available.


A claimant must prove that the defamatory statement refers to him or her. In most cases this can be done without difficulty, as the claimant will be named. However, a claimant who has not been referred to by name must prove that the words complained of were understood by some readers as referring to him or her.

The claimant can rely on the fact that he or she was referred to by a nickname or initials or that he or she was a member of a class or group of people included in the defamatory statement.

The fact that a publisher did not intend to refer to the claimant is irrelevant to the question of whether or not that person has been defamed. A person whose name is the same or similar to that of a fictitious character can sue for defamation if the words complained of would be understood to refer to the claimant by reasonable people who knew him or her.

Similarly, a member of a group or class of people can sue in relation to a defamatory allegation referring to the group as a whole, if the group is sufficiently small that the allegation would be understood to refer to him or her personally.

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What Constitutes a Defamatory Statement?

Libel, Slander and the Common Law

The tests to determine whether a defamatory statement has been made, include whether the publication tends to lower a person in the estimation of right-thinking members of society, or which tends to make them shun or avoid that person.

Defamation is either libel or slander; libelous statements are made in permanent form and slander is defamation made in a transitory form. Since the European Convention of Human Rights, courts tend to be more willing to explicitly weight the competing claims of privacy and free expression, particularly in cases concerning qualified privilege.

If you believe you have a defamation matter and would like legal help regarding your potential defamation claim, then please complete your free legal enquiry form.

Elements of Defamation

A defamatory statement is made when an untrue statement is published, referring to the claimant and affecting their reputation, and no defence is available. Any truth to the statement gives rise to the justification defence and so cannot be defamation; the statement must also lower the claimant in the eyes of right-thinking members of society. There is no need for the statement to directly criticise the claimant as stated in Tolley v JS Fry & Sons Ltd [1931] A.C. 333. To do so indirectly is known as an innuendo. The statement must refer to the claimant or the claimant must be reasonably ascertainable though not necessarily named, if a reasonable person knowing the claimant would have thought it was the claimant being referred to on the basis of the information in the statement. In an action for libel, commission of the tort is enough, whereas for slander, there must have been some ‘special damage’, that is to say financial loss.

Defences to Defamation

The defences to defamation action are:

2.fair comment
3.absolute privilege
4.qualified privilege and
5.offer of amends.

Qualified Privilege

Qualified privilege is a defence based on public interest, protecting makers of certain defamatory statements because the law considers that in the circumstances, free expression is more important than protection of reputation. The defence is not available if the alleged defamatory statement was made with malice, and can arise under statute and at common law. The statutory provisions fall under section 15 of the Defamation Act, where there are two groups.

The first group in Schedule 1 of the Act, are statements having “qualified privilege without explanation or contradiction”, most importantly:

1.fair and accurate reports of the proceedings of legislatures, courts and governmental inquiries; and
2.fair and accurate copies of material published by or on the authority of any governmental, legislature and international organisation anywhere in the world.

The second group in Schedule 2 of the Act is described as ‘privileged subject to explanation or contradiction.’ This paragraph includes police functions and governmental functions. Therefore, the protection of qualified privilege will be lost if the claimant has supplied a reasonable explanation or contradiction of the statement and requested its publication, but the defendant has failed to publish it in ‘a reasonable manner’.

At common law, Lord Atkinson ruled that the defence of qualified privilege applied where "... the person who makes a communication has an interest or a duty, legal, social or moral, to make it to the person to whom it is made, and the person to whom it is so made has a corresponding interest or duty to receive it. This reciprocity is essential". Some of the factors courts take into consideration are the seriousness of the allegation; the nature of information; the source; the steps taken to verify that information; whether comment had been sought from the claimant. The main remedies sought are damages and injunctions.

If you believe you have a defamation matter and would like legal help regarding your potential defamation claim, then please complete your free legal enquiry form.

Experienced lawyers representing claimants and defendants in actions for libel, slander and malicious falsehood

Defamation Lawyers advise on and conduct legal proceedings seeking damages for defamation (libel and slander) and the publication of malicious falsehoods.

A claimant in a defamation action must show that the words they complain of would be understood by a hypothetical reasonable reader (i.e. requires publication to a third party) to refer to them and to bear a meaning  defamatory  of  them,  that  is,  a  meaning  which would tend to lower their reputation in the eyes of right-thinking members of society.

The actual effect of the publication of the words is irrelevant to whether they are defamatory: this is determined by reference to right-thinking members of society only. A claimant must also show that the words complained of have been communicated (published) to a third party.

Anyone involved in the publication of the words could be liable for defamation unless they can establish a defence.

A defence can be for the defendant to show that although defamatory its words were published pursuant to the discharge of a public duty (e.g. reporting suspicion of a crime to the authorities) and are thereby privileged from suit but such a defence is vitiated if the claimant can show  that  the   words   complained   of were published with malice. It is a defence for the defendant to show justification, meaning substantial truth of the words complained of.

Libel proceedings are very expensive and because trials are in front of a jury rather than judge alone (uniquely amongst civil proceedings) their outcome is inherently more unpredictable than many kinds of proceedings. It is therefore wise to get advice from an experienced solicitor at the outset.

If you think you have a claim for defamation, there are a few basic questions you need to consider, including:

•Is the statement defamatory?
•Did the defendant "publish" the statement to a third person?
•Does the defendant have a valid defence?

(1) Is the statement defamatory?

Lord Atkin said: "A defamatory statement is one which injures the reputation of another by exposing him to hatred, contempt, or ridicule, or which tends to lower him in the esteem of right-thinking members of society."

This definition covers a lot of ground, but usually a person making a defamation claim is primarily concerned with the injury to his reputation. Mere insults or "vulgar abuse" are not defamatory. To be actionable, the statement must actually injure the claimant's reputation.

(2) Did the defendant publish the statement to a third person?

The word "publication" sounds very grand, but for the purposes of defamation it is relatively simple for a claimant to establish that the defendant has "published" a statement.

A person can "publish" a statement simply by saying it, or otherwise making it in some temporary way. If a person makes a defamatory statement this way, it is known as slander .

A defamatory statement in a more permanent form, in writing say, for example in a newspaper or on the internet, or in a letter or an email, is known as libel .

Note, however, that sometimes the courts will find that a person publishing a statement should not bear responsibility if it is defamatory. This has happened in some cases involving internet service providers, who have simply hosted a website or message board where someone else posted a defamatory statement – although there have also been some cases where the circumstances were such that the court did hold an internet service provider responsible (for instance, where the service provider failed to take the statements down after being told of them).

As part of the publication requirement, the claimant must show that the defamatory statement actually identifies him/her. An indirect reference to the claimant may be sufficient (for instance, in the case of a celebrity, a nickname that is widely known). On the other hand, a general reference to a large group that happens to include the claimant may not be enough to give the claimant a valid basis for asserting that he has been defamed.

In general, the courts have given broad meaning to the word "publication." In one well-known case, the court held that a waxwork depicting the claimant in a public place amounted to publication.

(3) Does the defendant have a valid defence?

When faced with a defamation claim, a defendant may defend on the basis that the statement was:

•fair comment; and/or

To establish the statement was justified , the defendant must show that it was true or at least substantially true. (NB. When a claimant brings an action for defamation, the court begins with the presumption that the claimant had a good reputation and that the statement injuring his/her reputation is false, thus putting the onus on the defendant to prove it is true.)

Fair Comment is a defence that, in effect, protects the right of free expression. It means that if the statement in question is the defendant's honestly held opinion on a matter of public interest, and if the defendant did not make the statement maliciously, then it is not actionable. For instance, a well-reasoned opinion article in a newspaper, in which the author concludes that a politician has been dishonest or incompetent in some respect, is unlikely to give the politician grounds for a defamation claim.

Privilege is a defence that comes in two forms. Some statements are absolutely privileged , so that they are not actionable even if they would otherwise be defamatory. Statements that people make during judicial proceedings, as well as statements that people make in Parliamentary proceedings, are absolutely privileged. The privilege applies even if the person making the statement does so maliciously.

Qualified privilege applies to statements that people make out of some legal, moral or social duty. Qualified privilege does not, however, apply if the person makes the statement out of malice. For example, a person reporting someone to the police will not be liable for defamation unless he/she does so in bad faith and primarily to injure someone's reputation or otherwise harass or annoy them.

If you believe you have a defamation matter and would like legal help regarding your potential defamation claim, then please complete your free legal enquiry form on the left, or click here.

(4) Time limit for bringing a claim

The limitation period for defamation is shorter than for other civil claims. Normally, the limitation period for personal injury claims is three years from the date the injury occurred or – for injuries that take the form of diseases that only become apparent gradually over time – the date that the injured person first became aware of the injury. The limitation period for defamation claims is much shorter, however – only one year from the date of publication.

(5) Jury trial

Either of the parties to a defamation action can, if the matter goes to trial, require that it be heard by a jury. That is not generally the case for other types of civil claims. The matter can, however, be decided by the judge alone prior to trial – that would happen if, say, the judge concludes that one of the parties has no reasonable prospect of success.

(6) Remedies: damages and injunctions

If a defamation claimant takes his claim to trial and wins, he can recover damages and costs. Typically, the court will require the losing party to pay some or all of the winner's costs, just like in other types of civil proceedings.

Damages may include what are known as "general damages" (to compensate for any non-monetary harm suffered, such as for pain and suffering), "special damages" (to compensate the claimant for quantifiable financial losses, such as loss of business) and can also include aggravated and/or exemplary damages (which serve more of a punitive function, where the defendant's behaviour has been unreasonable, reckless, or otherwise unworthy).

In some cases, a claimant may only get nominal damages (say, $1). This might happen where the defendant has claimed that the statement giving rise to the claim was true, and although the defence failed to convince the jury completely, the jury thought the statement to be nearly true.

If you believe you have a defamation matter and would like legal help regarding your potential defamation claim, then please complete your free legal enquiry form on the left, or click here.

A claimant may also apply for an injunction to stop the defendant from publishing defamatory material. Obviously this has serious civil liberties implications for free expression and so on.

If you believe you have a defamation matter and would like legal help regarding your potential defamation claim, then please complete your free legal enquiry form on the left, or click here.

(7) Making a claim

If you're thinking about making a claim for defamation, you need to consider your position very carefully. Defamation claims can and do fail, and a claim that fails at trial can be very expensive for the claimant.

If you believe you have a defamation matter and would like legal help regarding your potential defamation claim, then please complete your free legal enquiry form on the left, or click here.

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Whither media regulation?


by M Pearson - 2003 - defamation, contempt, confidentiality, intellectual property and the laws ... primary document cited by journalists, lawyers, politicians and commentators ..




by CN Burgess - 2005 - Attorney-General v Sport Newspapers Ltd [1992] 1 All ER 503 .... Defamation Law and Practice,(2004) 28 Melbourne University Law Review, 406, 416.


Censorship and the Political Cartoonist


by H Manning - - would make satirists notable benefactors to defamation lawyers. The text-book summary of defamation law describes it as published material which 'tends to ..


Summer Term 2011/2012 - UNSW Law


Law, Lawyers & Society. LAWS8081. Advanced Issues in International Law. 6. Public International Law. LAWS8014. Defamation and the Media. 6. LAWS8139 ..


Suppression, privacy, contempt and spin: Australia's struggle with ..


by M Pearson - 2009 - to prepare a joint media industry submission on proposed defamation law reforms .. state and Commonwealth attorneys-general on the content of those reforms ..

NetWatch March 2004 - [2004] MurUEJL 1


by A Greenshields Outline of possible national defamation law from the Commonwealth Attorney Generals Department ..

Michael Chesterman | UNSW LAW


After spending the first thirteen years of my career as an academic lawyer .. I still maintain research interests in defamation law, freedom of speech and juries.




by G Tucker - - boast success in developing and unifying its data protection laws. Introduction .... See Discussion Paper on Reform of Defamation Law, Attorneys General of ..

Journalism and media ethics Fact Sheet - UTS: Law - University of ..


Journalists, just like lawyers, doctors, and politicians, constantly face ethical .. under the Free Speech and Defamation section of this website.

Master of Commercial Law 504 - Course Details


Lawyers and other professionals will gain an understanding of many ... Law) · Debt Capital Markets (Formerly Securitisation) · Defamation Law ..

Robertson v. Macdowell [1840] - Macquarie Law School


This was an action for libel. The Solicitor-General, Mr. Anstey, and Mr. Thomas Young, appeared for the plaintiff. The defendant's case was ..

Political Discussion as a Defence to Defamation: Lange v .. - AustLII


by R Burns - - Constitutional law - defamation - whether the "constitutional defence" .. has been sought by the Attorneys-General of the Commonwealth and four of the States, ..


1 Journalism and Democratic Practice: Defamation Law and Public ..


by T Marjoribanks - defamation law and journalism across Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, and the .... case that lawyers and courts are deciding what are appropriate standards of ..

Professor Roger Magnusson - Sydney Law School - The University ..


Within the media law field he has written in the areas of defamation, .... Horizons for Lawyers and Sports Administrators, proceedings of the 3rd ..

IP and Technology Law Clinic launched at QUT | IP: KCE


The QPILCH/QUT Intellectual Property and Technology Law Clinic was .. of QUT academics, QPILCH, the volunteer legal advisors, the law firms that .. patents, media law, defamation, laws governing digital distribution and ..




by M de VILLIERS - - reducing the risk of self-censorship, yet preserves defamation law's .... Judges, attorneys, jurors, and legislators, for instance, can plead an absolute privilege ..

Academic research interest & supervision .. - ANU College of Law


by HDR Director - 2010Currently pursuing a PhD research on the topic "Defamation, Law and .. young people and the justice system, legal interpreting and lawyers ..

Mistake and qualified privilege


common law qualified privilege as a defence to the defamation claim; and .. the position advocated by Atkas and Pyke would be hard to explain to a non-lawyer: ..

Commercial Law - Sydney Law School - The University of Sydney


Current Issues in Defamation Law, 6, A undergraduate law degree .. previous knowledge and is available to non-lawyers and to lawyers who ..

Law - Postgraduate Area of Study - Faculty of Law - Monash ..


140+ items – 2012 Postgraduate Area of Study Handbook entry for Law ..

LAW7000 Minor thesis (25000-30000 words)

LAW7009 Commercial tenancy law

E LAW | Daubism: Copyright Law and Artistic Works


She has a distinguished record as a solicitor, a barrister, and a policy-maker. ... First, defamation law has been applied to the written and spoken word and ..

News - Society of University Lawyers


5+ items – SOUL. Home · About · About SOUL · National Office Bearers ..

2011 Conference Website Launched

August ..

University Legal Jobs – positions available at UTS and QUT now closed



Preface - ANU College of Law


Rich Text Format - Professor and Head of the Division of Law, Macquarie University .. Legal Research Officer to the Solicitor-General for NSW .... Entry: Defamation law ..

WebLaw - Torts


Civil Law (Wrongs) Act 2002: An act to consolidate and reform the staute law relating to .. Defamation Act 2005 (NSW): An Act to make provisions with respect to civil ... legislation administered by the Minister for Justice and Attorney-General ..

UTS: - Communications Law Centre


Communications Law Centre .. Attorney-General Concerning Proposals for a National Defamation Law, 5/2004, Communications Law Centre ..

LEC - Subject Pages - Australian Constitutional Law - Useful Links


Australian Government Solicitor, Application of State Laws to the .. rethinks the "constitutionalisation" of defamation law (E-Law, March 1998) ..

DEFAMATION BILL 2005 Explanatory Memoranda


The Summary of Existing Defamation Laws at the end of this Explanatory .. the model provisions agreed to by the Attorneys General of the States and Territories.

Ms Amanda Stickley - QUT | Expert Guide | Expert details


“Scope of a Duty Owed by a Vendor” (2006) 26 Queensland Lawyer 251-253. “Defamation Act 2005 (Qld): A Step towards National Uniformity” ..


Index volume


Defamation Law and Practice, Andrew Kenyon .......................... 651 .... The First Women Lawyers: A Comparative Study of Gender, Law and the legal ..

UNSW Continuing Legal Education Defamation and Media Law ..


Defamation has faced some significant renewal in relation to form and control of .. Commercial Lawyers; Litigation Lawyers; Company Directors and Officers ..

Official Publications: Research Expertise and Publications - Law ..


Gillooly, M.J. Submission to Commonwealth Attorney-General on the revised National Defamation Law Discussion Paper released in July 2004 ..

Anthony Cassimatis - TC Beirne School of Law - The University of ..


.. A Review of Recent Defamation Decisions' (1997) 5 Torts Law Journal 102- .. A Cassimatis, 'The Law of Defamation in Queensland' (1996) 16 Qld Lawyer ..

Subjects 2012 - law school


Over 160 subjects are available in the Melbourne Law Masters in 2012, including .. Defamation Law LAWS70181 · Designs Law and Practice .. Economics for Competition Lawyers LAWS70010 · Employment Contract Law ..

Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation, SLAPPs


[2] These law suits have been labelled "Strategic Lawsuits Against Public .. not to name individual persons or companies so as to avoid defamation suits and so the .. Nevertheless the Donohoes' lawyers warned them that such an undertaking ..


Playing the system


by R Handley - 1994Handley, R., Playing the system, Law Text Culture, 1(1), 1994, 162. .. Alexandra Long worked as a solicitor before concentrating on her career as a writer. .. Timothy Masterton, who is endeavouring to file a series of defamation documents in ..

Master of Business Law - Course search - The University of Sydney


The Master of Business Law (MBL) reflects the importance of legal literacy and business law expertise among non-lawyers working in business, finance, ..

Master of Laws / Graduate Diploma in Law - Sydney Law School ..


160+ items – The University of Sydney - Sydney Law School Handbook ..

LAWS6011 Administrative Law

compulsory for MALP students

LAWS6014 Advanced Financing Techniques

A LAWS6038 or LAWS6046 or ..

Communications Law - Melbourne Law Masters


I was lucky enough to be taught Defamation Law by one the USA's leading defamation lawyers, Rod Smolla. Rod was able to use his real-life ..

Publications | UNSW LAW


B. Edgeworth, (1997), "Defamation Law" definitions, Dictionary of Australian Law, Sydney, Butterworths, 12pp. B. Edgeworth, (1993), "Mabo Again", Australian ..



McLibel: Burger Culture on Trial


by J Vidal - - Of particular relevance to lawyers is the extreme difficulty that two ordinary citizens had in understanding the specific libel law and the broader rules of court ..

Recent Releases


Lawyers are often tempted to lodge a caveat because their client has simply instructed them to do so without .. Defamation Law in the Digital Age 2011 ..

Business Law - Sydney Law School - The University of Sydney


Current Issues in Defamation Law, 6, A undergraduate law degree .. previous knowledge and is available to non-lawyers and to lawyers who ..

Unit Handbook, Units Indexed by Faculty: Faculty of Law


index-byfaculty-law .. Units indexed by Faculty: Faculty of Law ... theory and policy; LAW7140 Defamation law; LAW7207 Psychiatry, psychology .. LAW7331 Lawyers' responsibilities; LAW7332 Principles of construction law ..


BOOK REVIEW - QUT Law and Justice Journal


Inside Lawyers Ethics is a new textbook, designed to train lawyers in ethics using a non-traditional method. The authors rightly point out that traditionally law ..

"How the reformed defamation laws will affect journalists" by Mark ..


by M Pearson - 1992 - - [Extract] Defamation Bills have been tabled in the parliaments of Queensland, .. two years of negotiation between Attorneys-General, two discussion papers and ..

UNE - Law School - Kirby Seminar Series - Archives


In the period 1825–1838, Bent was a defendant in some nine libel .. with Harmers Workplace Lawyers, and academic adviser to the Law ..

Staff - Asian Law Centre


He is also working on defamation law in Indonesia. .. Pip is also qualified to practice law and is a barrister and solicitor of the Supreme Court of ..

Graduates | UNSW LAW


.. attitudes and defamation law' (Michael Chesterman/Brendan Edgeworth) .. practising lawyers in contemporary Vietnam' (Martin Krygier/Adam Czarnota) ..


Media freedom in Australia: rhetoric versus reality


by M Pearson - 2007 - In 2006 it introduced near-uniform defamation laws in its eight states and territories, ... threats in mid-2006 by state and territory attorneys-general that if media ..


Online Defamation: A Case Study in Competing Rights


by J Dare - - taken by Dr Cullen (Cullen v White); defamation law as it has been applied to selected ... practitioners, journalists and lawyers. Online ..


Kate Eastman HRs Career Series - Faculty of Law - Monash University


parents are not lawyers and no-one in my family had anything to do with law until I first decided I wanted to .. a defamation matter which involved a child's rights.

Mr Paul Hayes - Staff Profile


Senior Fellow (The Melbourne Law Masters) .. Prior to commencing practice at the Bar, Paul worked as a Lawyer in Sydney with Allen .. sports law, international law (public and private) and common law (defamation and ..




Published under the Auspices of the Faculty of Law of the. University of Sydney 2005 ... Reid Mortensen, Interest on Lawyers' Trust Accounts . ... The Third Man: Reform of the Australasian Defamation Defences by Michael Gillooly ..

Private Law & Equity - Research Supervisor Connect - Future ..


Areas of academic research are:- Equity & Trusts- Contract Law- Litigation- .. the Family Law Council, an advisory body to the federal Attorney-General, and .. for his research into the concept of reputation in defamation law.


BOOK REVIEW Defamation: Comparative Law and Practice by ..


research concerning how the law of defamation is viewed as operating in practice. .. verbal analysis proper to lawyers, they should join a law reform body, law ..


Advocacy Training


English law still labours under the distinction between libel and slander, an area which Frederick Pollock, grandson of the Attorney-General who opposed ..


The Sound of Silence: Anti-Defamation Law and Political Corruption


by G Gratton - 2011 - It is counter-productive to have an anti-defamation law so stringent ... to his coalition partners on the appointment of his Attorney General as President of the ..

WebLaw - Thesaurus


25+ items – Select WebLaw Subject Guide, Administrative Law ..

Accidents and Compensation

Emergency services. Insurance Negligence ..

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Arts law. Associations Gambling Sport Tourism


UNSW LAW Internship Program positions available for Semester 1 ..


- Interns at Arts Law support the solicitors and senior solicitors in a variety of ways. .... accidents and defamation; contracts; employment; and government law.

CLE Online Seminar Descriptions - College of Law


This paper discusses some key topics for lawyers who have to deal with GST in the .. One consequence of the new uniform defamation legislation, is that from 1 ..

Sydney Law School Visitors - University of Sydney


He has been admitted as a barrister and solicitor in Australia, and .. communications law, he has a particular interest in the law of libel and ..

1 Legal Profession Bill 2007 Legal Profession Bill 2007 Explanatory ..


Lawyers are effectively licensed under a practising certificate scheme and as a .. in good faith not to be exposed to legal action for prosecution in defamation 21.


Notes from Are you being served


- Recent judicial interpretation of the defamation law's qualified privilege defence ... Justice Stephen in Attorney General (Commonwealth) ex rel McKinlay v The ..

Scholarships & awards | UNSW LAW


140+ items – UNSW Law Annual Awards ceremony recognises academic ..

Course Code

Course Description



Families, Property & Death



European Union: Economic & Trade Law

David John

Professor Penelope Pether - Somatechnics Research Centre


Institution: Viilanova University School of Law. Villanova ... "Sex, Lies and Defamation: the Bush Lawyer of Wessex." Cardozo Studies in Law ..


Book review: The Journalist's Guide to Media Law


by J Zanotto - 1998Similarly, he details the "disciplined, professional work practices" that help journalists avoid being intimidated by defamation laws. In doing so, he responds to a ..

UTS: 76063 Media Law - Law, UTS Handbook


Throughout the subject, students analyse laws that restrict what the media can .. Topics include freedom of speech, defamation, contempt, hate speech and ... Michele Asprey, Plain Language for Lawyers (Federation Press, 4th ed, 2010).

Gilles v. Pugh [1842] - Macquarie Law School


The Attorney-General opened the case. This was an action of trespass on the case for an alleged libel. The plaintiff has for many years been a ..

Dent, C --- ""Journalists are the Confessors of the Public" says one ..


One respondent, when asked about the effect of defamation law, stated: ... law, with one suggesting that journalists had become 'bush lawyers' ..

Visiting Scholars - law school - University of Melbourne


Mr Ibrahim Assegaf is a prominent Indonesian lawyer. .... The focus of the study is whether New Zealand's defamation laws create a chilling effect on the media ..


SYDnEY lAw SchOOl 2011


postgraduate coursework programs in law for non-lawyers. With the exception .... humour in Australian defamation cases with the treatment of humour in united ..

University of New South Wales - Legal and Compliance Office ..


Legal Office. Carol Kirby University Solicitor and General Counsel. Phone: (02) 9385 3609. Email: David Caddies ..

Judy Bourke - Staff Profile


Senior Fellow (The Melbourne Law Masters) Solicitor. Judy is an .. practised in general civil litigation, defamation and racing industry matters.


A Love Affair with Latham?


by J Harrison - 2004 - defamation law; and a perception, again from within and without, that the Nine .. lawyer, Navy Captain Martin Toohey, who had investigated Collins' career ..

Professor Anne Twomey - Sydney Law School - The University of ..


BA LLB (Hons) Melbourne LLM (Public Law) ANU PhD UNSW .. Anne Twomey has practised as a solicitor and is admitted to practice in New South Wales, ... 27, 1995; 'Defamation and politicians: Fair game - or keeping the game fair?

Sexism case dropped as lawyer reaches settlement .. - News & Events


Sexism case dropped as lawyer reaches settlement with former .. top-tier law firm Clayton Utz have surfaced following a decision by a young female lawyer to drop her suit for sexual harassment, victimisation and defamation.


In a recent opinion piece, the gonzo journalist John Birmingham ..


by M RIMMER - concludes that defamation law should foster 'gossip we can trust'. .. Julius, an English lawyer, writer and lecturer who has written extensively about the. 3 Abbott ..

Andrew Dahdal, Business and Economics, Macquarie University


(Invited paper); 'Restraint of Trade a threat to NRL says Lawyer' (2008) .. 'Business Defamation in Australia: The Case of 2UE v Chesterton' ..

Master of Laws by Coursework - Course Details


The LLM is internationally recognised as a graduate degree in law of the highest quality. ... Economics for Competition Lawyers · Employment Contract Law ... Debt Capital Markets (Formerly Securitisation) #; Defamation Law ..

Wade, John --- "Tools for a Mediator's Toolbox; Reflections on ..


by J WadeThese interests of the lawyer-agent will often be in conflict with the .... conflicts including personal injury, defamation, matrimonial property, ..


Dobermans and diplomats: seventeen strategies for re-opening ..


by J Wade - 2006 - Lawyer's Office”, (1986) 20 L & Soc'y Rev 93; Divorce Lawyers and their Clients (New York: OUP, 1995) .... However, as defamation lawyers know, there are at ..

NSW Constitution> Court System> Overview> System structure


The primary role of a State court is to deal with State law. .. tier in the State court hierarchy and is administered by the Attorney General's Department. .. civil matters, for example, breach of contract, defamation or professional negligence, and ..


Scandalising media freedom: resurrection of an ancient contempt


by M Pearson - 2008 - particularly in the volatile area of family law. This paper .. Attorney-General, 1999; where it was used recently in Tonga and Fiji). In Canada the .. of the judiciary have begun to sue for defamation, presenting a dual affront to media freedom.

When does a blogger become a journalist?


Lawyer and blogger Peter Timmins writes that in Western Australia the .. Shield laws do not protect journalists from defamation actions, or even ..


Civil liability for cyber bullying in schools: A new challenge for ..


by DA Butler - 2007 - challenge for psychologists, schools and lawyers. .. issues for the law to resolve; cyber bullying will only .. Under the uniform defamation legislation recently ..

Archived Papers - College of Law


The Source of Defamation Law; Capacity to Sue; Publication; Implications of Dow .. DNA for Defence Lawyers - Andrew Haesler SC; Senencing of Federal ..

Alan Davidson - Electronic Commerce Law


Internet Law, Encryption and the Use of Technology in the Legal Office - Practical Approaches .. Electronic Intellectual Property Issues; Online Defamation; Cybercrime .. Lawyers / In-House Legal Counsels / Legal Executives / Legal Officers ..

Corporate Medicine in Australia


Politicians were responding by uncoordinated legislation which sought to .... Groups of lawyers, businessmen and some doctors formed hospital corporations. ... muzzled public criticism and enabled corporations to use defamation laws to ..




.. Hambly & JL. Goldring (eds) Australian Lawyers and Social Change, Law Book Co, Sydney, 1976) .... privilege defence in defamation actions. 17. There is as ..

Publications | UNSW LAW


Specialist Editor (Conflict of Laws), Benjamin's Sale of Goods(General Editor, ... Submission to Attorney-General of NSW on Exposure Draft of DefamationBill, ..


Despite Australia's traditions of freedom and its status as a long-time ..


by N Abjorensen - - commercial pressures, the nature of Australia's defamation laws, a lack of .. questioned by ASIO and/or their lawyers from talking to the media'.

Higher Degree Research - Macquarie Law School


Macquarie Law School offers higher degree research programs of the .. Supervisors are available within Macquarie Law School across a ..

Graduate Diploma in Legal Studies GD-LEGSTU - Course Details


Students who do not have a law degree from a common law jurisdiction or ... Economics for Competition Lawyers · Employment Contract Law (Formerly ... Debt Capital Markets (Formerly Securitisation) #; Defamation Law ..


Untitled - law school - University of Melbourne


with the employment law in China, benefiting Australian foreign policy ... 'The Media and ASEAN Transitions: Defamation Law, Journalism and Public Debate in ..

I think I have been sexually harassed - Human Resources - The ..


Defamation law aims to protect people's reputations from being .. such as statements made in confidence to counsellors and lawyers, are ..


Protection of the Honour of Deceased Persons - A Comparison ..


by G Böttner - 2001 - - has one unitary civil law, the Australian defamation legislation differs as .... to the Attorney General a change in the common law rules regarding defamation of ..

Stone, Adrienne --- "Freedom of Political Communication, the ..


by A StoneUniversity of Melbourne Law School Research Series .. The United States Constitution has long been a source for Australian constitutional lawyers. .. of speech by the Constitution and by the common law of defamation.


National Lecture Series on Administrative Law


He was appointed NSW Solicitor-General in 1998. In addition, Mr Sexton is co-author of an. Australian text on defamation law and the author of several books on ..


Reforming Australian Product Liability Laws : Processes and ..


by J Goldring - 1989 - - reform of the law of defamation);27 the other was bureaucratic distrust of the ALRC. Traditionally, the Attorney-General's Department had been the sole source of ..


Law Extension Committee


of Sydney's Law Extension Committee, provides a .. lawyer. To practise law a candidate must be able to demonstrate good .. injurious, it may be defamatory.

Documentary | Courses for Industry | AFTRS Open


One of Melbourne's most experienced documentary lawyers, Shaun Miller, will explain the key concepts of copyright and defamation law, insurance ..

Towards and Beyond an Australian Private International Law of


by M Richardson[37] English law still struggles with defamation, the one category ... [2] See R H Jackson, 'Full Faith and Credit — The Lawyer's Clause of the ..

"A review of Australia's defamation reforms after a year of operation ..


by M Pearson - 2007 - Australia introduced near-uniform defamation laws in 2006, replacing a .. The changes were the fruits of compromise between attorneys-general at both levels ..


My name is Fiona Game, I am 24, and I have .. - ANU College of Law


highlighted 'other' essential skills that lawyers and law students can bring to the .. in combination with their understanding of media law and defamation law for ..

WorldLII - Categories - Countries - Australia - Community Legal ..


Legal directory and search engine - legislation, case-law, journals, law reform, .. Information on contracts copyright insurance defamation business structures and .. Legal information and lawyer referral portal providing legal information by ..

ftp://law. murdoch. edu. au/pub/elaw-issues/v8n4/nicholson84. txt ..


by A Nicholson - The Expanding Web of Defamation: Gutnick v Dow Jones Andrew Nicholson Bowdens Lawyers, Brisbane Contents · Introduction: · Background: · Question of ..


The haunting of gay subjectivity: the cases of Oscar Wilde and John ..


by D Dalton - 2006 - - Repudiated as a body that should not belong to the law, Marsden is shunned by fellow lawyers. After the defamation action examined the sordid paedophilia ..

E Law: Macquarie Bank v Berg: A Private International Law Critique


It implies territorial assertions; it presumes that the law of New South Wales could not be the law of the world. The decision also permits the maker of defamatory ..

WorldLII - Categories - Countries - Australia - Non-Government ..


Information on contracts copyright insurance defamation business structures and .. Australian Institute of International Affairs · Australian Plaintiff Lawyers ..

Law Institute Journal (Victoria) Authors beginning with H ..


.. of defamation law" [1998] LawIJV 113; (1998) 72(4) The Law Institute Journal 62 .. Uncertainty and risk for lawyers" [2001] LawIJV 67; (2001) 75(2) The Law ..

Unit Handbook, Units Indexed by Code: L


.. Discrimination law, theory and policy; LAW7140 Defamation law .. Lawyers' responsibilities; LAW7332 Principles of construction law ..


2547 LawBooklet.17 - Law School Careers Office - University of ..


law. Lawyers are trained to understand the practical implications of the mass of complex written and unwritten laws on their clients. In recent times, efforts have ..

CECS Studentdb


2. know when to get professional legal advice and how to use lawyers effectively .. The Australian Legal System; The Law of Torts; The Tort of Defamation; ..


Legal Aspects of Web 2.0 Activities:


2007 - - Common Law............................................................53. Defamation. ... Liability for Defamation and Offensive Statements....................135. Indemnities .... any and all loss, damage or claims (including attorney fees) arising from ..

Browse By Person: Yule, Jennifer | QUT ePrints


5+ items – In Health Law in Australia. Thomson Reuters (Professional) ..

Yule, Jennifer M

(2011) Defences in medical negligence : to what extent has ..

Yule, Jennifer M

(2007) Defamation : is that a fly in my soup? Queensland ..


Law Research Report contents.indd


Operations, Asia Pacific Centre for Military Law, Melbourne. (2004). Kenyon, A .... Australian and English Defamation Law and Practice' (2004). 28 Melbourne ..


Dirty pictures: Defamation, reputation and nudity


by D Rolph - 2006 - - reputation. Despite the centrality of reputation to defamation law, being .... 1993b 'End big libel awards: lawyers' The Sydney Morning Herald 24. November: 7 ..

Browse by Department - USQ ePrints


Mortensen, Reid (2005) Cross-border lawyer regulation in Australia. ... Burgess, Craig N. (2003) Courts split over FOI defamation threat to whistleblowers.

Published Works 2008 - Sydney Law School - The University of ..


Rolph, D, Reputation, Celebrity and Defamation Law, Ashgate: Aldershot .. Centre of Commercial, Corporate and Taxation Law: Sydney (2008) ..


Headword - ANU College of Law


Rich Text Format - Attorney-General, role of. Attorneys- .. Criminal law defences. Criminal .. Defamation law. Defence .. Inconsistency between Commonwealth and state laws ..

Publications - Staff Profile


'Uniformity, the Constitution and the Australian Defamation Law at the .. on Lawyer Professional Negligence, Melbourne, 23rd August 1999).

Graduate Diploma in Communications Law 518 - Course Details


The communications law specialisation was developed to provide students with .. the program provides a valuable insight into this vibrant area of law. .. Defamation Law · Film and Television Law: Production, Financing and ..




by IRD LAWS - 23 June 1976 the Attorney-General, Mr Ellicott, signed a Reference requiring review of defamation laws.3 The Commission's warrant is to: Review the law of ..

Online Seminars - College of Law


Complies with Rule of the Law Society Professional Conduct and Practice Rules in the area of Ethics and Professional Responsibility. ... Presented by Stephen Booth, Coleman Greig Lawyers ... IP, Trade Practices and Defamation ..


G083v03 Parodies, satire & jokes


In this information sheet, we discuss how Australian copyright law applies to .. to know how the law applies in a particular situation, please get advice from a lawyer. .... A “publication” about someone can be defamatory if it is disparaging or if it ..


Interveners or Interferers: Intervention in Decisions to Withhold and ..


by L WILLMOTT - - and defamation cases.6 Intervention has also been an issue in health law .... In addition to the rules outlined by Brennan CJ in Levy, Attorneys-General are ..

Lauchs, Mark --- "Christine Parker and Adrian Evans, Inside Lawyers ..


Queensland University of Technology Law and Justice Journal .. Inside Lawyers Ethics is a new textbook, designed to train lawyers in ethics using a .. For example, a large corporation that sues its critics for defamation is portrayed as ..


[214] Proponents of Australia's constitutional protection for ..


by ROY BAKER - - Melbourne University Law Review 522. Such issues were considered recently by the NSW Attorney. General's 'task force' on defamation law reform, which ..

Matt Nichol


.. GDLP (Australian National University); Lawyer (Supreme Court of the .. In 2010 Matt joined the Department of Business Law and Taxation. .. 2008: Developed the "Media Training Program on Defamation Law" for the ..

L - Monash University


.. Crime and gender 406; LAW4112 Current problems in constitutional law 406 .. LAW7129 Discrimination law, theory and policy; LAW7140 Defamation law .. LAW7331 Lawyers' responsibilities; LAW7332 Principles of construction law ..


Law Research Report contents final.indd


also build bridges with Muslim scholars and lawyers in the region. 3. Funded ... Australian defamation law 'chills' media speech and limits public debate ..

David Weisbrot Publications@Macquarie Law


80+ items – David Weisbrot, Publications Details, Macquarie University Law ..

The Role of Customary Law in the Legal System (Papua New Guinea Law ..

Police Powers of Detention and Investigation After Arrest (New South Wales ..




Law students from other universities are welcome to apply for cross-institutional study, but due ... Law, Lawyers & Society. 1169. 28 ... Defamation & the Media ..




defamation action due to the fact that the statements are true. In such a ... Group Ltd v Attorney-General (NZ) ('Bell-Booth') that 'the law as to injury to reputation ..


Problems with Defamation Damages?


by A KENYON - - This is set within wider questions about defamation law in its operation and evolution, ... 'Defamation Update' (1 996) 140 (12) Solicitors Journal 305. She refers ..


MULR tradition continues - law school - University of Melbourne


next issue of law@melbourne in March 2005. 1 March 2005 (Melbourne). 2 March 2005 (Sydney). CMCL Seminar: Defamation Law and. Journalism. Speakers: ..


'Sexting' and The Law - How Australia Regulates Electronic ..


by D Svantesson - 2011 - be regulated, or affected, by civil law such as defamation law, privacy law, .. District Attorney responded by announcing potential charges of ..


imageREAL Capture


by DR DEBATE - - the 'chilling effect' of the 'draconian' defamation laws that presently apply in. Australia. When Attorneys-General or other politicians reject the idea - as they ..

ANU - STUDYAT - Media and Communications Law


Add LAWS8172 - Media and Communications Law to my interest list. Course .. Defamation Law .. LAWS8153 Introduction to Legal Reasoning and Research (non-lawyers) and LAWS8568 Fundamentals of Government and Commercial Law ..

UTS: Research associates - Communications Law Centre


He was a Principal Researcher on 'The Defamation Project' (with Michael ... She is a member of the Communications and Media Law ..

Defamation Law - Subject Details


Defamation Law 730812 .. US defamation law: The legacy of New York Times v Sullivan; Australian defences: Truth and ... Toussaint v Attorney General (.pdf) ..


imageREAL Capture


against any singling out oi solicitors as the objects of special legislation along the lines of a compulsory .... the alleged defamatory matter was contained in a ..

The UTS Law Review - [2000] UTSLRev 15; (2000) 2 UTS .. - AustLII


UTS Law School is to be congratulated on the fact of the publication of the first .. Under the 1994 amendments to the Defamation Act 1974, the only issue for the ... constitute the imputation carefully crafted by lawyers are in fact carried by the ..



Act to bind Crown PART 2-GENERAL PRINCIPLES Division 1-Defamation and the general law 6. Tort of defamation 7. Distinction between slander and libel ..

Stickley, Amanda --- "Patrick George, Defamation Law in Australia ..


Patrick George, Defamation Law in Australia, (LexisNexis Butterworths 2006) 494pp. Defamation Law in Australia is a thorough examination of the law of ..

Legal Practice and Ethics - Legal Resources


Hosted by the Lawlink website - Law Reform Commission, NSW. Scrutiny of the legal profession: complaints against lawyers. NSW Law Reform ..


Writing women into the law in Queensland


by S Currie - 2006 - seven significant women in the law in Queensland which have been published in A. Woman's Place: 100 years of women lawyers edited by Susan Purdon and ..

The Law and Freedom of the Media - [1999] UTSLRev 1; (1999) 1 ..


by R Ackland - "Media Watch", ABC Television and Principal, Law Press of Australia. .. only to be expected that erroneous, hurtful and defamatory statements will be made. .. the lawyers would have advised against publishing considerable slabs of the story.

Community - Staff Profile


25+ items – Melbourne Law School .. Archive · law@melbourne Archive ..

Gray, Meticulous and Patently Documentary: Foucaultian Historical Methods ..

Compensation and/or correcting the record: A framework for the regulation of ..

The Moran Family Story


The Moran children are strong-minded, with talents including law, real estate, arts .. The Morans encouraged him to set up his own firm of solicitors -- S. Moran & Co .... her father for wrongful dismissal, he threatened to sue her for defamation.

Wade, John --- "Don't Waste My Time on Negotiation or Mediation ..


First, there is a framework aimed to encourage lawyers and other conflict .. accident (“You've walked into a doctor's/lawyer's office and this is what we .... corporations as defendants; and defamation or discrimination cases.

Visitors @ Sydney Law School - University of Sydney


He has been admitted as a barrister and solicitor in Australia, and .. communications law, he has a particular interest in the law of libel and ..


Chakravarti v Advertiser Newspapers: lessons for journalists


by R Breit - 1999 - - matters. Unfortunately for Australian journalists, the Chakravarti decision has done little to clarify the uncertainty surrounding defamation law. In fact, the decision ..

WebLaw - Constitutional Law


Colonial Laws Validity Act 1865: This Act passed by the Imperial (British) Parliament .. as may be referred to it by resolution of the Assembly or the Attorney-General. .... of political communication; and the refinement of the law of defamation.

Faculty of Arts and Education


The winner of the 2006 Communication and Media Law Association .. Prize is Marcus Power with his essay "Marsden, Ethics and Defamation".

Defamation - Qualified Privilege


The Australian Journalist's Defamation Checklist .. Under the reformed laws, there is now a statutory qualified privilege defence applying when your .. Clearly, lawyers would need to advise you on the prospects of using this defence because ..


Fresh Perspectives on the 'War on Terror'


by A Byrnes - - For example, the negotiation of uniform defamation laws by the Standing Committee of Attorneys-General did not appear to reflect the influence of the ACT HRA.

Review of "Internet and e-commerce law" | CCI


Andrew Field reviews Internet and e-commerce law in the February 2008 issue .. by a few conference papers presented by brave lawyers venturing into what they .. at a parallel rate, including decisions on contracts, defamation, intermediate ..

Panel Discussion - [1999] UTSLRev 16; (1999) 1 UTS Law Review 98


I sometimes have difficulties in explaining to working journalists some of the technicalities of defamation law. The Chakravarti case is a classic example of where ..

UNSW Law celebrates 40 years with 10000 graduates | UNSW LAW


UNSW Law School celebrated its 10000th graduate at yesterday's .. They understand how law impacts society and appreciate that a lawyer's duty is to provide .. a distinguished former Dean and an expert in defamation law, ..

Grants - Asian Law Centre


5+ items – Members of the Asian Law Centre are currently undertaking ..

Professor Tim Lindsey, Professor Pip Nicholson

ARC Discovery Grant ..

Dr Amanda Whiting

ARC Disovery Grant - "Lawyers ..

On-Line Unit of Study Handbook


Results 1 - 50 of 53 – You searched for Faculty = Law (Sydney Law School) and Course Name .. LAWS3428, Defamation and Privacy, Law (Sydney Law School) ..

Internet Law LAWS70396 - Subject Details


The subject is taught by international expert Professor Dan Hunter of New York Law School, media lawyer Jonathan Gill, partner at Carrick Gill Smyth, and ..


German law paves the way for mandatory mediation


by N Alexander - 2000 - - Alexander, Nadja (2000) "German law paves the way for mandatory .. resolution method among lawyers and .. defamation has not occurred through the media.


Chapter Three: an overview of the history of policy diffusion and ..


As explained by Griffith, an eminent lawyer, and the then Leader of the .. accessible, codification of defamation law based upon two major sources, a code of ..

WebLaw - Media and Telecommunications


15+ items – Select WebLaw Subject Guide, Administrative Law ..

Australian Information Industry Association

Communications and Media Law Association Inc

Law for citizens - what are your rights?


Most people are aware of criminal law, but a private law expert will examine the less .. the law of civil wrongs, which deals with matter such as defamation and .. to introduce people to the way lawyers think about private law.

Media Law | Subject Guides - The University of Queensland Library


Halsbury's laws of Australia, vol 10, title 145 - Defamation .. AGIS plus text (Attorney-General's Information Service) .. Australian defamation law and practice ..


The 'Rule of law' we agree – and it is almost a mother hood ..


by K Jayasuriya - 2000 - - defamation and contempt law) procedures are used to place important political and judicial institutions beyond reach. During the Anwar trial, one of his lawyers, ..


the sydney law review


he has taught a generation of law students, educated and informed lawyers, mentored and .. With the exception of the law of defamation in New South. Wales ..

Blowing the whistle by Dave Kewley


HIS LAWYER calls him a "god-damned hero," but to some former co-workers at Fleet Industries ... something every whistle blower risks because there is no protection in law," Mr. Angus said. .. Fleet countered with a $6-million defamation suit.


Untitled - University of Wollongong


graduates of older law schools, in Sydney etc.” In its relatively short life .. want to be a lawyer”, only to be met with .... construction and defamation. I primarily act ..


Dow Jones & Company Inc v Gutnick [2002] HCA 56: Negotiating ..


by BF Fitzgerald - 2003 - - The fact that the defamation law of Victoria was stricter in application meant that another dimension to this .... Many American lawyers would say “yes” while ..


Research Report - law school - University of Melbourne


in 2010 involved conducting interviews with lawyers for research into defamation law (with Andrew Kenyon) and finalising outputs from a ..

Commercial Practice - College of Law


June 11, Defamation Update .. Jacqueline Downes and Rebecca Cope; Hot Issues in Consumer law - A New Era in Marketing and Trade Practices Regulation ..

Corporate and Commercial Law - Research Supervisor Connect ..


Jennifer has written widely in the areas of corporate law and governance. .. He worked for several years as a corporate lawyer and then as a barrister before .. for his research into the concept of reputation in defamation law.


Archived at the Flinders Academic Commons: http://dspace.flinders ..


by RA Phiddian - 2004 - would make satirists notable benefactors to defamation lawyers. The text-book summary of defamation law describes it as published material which 'tends to ..


Jason Wilson, Barry Saunders, Axel Bruns


by JA Wilson - 2008 - - In Australia, although defamation laws have since 2005 been simplified .. A$480000 with a group of lawyers who alleged that they had been defamed by the ..


ALTA 2005


Attorney General Ruddock to tell these state s to adopt uniform law on defamation or he will pass his own laws. It is highly desirable that all nations adopt ..

Brenda Hill stories


Booth Gardner's pen yesterday, but also a law to protect her and other citizen .. The developer has filed a $100000 defamation suit against the Hills. .. Capitol, and implored Gardner and Attorney General Ken Eikenberry to come to her aid.


Early English law reporting


by M Bryan - Over the years the Law Library at the. University of ... or attorneys reporting back to clients. Some lawyers ... by legislation, between libel and slander, as well as ..

Law - Study Abroad & Student Exchange - The University of Sydney


The Law School seeks to educate lawyers for the 21st century in .. Law, LAWS3428 - Media Law: Defamation and Privacy, Senior, LAWS3428 ..


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