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Wills and Distribution of Assets

We are living in an age where the majority of the population are better off than previous generations and most people will posses assets at the time of their death. Wills give instructions that are legally enforceable, on the appointment of an executor and on how assets should be distributed. It is an executor's duty to ensure that the wishes of the deceased are carried out. If the deceased has not bothered making a will then there are legal rules which dictate how the money, property or possessions should be allocated. The rules detail the degrees of relationship that are entitled to claim the assets using a Grant of Administration (or grant of probate) issued upon application to the court. If no relative qualifies under the provisions to claim the assets then the Crown (i.e. the government) may be able to take everything.

It is therefore important that almost everyone leaves formal instructions, that is, a "Will" on how they require their assets to be dealt with after death. Failure to do so may mean that the deceased person's assets are distributed in a way that they would not have countenanced in life.

If you would like to make a legally valid will or would like advice regarding any aspect of Wills, estates and probate law including contested Estates, then please complete your free legal enquiry form on the left, or click here.

Making a Will - The importance of using a lawyer

The rules and regulations are extremely complex and there are numerous pitfalls for the unwary. The most common errors made by people who write their own wills include:-

  • being unaware of the precise requirements necessary to execute and sign the document;
  • failing to distribute all of the assets which may allow the Crown to make a claim;
  • failure to give instructions on how to re-distribute assets in the event of a beneficiary dying;
  • altering a will improperly after initial execution;
  • not taking account of changing relationships including marriages, divorces, births and law pertaining to civil partnerships
  • failure to consider that dependents may have a prior claim on the estate.

It is therefore important that a qualified solicitor prepares your Will, so as to ensure that your Will is legally valid, enforceable and that there are no problems in the future.

Basically, having a lawyer prepare your Will gives you peace of mind.

Making a Valid Will

A will should comply with the legal requirements of executing a will. Unless each and every one of the requirements below is met when making a will, the court may not consider the will to be valid and the estate will be dealt with as if there were no will (as an intestate estate).

The requirements for making a valid will are:

  • it must be in writing, either typed or handwritten
  • it must be signed by the will-maker or by some other person in the presence of and at the direction of the will-maker
  • the will-maker's signature must be made or acknowledged in the presence of two or more witnesses, present at the same time
  • at least two of those witnesses attest (witness) and sign the will in the presence of the will-maker (but not necessarily in
    the presence of each other)
  • the signature of the will-maker or person signing at the direction of, and in the presence of the will-maker must be made
    with the intention of executing the will.
  • It is not essential that the will-maker signs at the foot of the will.
  • It is not essential for a will to have an attestation clause.
  • A witness does not need to know that it is the will-maker's will that they are witnessing.

If you would like to make a legally valid will or would like advice regarding any aspect of Wills, estates and probate law including contested Estates, then please complete your free legal enquiry form on the left, or click here.

Death and Estates

Property and assets belonging to a person who has died are called their estate. An estate can also be dealt with when there is no will, or if a will exists but no executor is appointed, or the appointed executor is not willing to take on the role. In this situation, the court will appoint an administrator, and the estate is distributed according to the terms of the will (if there is one) or the statutory order known as the intestacy rules.

There are many aspects to dealing with an estate. Certain legal procedures must be followed, and financial matters sorted out. Human relationships are never simple and death can complicate matters, especially if it is unexpected and there is no will. Even when there is a will, and seemingly amicable relations exist among the deceased's family, lovers and friends, it may not take long for tensions to surface. Often, death can be a catalyst for exposing unresolved conflicts.

Inheritance problems resulting from complex family and personal relationships, perhaps involving adopted or ex-nuptial children, and disputes over family property, may sometimes lead to expensive and time-consuming court cases. Before considering this option, however, it is wise to get as much advice and information as you can. A court case does not guarantee anyone, except perhaps the lawyers involved, a happy outcome.

If you would like to make a legally valid will or would like advice regarding any aspect of Wills, estates and probate law including contested Estates, then please complete your free legal enquiry form on the left, or click here.

Rights of beneficiaries and others

Beneficiaries under a will have certain rights and protections under the law. The grant of probate or administration provides some protection to beneficiaries or next of kin. Subject to the family provision laws, they can be sure that they are the only people who will receive the property of the deceased person. If someone disputes the claim by producing another will, for example, the only way that person can receive any of the estate is to apply to the court to revoke the grant of probate (or letters of administration).

If the deceased left gifts of money, assets may have to be sold to obtain the money. If the executor does not act diligently, the beneficiaries may complain to the Supreme Court. This is the only right a beneficiary has before distribution. A beneficiary does not own the property until the executor distributes the estate. Before distribution, the executor is regarded as the ‘owner’ of the assets in so far as the executor holds the estate in trust for the beneficiaries.

If you would like to make a legally valid will or would like advice regarding any aspect of Wills, estates and probate law including contested Estates (disputed wills), then please complete your free legal enquiry form on the left, or click here.

Revocation of a Will

Wills can be destroyed physically by the testator or by someone acting on their behalf and are thereafter of no consequence however accidental damage does not cause revocation. They can be altered by addendum called a codicil which must be properly executed.

Appointment of Executors

Executors are appointed by the deceased person and an executor's duty includes responsibility for carrying out the wishes of the deceased. Their job is to collect all assets in accordance with their instructions and thereafter pay all debts and subsequently distribute the net assets to the beneficiaries. Except in the most simple of cases most executors do not deal with this job on their own but instruct a solicitor to act on their behalf as it usually involves considerable paperwork. Executors can be solicitors, bankers or accountants or trusted members of the public including family or friends.

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We are able to put you in contact with lawyers who deal with wills and probate and grants of administration as well as contested Estates and disputes pertaining to Wills. A qualified lawyer can also deal with contested probate cases where either the validity of the document is called into question or there is a claim from someone who was not included as a beneficiary including relatives and dependants.

If you would like advice on any of these matters or have a dispute regarding a will, then please complete your free legal enquiry form on the left, or click here.


Probate is the legal authority to administer an estate. A Grant of Probate is the document issued by the Probate Court, which says that a Will is valid and confirms the appointment of the Executor. If there is no Will, or if the named Executor does not wish to act, an Administrator is someone who is appointed by law to settle an estate. The Executor or the Administrator of an Estate are responsible for the Administration of the Estate.

Contesting a Will

Contesting a Will is becoming increasingly common. Cases involving contested Wills can be difficult and it is important to appoint a lawyer who specialises in these cases.

Should you require legal help regarding a contested will, please complete your free legal enquiry for more click here.

There are many reasons for contested Wills claims. Broadly speaking, the main issues involved in contesting a Will often include the following:

  • contested Will Claims against or between trustees
  • contested Will claims against beneficiaries
  • contested Will claims against executors
  • contested Will claims against administrators
  • contested Will claims against personal representatives
  • contested Will claims where the deceased lacked mental capacity
  • contested Will claims where the Will was made fraudulently or under duress
  • contested Will claims where the Will is invalid
  • contested Will claims where it is not the last Will of the deceased
  • Wrongly drafted Wills can give rise to professional negligence claims

Challenging a Will in Court

To challenge a will it is necessary to issue a summons a court of law. There are time limits to court procedures and qualified legal advice should be sought from a solicitor as soon as possible. Your lawyer will be able to take legal action including applications for caveats and injunctions that will prevent the estate from being distributed until the matter has been heard by a judge who will determine the issues. The application is started by submission of a detailed affidavit of facts sworn by the applicant. It is therefore essential that all potential claimants keep a full and detailed written record of all events pertinent to the claim to assist in presentation of the case. Legal action to challenge a will is, in common with all other court proceedings, won or lost on the quality of the evidence presented to the court.

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A will or testament is a legal declaration by which a person, the testator, names one or more persons to manage his/her estate and provides for the transfer of his/her property at death.

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Probate Lawyers are able to provide sympathetic assistance with a wide range of cases including:

  • Disputed wills based on allegations of mental capacity.
  • Will disputes based on allegations of undue influence.
  • Wills dispute based on allegations of invalid procedure or fraud.
  • Disputes involving Executors or Trustees.
  • Disputed Powers of Attorney.
  • Negligently drafted wills and professional negligence claims

The last will and testament need not be the last word.

You have to cope with the death of a loved one but you do not necessarily have to accept an unfair will, or suffer because no will has been found.

A person can distribute their estate as they choose in their will. However, sometimes provisions made in the will can be disputed after death in a process commonly referred to as challenging or contesting a will. If you are concerned as to your entitlement under a will then please complete your free legal enquiry form on the left, or click here.

Specialist probate lawyers have extensive experience of handling a wide variety of contentious probate claims. Work generally carried out by probate lawyers includes:

-Acting for claimants, executors and beneficiaries in claims under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975)
-Securing a settlement for a nephew of the deceased aunt who had promised her house to him but had instead left it to her partner
-On behalf of the main beneficiary defending claims made against a will as a result of a relative refusing to testify as to the validity of a will
-Securing a declaration by consent of an earlier “shredded” will
-Securing revocation of a grant of probate through an order by consent that a later will was invalid as it had not been properly executed and that an earlier will should be admitted to probate
-Securing a financial settlement for a disappointed beneficiary through formal mediation based on concerns relating to a lack of testamentary capacity and the presence of a valid Inheritance claim
-Obtaining a declaration for the members of the deceased’s wife’s family following contested court proceedings that the deceased’s estate should be administered according to the trusts of a previous “mutual” will made in the same terms as those of his late wife and not according to a later will giving his estate to the deceased’s family
-Investigation of claims relating to lack of testamentary capacity
-Investigation of claims relating to undue influence
-Investigation of claims relating to a “missing” will
-Proprietary estoppel claims
-Claims based on constructive trusts
-Claims against executors/administrators for breach of trust
-Professional negligence claims against solicitors arising out of the preparation and execution of wills and the administration of estates

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2261, Chittaway Bay 2261, Chittaway Point 2261, Glenning Valley 2261, Killarney Vale 2261, Long Jetty 2261, Shelly Beach 2261, The Entrance 2261, Toowoon Bay 2261, Tumbi Umbi 2261, Blue Haven 2262, Budgewoi 2262, Buff Point 2262, Doyalson 2262, Halekulani 2262, San Remo 2262, Charmhaven 2263, Gorokan 2263, Lake Haven 2263, Norah Head 2263, Noraville 2263, Toukley 2263, Bonnells Bay 2264, Brightwaters 2264, Dora Creek 2264, Eraring 2264, Mandalong 2264, Mirrabooka 2264, Morisset 2264, Silverwater 2264, Sunshine 2264, Yarrawonga Park 2264, Cooranbong 2265, Martinsville 2265, Wangi Wangi 2267, Belmont 2280, Croudace Bay 2280, Floraville 2280, Jewells 2280, Marks Point 2280, Valentine 2280, Blacksmiths 2281, Cams Wharf 2281, Catherine Hill Bay 2281, Caves Beach 2281, Middle Camp 2281, Nords Wharf 2281, Swansea 2281, Arcadia Vale 2283, Awaba 2283, Balmoral 2283, Blackalls Park 2283, Bolton Point 2283, Buttaba 2283, Carey Bay 2283, Coal Point 2283, Fassifern 2283, Fennell Bay 2283, Fishing Point 2283, Kilaben Bay 2283, Rathmines 2283, Toronto 2283, Coniston 2500, Gwynneville 2500, Keiraville 2500, Mangerton 2500, Mount Keira 2500, Mount Saint Thomas 2500, Wollongong 2500, Cringila 2502, Lake Heights 2502, Primbee 2502, Warrawong 2502, Kemblawarra 2505, Port Kembla 2505, Berkeley 2506, Coalcliff 2508, Darkes Forest 2508, Helensburgh 2508, Otford 2508, Stanwell Park 2508, Stanwell Tops 2508, Austinmer 2515, Clifton 2515, Coledale 2515, Scarborough 2515, Thirroul 2515, Wombarra 2515, Bulli 2516, Russell Vale 2517, Woonona 2517, Bellambi 2518, Corrimal 2518, Tarrawanna 2518, Towradgi 2518, Balgownie 2519, Fairy Meadow 2519, Mount Ousley 2519, Mount Pleasant 2519, Wollongong 2520, South Coast Mc 2521, Figtree 2525, Cordeaux Heights 2526, Farmborough Heights 2526, Kembla Grange 2526, Mount Kembla 2526, Unanderra 2526, Jervis Bay 2540, Eagle Vale 2558, Eschol Park 2558, Kearns 2558, Blairmount 2559, Claymore 2559, Airds 2560, Ambarvale 2560, Appin 2560, Blair Athol 2560, Bradbury 2560, Campbelltown 2560, Englorie Park 2560, Gilead 2560, Glen Alpine 2560, Kentlyn 2560, Leumeah 2560, Rosemeadow 2560, Ruse 2560, St Helens Park 2560, Wedderburn 2560, Woodbine 2560, Menangle Park 2563, Long Point 2564, Macquarie Fields 2564, Denham Court 2565, Ingleburn 2565, Macquarie Links 2565, Bow Bowing 2566, Minto 2566, Raby 2566, St Andrews 2566, Varroville 2566, Currans Hill 2567, Harrington Park 2567, Mount Annan 2567, Narellan 2567, Narellan Vale 2567, Menangle 2568, Douglas Park 2569, Camden 2570, Camden Park 2570, Cawdor 2570, Cobbitty 2570, Elderslie 2570, Ellis Lane 2570, Grasmere 2570, Mount Hunter 2570, Nattai 2570, Oakdale 2570, Orangeville 2570, The Oaks 2570, Werombi 2570, Balmoral Village 2571, Buxton 2571, Couridjah 2571, Picton 2571, Razorback 2571, Wilton 2571, Lakesland 2572, Thirlmere 2572, Tahmoor 2573, Barton 2600, Canberra 2600, Deakin 2600, Deakin West 2600, Duntroon 2600, Harman 2600, Parkes 2600, Parliament House 2600, Russell 2600, Yarralumla 2600, Acton 2601, Black Mountain 2601, Canberra 2601, Ainslie 2602, Dickson 2602, Downer 2602, Hackett 2602, Lyneham 2602, O'Connor 2602, Watson 2602, Forrest 2603, Griffith 2603, Manuka 2603, Red Hill 2603, Causeway 2604, Kingston 2604, Narrabundah 2604, Curtin 2605, Garran 2605, Hughes 2605, Chifley 2606, Lyons 2606, O'Malley 2606, Phillip 2606, Swinger hill 2606, Swinger Hill 2606, Woden 2606, Farrer 2607, Isaacs 2607, Mawson 2607, Pearce 2607, Torrens 2607, Civic Square 2608, Fyshwick 2609, Pialligo 2609, Symonston 2609, Canberra Business Centre 2610, Chapman 2611, Duffy 2611, Fisher 2611, Holder 2611, Mount Stromlo 2611, Rivett 2611, Stirling 2611, Uriarra 2611, Waramanga 2611, WARAMANGA 2611, Weston 2611, Weston Creek 2611, Braddon 2612, Campbell 2612, Reid 2612, Turner 2612, Aranda 2614, Cook 2614, Hawker 2614, Jamison Centre 2614, Macquarie 2614, Page 2614, Scullin 2614, Weetangera 2614, Charnwood 2615, Dunlop 2615, Florey 2615, Flynn 2615, Fraser 2615, Higgins 2615, Holt 2615, Kippax 2615, Kippax Centre 2615, Latham 2615, Macgregor 2615, Melba 2615, Spence 2615, Belconnen 2616, Belconnen 2617, Bruce 2617, Evatt 2617, Giralang 2617, Kaleen 2617, Lawson 2617, McKellar 2617, Hall 2618, Hume 2620, Tharwa 2620, Glenmore Park 2745, Greendale 2745, Luddenham 2745, Mulgoa 2745, Regentville 2745, Wallacia 2745, Cambridge Park 2747, Kingswood 2747, Llandilo 2747, Shanes Park 2747, Werrington 2747, Werrington County 2747, Werrington Downs 2747, Orchard Hills 2748, Castlereagh 2749, Cranebrook 2749, Emu Plains 2750, Leonay 2750, Penrith 2750, Penrith Bc 2750, Penrith 2751, Silverdale 2752, Warragamba 2752, Bowen Mountain 2753, Grose Vale 2753, Grose Wold 2753, Hobartville 2753, Londonderry 2753, Richmond 2753, Yarramundi 2753, North Richmond 2754, Tennyson 2754, Richmond 2755, Kurmond 2757, Bilpin 2758, Blaxlands Ridge 2758, Kurrajong 2758, Erskine Park 2759, Mount Vernon 2759, St Clair 2759, Colyton 2760, Oxley Park 2760, St Marys 2760, Dean Park 2761, Glendenning 2761, Hassall Grove 2761, Oakhurst 2761, Plumpton 2761, Schofields 2762, Acacia Gardens 2763, Quakers Hill 2763, Berkshire Park 2765, Box Hill 2765, Maraylya 2765, Marsden Park 2765, Nelson 2765, Oakville 2765, Riverstone 2765, Vineyard 2765, Eastern Creek 2766, Rooty Hill 2766, Doonside 2767, Woodcroft 2767, Glenwood 2768, Parklea 2768, Stanhope Gardens 2768, Bidwill 2770, Blackett 2770, Dharruk 2770, Emerton 2770, Hebersham 2770, Lethbridge Park 2770, Minchinbury 2770, Mount Druitt 2770, Shalvey 2770, Tregear 2770, Whalan 2770, Willmot 2770, Glenbrook 2773, Lapstone 2773, Blaxland 2774, Mount Riverview 2774, Warrimoo 2774, Central Macdonald 2775, Laughtondale 2775, Lower Hawkesbury 2775, Spencer 2775, St Albans 2775, Wisemans Ferry 2775, Faulconbridge 2776, Hawkesbury Heights 2777, Springwood 2777, Valley Heights 2777, Winmalee 2777, Yellow Rock 2777, Linden 2778, Woodford 2778, Hazelbrook 2779, Wentworth Falls 2782, Lawson 2783, Bullaburra 2784, Blackheath 2785, Megalong 2785, Greenway 2900, Tuggeranong 2900, Kambah 2902, Erindale Centre 2903, Oxley 2903, Wanniassa 2903, Fadden 2904, Gowrie 2904, Macarthur 2904, Monash 2904, Bonython 2905, Calwell 2905, Chisholm 2905, Gilmore 2905, Isabella Plains 2905, Richardson 2905, Theodore 2905, Banks 2906, Conder 2906, Gordon 2906, Mitchell 2911, Gungahlin 2912, Ginninderra Village 2913, Ngunnawal 2913, Nicholls 2913, Palmerston 2913, Amaroo 2914, Bonner 2914, Forde 2914, Harrison 2914, Melbourne 3000, East Melbourne 3002, West Melbourne 3003, World Trade Centre 3005, Southbank 3006, Docklands 3008, Footscray 3011, Seddon 3011, Seddon West 3011, Brooklyn 3012, Kingsville 3012, Maidstone 3012, Tottenham 3012, West Footscray 3012, Yarraville 3013, Yarraville West 3013, Newport 3015, South Kingsville 3015, Spotswood 3015, Williamstown 3016, Altona 3018, Seaholme 3018, Braybrook 3019, Robinson 3019, Albion 3020, Sunshine 3020, Albanvale 3021, Kealba 3021, Kings Park 3021, St Albans 3021, Ardeer 3022, Deer Park East 3022, Burnside 3023, Cairnlea 3023, Caroline Springs 3023, Deer Park 3023, Mount Cottrell 3024, Wyndham Vale 3024, Altona North 3025, Laverton North 3026, Altona Meadows 3028, Laverton 3028, Seabrook 3028, Hoppers Crossing 3029, Tarneit 3029, Truganina 3029, Derrimut 3030, Point Cook 3030, Werribee 3030, Flemington 3031, Kensington 3031, Ascot Vale 3032, Maribyrnong 3032, Travancore 3032, Keilor East 3033, Avondale Heights 3034, Keilor 3036, Keilor North 3036, Delahey 3037, Hillside 3037, Sydenham 3037, Keilor Downs 3038, Taylors Lakes 3038, Moonee Ponds 3039, Aberfeldie 3040, Essendon 3040, Essendon West 3040, Essendon North 3041, Strathmore 3041, Strathmore Heights 3041, Airport West 3042, Keilor Park 3042, Niddrie 3042, Gladstone Park 3043, Gowanbrae 3043, Tullamarine 3043, Pascoe Vale 3044, Pascoe Vale South 3044, Melbourne Airport 3045, Glenroy 3046, Hadfield 3046, Oak Park 3046, Broadmeadows 3047, Dallas 3047, Jacana 3047, Coolaroo 3048, Meadow Heights 3048, Attwood 3049, Westmeadows 3049, Royal Melbourne Hospital 3050, Hotham Hill 3051, North Melbourne 3051, Parkville 3052, Carlton 3053, Carlton South 3053, Carlton North 3054, Brunswick West 3055, Brunswick 3056, Brunswick East 3057, Coburg 3058, Coburg North 3058, Merlynston 3058, Moreland 3058, Greenvale 3059, Fawkner 3060, Campbellfield 3061, Somerton 3062, Oaklands Junction 3063, Yuroke 3063, Craigieburn 3064, Donnybrook 3064, Kalkallo 3064, Mickleham 3064, Roxburgh Park 3064, Fitzroy 3065, Collingwood 3066, Abbotsford 3067, Clifton Hill 3068, Fitzroy North 3068, Northcote 3070, Thornbury 3071, Northland Centre 3072, Preston 3072, Preston South 3072, Regent West 3072, Keon Park 3073, Reservoir 3073, Thomastown 3074, Lalor 3075, Epping 3076, Epping Dc 3076, Alphington 3078, Fairfield 3078, Ivanhoe 3079, Ivanhoe East 3079, Heidelberg Heights 3081, Heidelberg Rgh 3081, Heidelberg West 3081, Mill Park 3082, Bundoora 3083, Kingsbury 3083, Banyule 3084, Eaglemont 3084, Heidelberg 3084, Rosanna 3084, Viewbank 3084, Macleod 3085, Yallambie 3085, Watsonia 3087, Briar Hill 3088, Greensborough 3088, Saint Helena 3088, Diamond Creek 3089, Plenty 3090, Yarrambat 3091, Lower Plenty 3093, Montmorency 3094, Eltham 3095, Eltham North 3095, Research 3095, Wattle Glen 3096, Bend Of Islands 3097, Kangaroo Ground 3097, Watsons Creek 3097, Arthurs Creek 3099, Cottles Bridge 3099, Hurstbridge 3099, Nutfield 3099, Strathewen 3099, Kew 3101, Kew East 3102, Balwyn 3103, Balwyn North 3104, Bulleen 3105, Templestowe 3106, Templestowe Lower 3107, Doncaster 3108, Doncaster East 3109, Doncaster Heights 3109, Tunstall Square Po 3109, Nunawading Bc 3110, Donvale 3111, North Warrandyte 3113, Warrandyte 3113, Park Orchards 3114, Wonga Park 3115, Chirnside Park 3116, Burnley 3121, Cremorne 3121, Richmond 3121, Hawthorn 3122, Hawthorn East 3123, Camberwell 3124, Camberwell North 3124, Camberwell South 3124, Camberwell West 3124, Middle Camberwell 3124, Bennettswood 3125, Burwood 3125, Camberwell East 3126, Canterbury 3126, Mont Albert 3127, Surrey Hills 3127, Box Hill 3128, Box Hill South 3128, Houston 3128, Wattle Park 3128, Box Hill North 3129, Kerrimuir 3129, Mont Albert North 3129, Blackburn 3130, Blackburn North 3130, Blackburn South 3130, Laburnum 3130, Brentford Square 3131, Forest Hill 3131, Nunawading 3131, Mitcham 3132, Rangeview 3132, Vermont 3133, Vermont South 3133, Ringwood 3134, Ringwood North 3134, Warrandyte South 3134, Warranwood 3134, Bedford Road 3135, Heathmont 3135, Ringwood East 3135, Croydon 3136, Croydon Hills 3136, Croydon North 3136, Croydon South 3136, Kilsyth 3137, Kilsyth South 3137, Mooroolbark 3138, Hoddles Creek 3139, Launching Place 3139, Seville 3139, Wandin North 3139, Woori Yallock 3139, Yellingbo 3139, Lilydale 3140, South Yarra 3141, Hawksburn 3142, Toorak 3142, Armadale 3143, Armadale North 3143, Kooyong 3144, Malvern 3144, Caulfield East 3145, Central Park 3145, Darling 3145, Malvern East 3145, Glen Iris 3146, Ashburton 3147, Ashwood 3147, Chadstone 3148, Holmesglen 3148, Mount Waverley 3149, Syndal 3149, Glen Waverley 3150, Wheelers Hill 3150, Burwood East 3151, Burwood Heights 3151, Studfield 3152, Wantirna 3152, Wantirna South 3152, Bayswater 3153, Bayswater North 3153, The Basin 3154, Boronia 3155, Ferntree Gully 3156, Lysterfield 3156, Mountain Gate 3156, Upper Ferntree Gully 3156, Upwey 3158, Menzies Creek 3159, Selby 3159, Belgrave 3160, Tecoma 3160, Caulfield Junction 3161, Caulfield North 3161, Caulfield 3162, Caulfield South 3162, Hopetoun Gardens 3162, Carnegie 3163, Glen Huntly 3163, Murrumbeena 3163, Dandenong South 3164, Bentleigh East 3165, Coatesville 3165, Hughesdale 3166, Huntingdale 3166, Oakleigh 3166, Oakleigh East 3166, Oakleigh South 3167, Clayton 3168, Notting Hill 3168, Clarinda 3169, Clayton South 3169, Mulgrave 3170, Sandown Village 3171, Springvale 3171, Dingley Village 3172, Springvale South 3172, Keysborough 3173, Noble Park 3174, Noble Park North 3174, Bangholme 3175, Dandenong 3175, Dandenong South 3175, Scoresby Bc 3176, Doveton 3177, Rowville 3178, Scoresby 3179, Knoxfield 3180, Prahran 3181, Windsor 3181, St Kilda 3182, St Kilda South 3182, St Kilda West 3182, Balaclava 3183, St Kilda East 3183, Brighton Road 3184, Elwood 3184, Elsternwick 3185, Gardenvale 3185, Ripponlea 3185, Brighton 3186, Dendy 3186, Brighton East 3187, North Road 3187, Hampton 3188, Hampton East 3188, Hampton North 3188, Moorabbin 3189, Moorabbin East 3189, Wishart 3189, Highett 3190, Sandringham 3191, Cheltenham 3192, Cheltenham East 3192, Southland Centre 3192, Beaumaris 3193, Black Rock 3193, Cromer 3193, Mentone 3194, Moorabbin Airport 3194, Aspendale 3195, Aspendale Gardens 3195, Braeside 3195, Mordialloc 3195, Parkdale 3195, Waterways 3195, Bonbeach 3196, Chelsea 3196, Chelsea Heights 3196, Edithvale 3196, Carrum 3197, Patterson Lakes 3197, Belvedere Park 3198, Seaford 3198, Frankston 3199, Karingal 3199, Frankston North 3200, Pines Forest 3200, Carrum Downs 3201, Heatherton 3202, Bentleigh 3204, Mckinnon 3204, Ormond 3204, South Melbourne 3205, South Melbourne Dc 3205, Albert Park 3206, Middle Park 3206, Port Melbourne 3207, Rockbank 3335, Kurunjang 3337, Melton 3337, Toolern Vale 3337, Diggers Rest 3427, Bulla 3428, Sunbury 3429, South Morang 3752, Montrose 3765, Kalorama 3766, Mount Dandenong 3767, Coldstream 3770, Gruyere 3770, Christmas Hills 3775, Dixons Creek 3775, Steels Creek 3775, Yarra Glen 3775, Healesville 3777, Toolangi 3777, Cockatoo 3781, Avonsleigh 3782, Clematis 3782, Emerald 3782, Macclesfield 3782, Ferny Creek 3786, Sassafras 3787, Sassafras Gully 3787, Olinda 3788, Sherbrooke 3789, Kallista 3791, The Patch 3792, Monbulk 3793, Silvan 3795, Mount Evelyn 3796, Endeavour Hills 3802, Hallam 3803, Narre Warren East 3804, Narre Warren North 3804, Fountain Gate 3805, Narre Warren 3805, Berwick 3806, Harkaway 3806, Beaconsfield 3807, Guys Hill 3807, Beaconsfield Upper 3808, Officer 3809, Pakenham 3810, Pakenham Upper 3810, Langwarrin 3910, Baxter 3911, Pearcedale 3912, Somerville 3912, Tyabb 3913, Hastings 3915, Tuerong 3915, Merricks 3916, Shoreham 3916, Bittern 3918, Crib Point 3919, Hmas Cerberus 3920, Balnarring 3926, Merricks Beach 3926, Merricks North 3926, Somers 3927, Main Ridge 3928, Flinders 3929, Kunyung 3930, Mount Eliza 3930, Mornington 3931, Moorooduc 3933, Mount Martha 3934, Arthurs Seat 3936, Dromana 3936, Safety Beach 3936, Red Hill 3937, Red Hill South 3937, Mccrae 3938, Fingal 3939, Rosebud 3939, Rosebud West 3940, Rye 3941, St Andrews Beach 3941, Tootgarook 3941, Blairgowrie 3942, Sorrento 3943, Portsea 3944, Lynbrook 3975, Lyndhurst 3975, Hampton Park 3976, Cannons Creek 3977, Cranbourne 3977, Cranbourne North 3977, Cranbourne South 3977, Devon Meadows 3977, Five Ways 3977, Skye 3977, Brisbane 4000, Brisbane Adelaide Street 4000, Petrie Terrace 4000, Spring Hill 4000, Brisbane 4001, Central Plaza 4001, Riverside Centre 4001, Waterfront Place 4001, Brisbane Albert Street Bc 4002, Wintergarden 4002, George Street 4003, Spring Hill 4004, New Farm 4005, Teneriffe 4005, Bowen Hills 4006, Brisbane Exhibition 4006, Fortitude Valley 4006, Herston 4006, Newstead 4006, Ascot 4007, Brisbane Airport 4007, Doomben 4007, Hamilton 4007, Whinstanes 4007, Meeandah 4008, Pinkenba 4008, Eagle Farm 4009, Albion 4010, Breakfast Creek 4010, Clayfield 4011, Eagle Junction 4011, Hendra 4011, Nundah 4012, Toombul 4012, Wavell Heights 4012, Wavell Heights North 4012, Northgate 4013, Banyo 4014, Nudgee 4014, Nudgee Beach 4014, Virginia 4014, Bracken Ridge 4017, Brighton 4017, Deagon 4017, Nashville 4017, Sandgate 4017, Shorncliffe 4017, Fitzgibbon 4018, Taigum 4018, Clontarf 4019, Margate 4019, Margate Beach 4019, Woody Point 4019, Redcliffe 4020, Scarborough 4020, Kippa-Ring 4021, Rothwell 4022, Bulwer 4025, Cape Moreton 4025, Cowan Cowan 4025, Kooringal 4025, Tangalooma 4025, Royal Brisbane Hospital 4029, Kalinga 4030, Lutwyche 4030, Windsor 4030, Wooloowin 4030, Gordon Park 4031, Kedron 4031, Chermside 4032, Chermside West 4032, Craigslea 4032, Aspley 4034, Boondall 4034, Carseldine 4034, Geebung 4034, Zillmere 4034, Albany Creek 4035, Bridgeman Downs 4035, Bald Hills 4036, Eatons Hill 4037, Alderley 4051, Enoggera 4051, Gaythorne 4051, Grange 4051, Newmarket 4051, Wilston 4051, Brookside Centre 4053, Everton Hills 4053, Everton Park 4053, Mcdowall 4053, Mitchelton 4053, Oxford Park 4053, Stafford 4053, Stafford Heights 4053, Arana Hills 4054, Grovely 4054, Keperra 4054, Bunya 4055, Ferny Grove 4055, Ferny Hills 4055, Upper Kedron 4055, Ithaca 4059, Kelvin Grove 4059, Kelvin Grove Bc 4059, Kelvin Grove Dc 4059, Normanby 4059, Red Hill 4059, Ashgrove 4060, Dorrington 4060, St Johns Wood 4060, The Gap 4061, Milton 4064, Paddington 4064, Rosalie 4064, Bardon 4065, Rainworth 4065, Auchenflower 4066, Mount Coot-Tha 4066, Toowong 4066, Torwood 4066, Ironside 4067, St Lucia 4067, Chelmer 4068, Indooroopilly 4068, Long Pocket 4068, Taringa 4068, Brookfield 4069, Chapel Hill 4069, Fig Tree Pocket 4069, Kenmore 4069, Kenmore Hills 4069, Pinjarra Hills 4069, Pullenvale 4069, Upper Brookfield 4069, Anstead 4070, Bellbowrie 4070, Moggill 4070, Seventeen Mile Rocks 4073, Sinnamon Park 4073, Jamboree Heights 4074, Jindalee 4074, Middle Park 4074, Mount Ommaney 4074, Riverhills 4074, Sumner 4074, Sumner Park Bc 4074, Westlake 4074, Corinda 4075, Graceville 4075, Graceville East 4075, Oxley 4075, Sherwood 4075, Darra 4076, Wacol 4076, Doolandella 4077, Durack 4077, Inala 4077, Richlands 4077, Ellen Grove 4078, Forest Lake 4078, Highgate Hill 4101, Mater Hill 4101, Mater Hospital 4101, South Bank 4101, South Brisbane 4101, West End 4101, Buranda 4102, Dutton Park 4102, Princess Alexandra Hospital 4102, Woolloongabba 4102, Annerley 4103, Fairfield 4103, Yeronga 4104, Moorooka 4105, Tennyson 4105, Yeerongpilly 4105, Brisbane Market 4106, Rocklea 4106, Rocklea Dc 4106, Salisbury 4107, Archerfield 4108, Coopers Plains 4108, Macgregor 4109, Robertson 4109, Sunnybank 4109, Sunnybank Hills 4109, Acacia Ridge 4110, Acacia Ridge Dc 4110, Heathwood 4110, Larapinta 4110, Pallara 4110, Willawong 4110, Nathan 4111, Kuraby 4112, Eight Mile Plains 4113, Fruitgrove 4113, Runcorn 4113, Kingston 4114, Logan Central 4114, Woodridge 4114, Algester 4115, Parkinson 4115, Calamvale 4116, Drewvale 4116, Stretton 4116, Berrinba 4117, Karawatha 4117, Browns Plains 4118, Forestdale 4118, Heritage Park 4118, Hillcrest 4118, Regents Park 4118, Underwood 4119, Greenslopes 4120, Stones Corner 4120, Ekibin 4121, Holland Park 4121, Holland Park West 4121, Tarragindi 4121, Wellers Hill 4121, Mansfield 4122, Mount Gravatt 4122, Mount Gravatt East 4122, Upper Mount Gravatt 4122, Wishart 4122, Rochedale 4123, Rochedale South 4123, Boronia Heights 4124, Greenbank 4124, Munruben 4125, Park Ridge 4125, Chatswood Hills 4127, Daisy Hill 4127, Priestdale 4127, Slacks Creek 4127, Springwood 4127, Kimberley Park 4128, Shailer Park 4128, Tanah Merah 4128, Logandale 4129, Loganholme 4129, Carbrook 4130, Cornubia 4130, Loganlea 4131, Meadowbrook 4131, Crestmead 4132, Marsden 4132, Chambers Flat 4133, Logan Reserve 4133, Waterford 4133, Waterford West 4133, Coorparoo 4151, Camp Hill 4152, Carina 4152, Carina Heights 4152, Carindale 4152, Belmont 4153, Gumdale 4154, Ransome 4154, Wakerley 4154, Chandler 4155, Burbank 4156, Mackenzie 4156, Capalaba 4157, Capalaba West 4157, Sheldon 4157, Thorneside 4158, Birkdale 4159, Ormiston 4160, Wellington Point 4160, Alexandra Hills 4161, Cleveland 4163, Raby Bay 4163, Pinklands 4164, Thornlands 4164, Mount Cotton 4165, Point Halloran 4165, Point Talburpin 4165, Redland Bay 4165, Victoria Point 4165, East Brisbane 4169, Kangaroo Point 4169, Cannon Hill 4170, Colmslie 4170, Morningside 4170, Norman Park 4170, Seven Hills 4170, Balmoral 4171, Bulimba 4171, Galloways Hill 4171, Hawthorne 4171, Murarrie 4172, Tingalpa 4173, Tingalpa Bc 4173, Tingalpa Dc 4173, Hemmant 4174, Lindum 4178, Lytton 4178, Wynnum 4178, Wynnum West 4178, Lota 4179, Manly 4179, Manly West 4179, Amity 4183, Amity Point 4183, Dunwich 4183, Point Lookout 4183, Coochiemudlo Island 4184, Karragarra Island 4184, Lamb Island 4184, Macleay Island 4184, Peel Island 4184, Russell Island 4184, Bethania 4205, Alberton 4207, Bahrs Scrub 4207, Bannockburn 4207, Beenleigh 4207, Belivah 4207, Buccan 4207, Cedar Creek 4207, Eagleby 4207, Edens Landing 4207, Holmview 4207, Logan Village 4207, Luscombe 4207, Mount Warren Park 4207, Stapylton 4207, Steiglitz 4207, Windaroo 4207, Wolffdene 4207, Woongoolba 4207, Yatala 4207, Gilberton 4208, Jacobs Well 4208, Kingsholme 4208, Norwell 4208, Ormeau 4208, Ormeau Hills 4208, Canowindra 4209, Coomera 4209, Pimpama 4209, Upper Coomera 4209, Willow Vale 4209, Guanaba 4210, Maudsland 4210, Oxenford 4210, Studio Village 4210, Wongawallan 4210, Advancetown 4211, Beechmont 4211, Carrara 4211, Clagiraba 4211, Gaven 4211, Gilston 4211, Highland Park 4211, Latimer 4211, Mount Nathan 4211, Natural Bridge 4211, Nerang 4211, Numinbah Valley 4211, Pacific Pines 4211, Boykambil 4212, Helensvale 4212, Hope Island 4212, Sanctuary Cove 4212, Santa Barbara 4212, Austinville 4213, Bonogin 4213, Mudgeeraba 4213, Springbrook 4213, Tallai 4213, Worongary 4213, Arundel 4214, Arundel Bc 4214, Arundel Dc 4214, Ashmore 4214, Molendinar 4214, Parkwood 4214, Chirn Park 4215, Labrador 4215, Southport 4215, Anglers Paradise 4216, Biggera Waters 4216, Coombabah 4216, Hollywell 4216, Paradise Point 4216, Paradise Point Keys 4216, Runaway Bay 4216, South Stradbroke 4216, Sovereign Islands 4216, Benowa 4217, Bundall 4217, Chevron Island 4217, Isle Of Capri 4217, Main Beach 4217, Paradise Island 4217, Paradise Waters 4217, Sorrento 4217, Surfers Paradise 4217, The Spit 4217, Broadbeach 4218, Broadbeach Waters 4218, Cypress Gardens 4218, Florida Gardens 4218, Mermaid Beach 4218, Mermaid Waters 4218, Miami Keys 4218, Nobby Beach 4218, Pacific Fair 4218, Q Supercentre 4218, Rio Vista 4218, West Burleigh 4219, Burleigh Heads 4220, Burleigh Town 4220, Burleigh Waters 4220, Miami 4220, Elanora 4221, Palm Beach 4221, Currumbin 4223, Currumbin Dc 4223, Currumbin Valley 4223, Currumbin Waters 4223, Tugun 4224, Bilinga 4225, Coolangatta 4225, Greenmount 4225, Kirra 4225, Rainbow Bay 4225, Clear Island Waters 4226, Kerrydale 4226, Merrimac 4226, Robina 4226, Reedy Creek 4227, Varsity Lakes 4227, Tallebudgera 4228, Tallebudgera Valley 4228, Robina Town Centre 4230, Tamborine 4270, Tamborine Village 4270, Eagle Heights 4271, Mount Tamborine 4272, North Tamborine 4272, Canungra 4275, Lamington National Park 4275, Witheren 4275, Wonglepong 4275, Jimboomba 4280, Maclean 4280, Beaudesert 4285, Cedar Grove 4285, Cedar Vale 4285, Kooralbyn 4285, Palen Creek 4287, Rathdowney 4287, Augustine Heights 4300, Bellbird Park 4300, Brookwater 4300, Camira 4300, Carole Park 4300, Gailes 4300, Goodna 4300, Opossum Creek 4300, Springfield 4300, Springfield Lakes 4300, Collingwood Park 4301, Redbank 4301, Redbank Plains 4301, Dinmore 4303, New Chum 4303, Riverview 4303, Blackstone 4304, Booval 4304, Bundamba 4304, Ebbw Vale 4304, North Booval 4304, Silkstone 4304, Basin Pocket 4305, Brassall 4305, Bremer 4305, Churchill 4305, Coalfalls 4305, East Ipswich 4305, Eastern Heights 4305, Flinders View 4305, Ipswich 4305, Leichhardt 4305, Limestone Ridges 4305, Moores Pocket 4305, Newtown 4305, North Ipswich 4305, North Tivoli 4305, One Mile 4305, Raceview 4305, Raymonds Hill 4305, Sadliers Crossing 4305, Tivoli 4305, West Ipswich 4305, Woodend 4305, Wulkuraka 4305, Yamanto 4305, Amberley 4306, Avoca Vale 4306, Banks Creek 4306, Barellan Point 4306, Benarkin 4306, Benarkin North 4306, Blackbutt 4306, Blackbutt North 4306, Blackbutt South 4306, Blacksoil 4306, Blackwall 4306, Borallon 4306, Cherry Creek 4306, Chuwar 4306, Colinton 4306, Deebing Heights 4306, Fairney View 4306, Fernvale 4306, Googa Creek 4306, Goolman 4306, Haigslea 4306, Harlin 4306, Holts Hill 4306, Ironbark 4306, Karalee 4306, Karana Downs 4306, Kholo 4306, Lake Manchester 4306, Linville 4306, Monsildale 4306, Moore 4306, Mount Binga 4306, Mount Crosby 4306, Mount Stanley 4306, Muirlea 4306, Nukku 4306, Peak Crossing 4306, Pine Mountain 4306, Ripley 4306, South Ripley 4306, Teelah 4306, Thagoona 4306, Walloon 4306, Willowbank 4306, Harrisville 4307, Aratula 4309, Frazerview 4309, Kalbar 4309, Washpool 4309, Boonah 4310, Roadvale 4310, Buaraba South 4311, Churchable 4311, Coominya 4311, Lockyer Waters 4311, Lowood 4311, Minden 4311, Patrick Estate 4311, Wivenhoe Hill 4311, Bryden 4312, Caboonbah 4312, Crossdale 4312, Esk 4312, Glen Esk 4312, Moombra 4312, Mount Byron 4312, Redbank Creek 4312, Somerset Dam 4312, Braemore 4313, Cooeeimbardi 4313, Fulham 4313, Lower Cressbrook 4313, Ottaba 4313, Scrub Creek 4313, Toogoolawah 4313, Yimbun 4313, Grandchester 4340, Lanefield 4340, Lower Mount Walker 4340, Merryvale 4340, Mount Mort 4340, Mount Walker West 4340, Rosewood 4340, Tallegalla 4340, The Bluff 4340, Kensington Grove 4341, Laidley 4341, Laidley Creek West 4341, Laidley Heights 4341, Laidley North 4341, Plainland 4341, Townson 4341, Forest Hill 4342, Glen Cairn 4342, Glenore Grove 4342, Lynford 4342, Adare 4343, Black Duck Creek 4343, Caffey 4343, College View 4343, East Haldon 4343, Fordsdale 4343, Gatton 4343, Ingoldsby 4343, Junction View 4343, Lake Clarendon 4343, Lawes 4343, Lefthand Branch 4343, Lower Tenthill 4343, Morton Vale 4343, Mount Sylvia 4343, Placid Hills 4343, Ringwood 4343, Rockside 4343, Ropeley 4343, Spring Creek 4343, Upper Tenthill 4343, Vinegar Hill 4343, Woodbine 4343, Woodlands 4343, Carpendale 4344, Egypt 4344, Flagstone Creek 4344, Helidon 4344, Helidon Spa 4344, Lilydale 4344, Lockyer 4344, Rockmount 4344, Seventeen Mile 4344, Silver Pinch 4344, Silver Ridge 4344, Stockyard 4344, Upper Flagstone 4344, Gatton College 4345, Marburg 4346, Grantham 4347, Ma Ma Creek 4347, Mount Whitestone 4347, Veradilla 4347, Winwill 4347, Athol 4350, Centenary Heights 4350, Cranley 4350, Darling Heights 4350, Drayton 4350, East Toowoomba 4350, Eastlake 4350, Finnie 4350, Glenvale 4350, Harlaxton 4350, Harristown 4350, Kearneys Spring 4350, Middle Ridge 4350, Mount Kynoch 4350, Mount Lofty 4350, Mount Rascal 4350, Newtown 4350, North Toowoomba 4350, Northlands 4350, Picnic Point 4350, Prince Henry Heights 4350, Rangeville 4350, Redwood 4350, Rockville 4350, South Toowoomba 4350, Southtown 4350, Toowoomba 4350, Toowoomba East 4350, Toowoomba South 4350, Toowoomba West 4350, Top Camp 4350, Wellcamp 4350, Westbrook 4350, Wilsonton 4350, Bergen 4353, East Cooyar 4353, Haden 4353, Douglas 4354, Goombungee 4354, Crows Nest 4355, Glenhaven 4355, Pierce Creek 4355, The Bluff 4355, Cambooya 4358, Felton 4358, Felton South 4358, Vale View 4358, Ascot 4359, Budgee 4359, Greenmount 4359, Greenmount East 4359, West Haldon 4359, Nobby 4360, Clifton 4361, Ellangowan 4361, Elphinstone 4361, Headington Hill 4361, Kings Creek 4361, Manapouri 4361, Missen Flat 4361, Mount Molar 4361, Nevilton 4361, Ryeford 4361, Sandy Camp 4361, Spring Creek 4361, Victoria Hill 4361, Allora 4362, Deuchar 4362, Goomburra 4362, Mount Marshall 4362, Southbrook 4363, Glennie Heights 4370, Maryvale 4370, Warwick 4370, Emu Vale 4371, Yangan 4371, Tannymorel 4372, Killarney 4373, Bray Park 4500, Brendale 4500, Cashmere 4500, Clear Mountain 4500, Joyner 4500, Strathpine 4500, Warner 4500, Lawnton 4501, Petrie 4502, Dakabin 4503, Griffin 4503, Kallangur 4503, Kurwongbah 4503, Murrumba Downs 4503, Whiteside 4503, Narangba 4504, Burpengary 4505, Morayfield 4506, Banksia Beach 4507, Bellara 4507, Bongaree 4507, Bribie Island 4507, Bribie Island Dc 4507, Bribie Island North 4507, Welsby 4507, White Patch 4507, Woorim 4507, Deception Bay 4508, Mango Hill 4509, Beachmere 4510, Caboolture 4510, Caboolture South 4510, Donnybrook 4510, Toorbul 4510, Godwin Beach 4511, Ningi 4511, Sandstone Point 4511, Bracalba 4512, Wamuran 4512, Wamuran Basin 4512, Commissioners Flat 4514, D'aguilar 4514, Mount Delaney 4514, Stony Creek 4514, Woodford 4514, Jimna 4515, Kilcoy 4515, Elimbah 4516, Moorina 4516, Beerburrum 4517, Glass House Mountains 4518, Beerwah 4519, Coochin Creek 4519, Crohamhurst 4519, Peachester 4519, Camp Mountain 4520, Cedar Creek 4520, Closeburn 4520, Draper 4520, Enoggera Reservoir 4520, Highvale 4520, Jollys Lookout 4520, Mount Glorious 4520, Mount Nebo 4520, Mount Samson 4520, Samford 4520, Samsonvale 4520, Wights Mountain 4520, Yugar 4520, Dayboro 4521, King Scrub 4521, Laceys Creek 4521, Mount Mee 4521, Mount Pleasant 4521, Ocean View 4521, Rush Creek 4521, Landsborough 4550, Aroona 4551, Battery Hill 4551, Bells Creek 4551, Caloundra 4551, Caloundra West 4551, Currimundi 4551, Dicky Beach 4551, Golden Beach 4551, Kings Beach 4551, Little Mountain 4551, Moffat Beach 4551, Pelican Waters 4551, Shelly Beach 4551, Balmoral Ridge 4552, Booroobin 4552, Cambroon 4552, Conondale 4552, Curramore 4552, Elaman Creek 4552, Harper Creek 4552, Maleny 4552, North Maleny 4552, Wootha 4552, Diamond Valley 4553, Mooloolah 4553, Palmview 4553, Eudlo 4554, Ilkley 4554, Hunchy 4555, Palmwoods 4555, Buderim 4556, Kunda Park 4556, Tanawha 4556, Mooloolaba 4557, Mountain Creek 4557, Cotton Tree 4558, Maroochydore 4558, Maroochydore Bc 4558, Sunshine Plaza 4558, Diddillibah 4559, Kiels Mountain 4559, Woombye 4559, Bli Bli 4560, Dulong 4560, Mapleton 4560, Montville 4560, Nambour 4560, Perwillowen 4560, Maroochy River 4561, Yandina 4561, Eumundi 4562, Cooroy 4563, Cooroy Mountain 4563, Lake Macdonald 4563, Tinbeerwah 4563, Marcoola 4564, Mudjimba 4564, Pacific Paradise 4564, Noosaville 4566, Castaways Beach 4567, Noosa Heads 4567, Sunrise Beach 4567, Sunshine Beach 4567, Federal 4568, Pinbarren 4568, Pomona 4568, Cooran 4569, Coolum Beach 4573, Marcus Beach 4573, Mount Coolum 4573, Peregian Beach 4573, Yaroomba 4573, Kenilworth 4574, Moy Pocket 4574, Neumgna 4614, Upper Yarraman 4614, Yarraman 4614, Barker Creek Flat 4615, Bullcamp 4615, East Nanango 4615, Glan Devon 4615, Johnstown 4615, Kunioon 4615, Maidenwell 4615, Nanango 4615, Pimpimbudgee 4615, Runnymede 4615, Sandy Ridges 4615, South East Nanango 4615, Tarong 4615, Wattle Camp 4615, Wengenville 4615, Wyalla 4615, Adelaide 5000, Adelaide Bc 5000, Halifax Street 5000, Hutt Street 5000, Rundle Mall 5000, Station Arcade 5000, Adelaide 5001, North Adelaide 5006, Bowden 5007, Brompton 5007, Hindmarsh 5007, Welland 5007, Croydon 5008, Devon Park 5008, Dudley Park 5008, Renown Park 5008, Ridleyton 5008, Allenby Gardens 5009, Beverley 5009, Kilkenny 5009, Angle Park 5010, Ferryden Park 5010, Regency Park 5010, Regency Park Bc 5010, Woodville 5011, Athol Park 5012, Mansfield Park 5012, Woodville Gardens 5012, Woodville North 5012, Gillman 5013, Ottoway 5013, Pennington 5013, Rosewater 5013, Rosewater East 5013, Wingfield 5013, Albert Park 5014, Alberton 5014, Cheltenham 5014, Hendon 5014, Queenstown 5014, Royal Park 5014, Birkenhead 5015, Ethelton 5015, Glanville 5015, Port Adelaide 5015, Largs Bay 5016, Largs North 5016, Peterhead 5016, Osborne 5017, Taperoo 5017, North Haven 5018, Outer Harbor 5018, Exeter 5019, Semaphore 5019, West Lakes Shore 5020, West Lakes 5021, Grange 5022, Henley Beach 5022, Henley Beach South 5022, Tennyson 5022, Findon 5023, Seaton 5023, Fulham 5024, Fulham Gardens 5024, West Beach 5024, Flinders Park 5025, Kidman Park 5025, Mile End 5031, Thebarton 5031, Torrensville 5031, Torrensville Plaza 5031, Brooklyn Park 5032, Lockleys 5032, Underdale 5032, Cowandilla 5033, Hilton 5033, Hilton Plaza 5033, Marleston 5033, Richmond 5033, West Richmond 5033, Clarence Park 5034, Goodwood 5034, Kings Park 5034, Millswood 5034, Wayville 5034, Ashford 5035, Black Forest 5035, Everard Park 5035, Forestville 5035, Keswick 5035, Glandore 5037, Kurralta Park 5037, Netley 5037, North Plympton 5037, Camden Park 5038, Plympton 5038, Plympton Park 5038, South Plympton 5038, Clarence Gardens 5039, Edwardstown 5039, Melrose Park 5039, Novar Gardens 5040, Colonel Light Gardens 5041, Cumberland Park 5041, Daw Park 5041, Panorama 5041, Westbourne Park 5041, Bedford Park 5042, Clovelly Park 5042, Pasadena 5042, St Marys 5042, Ascot Park 5043, Marion 5043, Mitchell Park 5043, Morphettville 5043, Park Holme 5043, Glengowrie 5044, Somerton Park 5044, Glenelg 5045, Glenelg South 5045, Oaklands Park 5046, Warradale 5046, Warradale North 5046, Darlington 5047, Seacombe Gardens 5047, Seacombe Heights 5047, Sturt 5047, Brighton 5048, Dover Gardens 5048, Hove 5048, South Brighton 5048, Kingston Park 5049, Marino 5049, Seacliff 5049, Seacliff Park 5049, Seaview Downs 5049, Bellevue Heights 5050, Eden Hills 5050, Blackwood 5051, Coromandel Valley 5051, Craigburn Farm 5051, Hawthorndene 5051, Belair 5052, Glenalta 5052, Hyde Park 5061, Malvern 5061, Unley 5061, Brown Hill Creek 5062, Clapham 5062, Hawthorn 5062, Kingswood 5062, Lower Mitcham 5062, Lynton 5062, Mitcham 5062, Netherby 5062, Springfield 5062, Torrens Park 5062, Eastwood 5063, Frewville 5063, Fullarton 5063, Highgate 5063, Parkside 5063, Glen Osmond 5064, Glenunga 5064, Mount Osmond 5064, Myrtle Bank 5064, St Georges 5064, Urrbrae 5064, Dulwich 5065, Glenside 5065, Linden Park 5065, Toorak Gardens 5065, Tusmore 5065, Beaumont 5066, Burnside 5066, Erindale 5066, Hazelwood Park 5066, Stonyfell 5066, Waterfall Gully 5066, Wattle Park 5066, Beulah Park 5067, Kent Town 5067, Norwood 5067, Norwood South 5067, Rose Park 5067, Heathpool 5068, Kensington 5068, Kensington Gardens 5068, Kensington Park 5068, Leabrook 5068, Marryatville 5068, St Morris 5068, Trinity Gardens 5068, College Park 5069, Evandale 5069, Hackney 5069, Maylands 5069, St Peter's 5069, Stepney 5069, Felixstow 5070, Firle 5070, Glynde 5070, Glynde Plaza 5070, Joslin 5070, Marden 5070, Payneham 5070, Royston Park 5070, Kent Town 5071, Auldana 5072, Magill 5072, Magill North 5072, Rosslyn Park 5072, Skye 5072, Teringie 5072, Woodforde 5072, Hectorville 5073, Rostrevor 5073, Tranmere 5073, Tranmere North 5073, Campbelltown 5074, Newton 5074, Dernancourt 5075, Paradise 5075, Athelstone 5076, Castambul 5076, Collinswood 5081, Gilberton 5081, Medindie 5081, Vale Park 5081, Walkerville 5081, Fitzroy 5082, Ovingham 5082, Prospect 5082, Prospect East 5082, Thorngate 5082, Broadview 5083, Nailsworth 5083, Sefton Park 5083, Blair Athol 5084, Blair Athol West 5084, Kilburn 5084, Kilburn North 5084, Clearview 5085, Enfield 5085, Enfield Plaza 5085, Northfield 5085, Northgate 5085, Gilles Plains 5086, Greenacres 5086, Hampstead Gardens 5086, Hillcrest 5086, Manningham 5086, Oakden 5086, Klemzig 5087, Windsor Gardens 5087, Holden Hill 5088, Highbury 5089, Hope Valley 5090, Banksia Park 5091, Tea Tree Gully 5091, Vista 5091, Modbury 5092, Modbury North 5092, Para Vista 5093, Valley View 5093, Cavan 5094, Dry Creek 5094, Gepps Cross 5094, Mawson Lakes 5095, Pooraka 5095, The Levels 5095, Gulfview Heights 5096, Para Hills 5096, Redwood Park 5097, Ridgehaven 5097, St Agnes 5097, Ingle Farm 5098, Walkley Heights 5098, Parafield 5106, Salisbury South 5106, Green Fields 5107, Parafield Gardens 5107, Paralowie 5108, Salisbury 5108, Salisbury Downs 5108, Salisbury North 5108, Brahma Lodge 5109, Salisbury East 5109, Salisbury Heights 5109, Salisbury Park 5109, Salisbury Plain 5109, Bolivar 5110, Burton 5110, Direk 5110, Globe Derby Park 5110, St Kilda 5110, Waterloo Corner 5110, Edinburgh 5111, Elizabeth 5112, Elizabeth East 5112, Elizabeth Grove 5112, Elizabeth South 5112, Elizabeth Vale 5112, Hillbank 5112, Davoren Park 5113, Elizabeth Downs 5113, Elizabeth North 5113, Elizabeth Park 5113, Elizabeth West 5113, Andrews Farm 5114, Blakeview 5114, Craigmore 5114, One Tree Hill 5114, Smithfield 5114, Smithfield Plains 5114, Uleybury 5114, Kudla 5115, Munno Para 5115, Evanston 5116, Hillier 5116, Angle Vale 5117, Buchfelde 5118, Gawler 5118, Gawler Belt 5118, Hewett 5118, Kalbeeba 5118, Kingsford 5118, Willaston 5118, Buckland Park 5120, Virginia 5120, Macdonald Park 5121, Penfield 5121, Golden Grove 5125, Golden Grove Village 5125, Greenwith 5125, Fairview Park 5126, Surrey Downs 5126, Yatala Vale 5126, Yatala Vale Suburb 5126, Wynn Vale 5127, Houghton 5131, Lower Hermitage 5131, Upper Hermitage 5131, Paracombe 5132, Inglewoo 5133, Cherryville 5134, Montacute 5134, Norton Summit 5136, Ashton 5137, Basket Range 5138, Forest Range 5139, Greenhill 5140, Summertown 5141, Uraidla 5142, Carey Gully 5144, Eagle On The Hill 5150, Leawood Gardens 5150, Piccadilly 5151, Stirling 5152, Biggs Flat 5153, Bradbury 5153, Echunga 5153, Flaxley 5153, Heathfield 5153, Ironbank 5153, Longwood 5153, Macclesfield 5153, Mylor 5153, Scott Creek 5153, Aldgate 5154, Bridgewater 5155, Mount George 5155, Upper Sturt 5156, Hallett Cove 5158, O'halloran Hill 5158, Sheidow Park 5158, Trott Park 5158, Aberfoyle Park 5159, Chandlers Hill 5159, Flagstaff Hill 5159, Happy Valley 5159, Lonsdale 5160, Reynella 5161, Morphett Vale 5162, Woodcroft 5162, Hackham 5163, Hackham West 5163, Huntfield Heights 5163, Onkaparinga Hills 5163, Christie Downs 5164, Christies Beach 5165, Christies Beach North 5165, O'sullivan Beach 5166, Port Noarlunga 5167, Noarlunga Centre 5168, Noarlunga Downs 5168, Old Noarlunga 5168, Moana 5169, Seaford 5169, Seaford Heights 5169, Seaford Meadows 5169, Seaford Rise 5169, Maslin Beach 5170, Regency Park 5942, Adelaide Airport 5950, Export Park 5950, Perth 6000, Highgate 6003, Northbridge 6003, East Perth 6004, Kings Park 6005, West Perth 6005, North Perth 6006, Leederville 6007, West Leederville 6007, Daglish 6008, Shenton Park 6008, Subiaco 6008, Broadway Nedlands 6009, Crawley 6009, Dalkeith 6009, Nedlands 6009, Claremont 6010, Claremont North 6010, Karrakatta 6010, Mount Claremont 6010, Swanbourne 6010, Cottesloe 6011, Peppermint Grove 6011, Mosman Park 6012, Floreat 6014, Jolimont 6014, Wembley 6014, City Beach 6015, Glendalough 6016, Mount Hawthorn 6016, Osborne Park 6017, Churchlands 6018, Doubleview 6018, Gwelup 6018, Innaloo 6018, Karrinyup 6018, Woodlands 6018, Scarborough 6019, Wembley Downs 6019, Carine 6020, Marmion 6020, North Beach 6020, Sorrento 6020, Watermans Bay 6020, Balcatta 6021, Stirling 6021, Hamersley 6022, Duncraig 6023, Glengarry 6023, Greenwood 6024, Warwick 6024, Craigie 6025, Hillarys 6025, Kallaroo 6025, Padbury 6025, Kingsley 6026, Woodvale 6026, Beldon 6027, Connolly 6027, Edgewater 6027, Heathridge 6027, Joondalup 6027, Mullaloo 6027, Ocean Reef 6027, Burns Beach 6028, Currambine 6028, Iluka 6028, Kinross 6028, Trigg 6029, Clarkson 6030, Merriwa 6030, Mindarie 6030, Quinns Rocks 6030, Ridgewood 6030, Tamala Park 6030, Banksia Grove 6031, Carramar 6031, Neerabup 6031, Nowergup 6032, Carabooda 6033, Eglinton 6034, Yanchep 6035, Butler 6036, Jindalee 6036, Two Rocks 6037, Alkimos 6038, Caraban 6041, Gabbadah 6041, Guilderton 6041, Wilbinga 6041, Woodridge 6041, Seabird 6042, Breton Bay 6043, Ledge Point 6043, Karakin 6044, Lancelin 6044, Nilgen 6044, Wedge Island 6044, Coolbinia 6050, Menora 6050, Mount Lawley 6050, Maylands 6051, Bedford 6052, Inglewood 6052, Bayswater 6053, Ashfield 6054, Bassendean 6054, Eden Hill 6054, Kiara 6054, Lockridge 6054, Caversham 6055, Guildford 6055, Hazelmere 6055, Henley Brook 6055, South Guildford 6055, West Swan 6055, Baskerville 6056, Bellevue 6056, Boya 6056, Greenmount 6056, Helena Valley 6056, Herne Hill 6056, Jane Brook 6056, Koongamia 6056, Middle Swan 6056, Midland 6056, Midvale 6056, Millendon 6056, Red Hill 6056, Stratton 6056, Swan View 6056, Viveash 6056, Woodbridge 6056, High Wycombe 6057, Maida Vale 6057, Forrestfield 6058, Dianella 6059, Dog Swamp 6060, Joondanna 6060, Tuart Hill 6060, Yokine 6060, Balga 6061, Mirrabooka 6061, Nollamara 6061, Westminster 6061, Embleton 6062, Morley 6062, Noranda 6062, Beechboro 6063, Alexander Heights 6064, Girrawheen 6064, Koondoola 6064, Marangaroo 6064, Ashby 6065, Darch 6065, Gnangara 6065, Hocking 6065, Jandabup 6065, Kingsway 6065, Landsdale 6065, Lexia 6065, Madeley 6065, Mariginiup 6065, Melaleuca 6065, Pearsall 6065, Pinjar 6065, Sinagra 6065, Tapping 6065, Wangara 6065, Wanneroo 6065, Ballajura 6066, Cullacabardee 6067, Whiteman 6068, Belhus 6069, Brigadoon 6069, Ellenbrook 6069, Ellenbrook East 6069, The Vines 6069, Upper Swan 6069, Darlington 6070, Glen Forrest 6071, Hovea 6071, Mahogany Creek 6072, Mundaring 6073, Sawyers Valley 6074, Bickley 6076, Carmel 6076, Gooseberry Hill 6076, Hacketts Gully 6076, Kalamunda 6076, Lesmurdie 6076, Paulls Valley 6076, Pickering Brook 6076, Piesse Brook 6076, Reservoir 6076, Walliston 6076, Parkerville 6081, Stoneville 6081, Mount Helena 6082, Gidgegannup 6083, Morangup 6083, Bullsbrook 6084, Chittering 6084, Lower Chittering 6084, Malaga 6090, Burswood 6100, Lathlain 6100, Victoria Park 6100, Carlisle 6101, East Victoria Park 6101, Bentley 6102, St James 6102, Rivervale 6103, Ascot 6104, Belmont 6104, Redcliffe 6104, Cloverdale 6105, Kewdale 6105, Perth Airport 6105, Welshpool 6106, Beckenham 6107, Cannington 6107, Kenwick 6107, Queens Park 6107, Wattle Grove 6107, Wilson 6107, Thornlie 6108, Maddington 6109, Orange Grove 6109, Gosnells 6110, Huntingdale 6110, Martin 6110, Southern River 6110, Canning Mills 6111, Champion Lakes 6111, Karragullen 6111, Kelmscott 6111, Roleystone 6111, Westfield 6111, Armadale 6112, Bedfordale 6112, Brookdale 6112, Forrestdale 6112, Mount Nasura 6112, Mount Richon 6112, Seville Grove 6112, Wungong 6112, Oakford 6121, Oldbury 6121, Byford 6122, Cardup 6122, Darling Downs 6122, Karrakup 6122, Mundijong 6123, Whitby 6123, Jarrahdale 6124, Hopeland 6125, Mardella 6125, Serpentine 6125, Keysbrook 6126, Langford 6147, Lynwood 6147, Parkwood 6147, Ferndale 6148, Riverton 6148, Rossmoyne 6148, Shelley 6148, Bull Creek 6149, Leeming 6149, Bateman 6150, Murdoch 6150, Winthrop 6150, Kensington 6151, South Perth 6151, Como 6152, Karawara 6152, Manning 6152, Salter Point 6152, Waterford 6152, Applecross 6153, Ardross 6153, Brentwood 6153, Canning Bridge Applecross 6153, Mount Pleasant 6153, Alfred Cove 6154, Booragoon 6154, Myaree 6154, Canning Vale 6155, Canning Vale South 6155, Willetton 6155, Attadale 6156, Melville 6156, Willagee 6156, Willagee Central 6156, Bicton 6157, Palmyra 6157, East Fremantle 6158, North Fremantle 6159, Fremantle 6160, Rottnest Island 6161, Beaconsfield 6162, South Fremantle 6162, White Gum Valley 6162, Bibra Lake 6163, Coolbellup 6163, Hamilton Hill 6163, Hilton 6163, Kardinya 6163, North Lake 6163, O'connor 6163, Samson 6163, Spearwood 6163, Atwell 6164, Aubin Grove 6164, Banjup 6164, Beeliar 6164, Hammond Park 6164, Jandakot 6164, South Lake 6164, Success 6164, Yangebup 6164, Hope Valley 6165, Naval Base 6165, Coogee 6166, Henderson 6166, Munster 6166, Wattleup 6166, Anketell 6167, Bertram 6167, Calista 6167, Casuarina 6167, Kwinana Beach 6167, Kwinana Town Centre 6167, Mandogalup 6167, Medina 6167, Orelia 6167, Parmelia 6167, Postans 6167, The Spectacles 6167, Wandi 6167, Cooloongup 6168, East Rockingham 6168, Garden Island 6168, Hillman 6168, Peron 6168, Rockingham 6168, Safety Bay 6169, Shoalwater 6169, Waikiki 6169, Warnbro 6169, Leda 6170, Wellard 6170, Baldivis 6171, Port Kennedy 6172, Secret Harbour 6173, Golden Bay 6174, Singleton 6175, Karnup 6176, Myara 6207, Nambeelup 6207, North Dandalup 6207, Solus 6207, Whittaker 6207, Blythewood 6208, Fairbridge 6208, Meelon 6208, Nirimba 6208, North Yunderup 6208, Oakley 6208, Pinjarra 6208, Point Grey 6208, Ravenswood 6208, South Yunderup 6208, West Pinjarra 6208, Barragup 6210, Bouvard 6210, Clifton 6210, Coodanup 6210, Dawesville 6210, Dudley Park 6210, Erskine 6210, Falcon 6210, Furnissdale 6210, Greenfields 6210, Halls Head 6210, Herron 6210, Lakelands 6210, Madora Bay 6210, Mandurah 6210, Mandurah East 6210, Mandurah North 6210, Meadow Springs 6210, Parklands 6210, San Remo 6210, Silver Sands 6210, Stake Hill 6210, Wannanup 6210, Banksiadale 6213, Dwellingup 6213, Etmilyn 6213, Holyoake 6213, Inglehope 6213, Marrinup 6213, Teesdale 6213, Birchmont 6214, Coolup 6214, West Coolup 6214, Bunbury 6230, Carey Park 6230, College Grove 6230, Dalyellup 6230, Davenport 6230, East Bunbury 6230, Gelorup 6230, Glen Iris 6230, Pelican Point 6230, South Bunbury 6230, Usher 6230, Vittoria 6230, Withers 6230, Bunbury 6231, Eaton 6232, Millbridge 6232, Australind 6233, Binningup 6233, Leschenault 6233, Parkfield 6233, Wellesley 6233, Perth St Georges Tce 6831, Perth East St Georges Tce 6832, Perth 6837, Perth 6838, Perth 6839, Perth 6840, Perth 6841, Perth 6842, Perth 6843, Perth 6844, Perth 6845, Perth 6846, Perth 6847, Perth 6848, Perth Bc 6849, Cloisters Square 6850, Northbridge 6865, West Perth 6872, East Perth 6892, West Leederville 6901, Leederville 6902, Leederville 6903, Subiaco 6904, Northlands 6905, North Perth 6906, Nedlands 6907, Nedlands 6909, Claremont 6910, Cottesloe 6911, Mosman Park 6912, Wembley 6913, Balcatta 6914, Mount Hawthorn 6915, Osborne Park 6916, Osborne Park Dc 6916, Osborne Park 6917, Innaloo 6918, Joondalup Dc 6919, North Beach 6920, Karrinyup 6921, Scarborough 6922, Hillarys 6923, Greenwood 6924, Walliston Dc 6925, Kalamunda 6926, Mount Lawley 6929, Maylands 6931, Inglewood 6932, Bayswater 6933, Bassendean 6934, Guildford 6935, Midland Dc 6936, Tuart Hill 6939, Mirrabooka 6941, Bassendean Dc 6942, Morley 6943, Malaga 6944, Malaga Dc 6945, Wanneroo 6946, Wangara Dc 6947, South Perth 6951, Como 6952, Applecross 6953, Booragoon 6954, Willetton 6955, Melville 6956, Palmyra 6957, Royal Australian Navy Warships 6958, Fremantle 6959, Myaree Bc 6960, Palmyra Dc 6961, Hamilton Hill 6963, Success 6964, Bibra Lake Dc 6965, Kwinana 6966, Rockingham Dc 6967, Rockingham 6968, Rockingham Beach 6969, Canning Vale Dc 6970, Victoria Park 6979, East Victoria Park 6981, Bentley 6982, Bentley Dc 6983, Belmont 6984, Cloverdale 6985, Welshpool Dc 6986, Cannington 6987, Thornlie 6988, Maddington 6989, Gosnells 6990, Kelmscott 6991, Armadale 6992, Kelmscott Dc 6997, Glebe 7000, Hobart 7000, Mount Stuart 7000, North Hobart 7000, West Hobart 7000, Hobart 7001, North Hobart 7002, Battery Point 7004, South Hobart 7004, Dynnyrne 7005, Sandy Bay 7005, Sandy Bay 7006, Mount Nelson 7007, Tolmans Hill 7007, Lenah Valley 7008, New Town 7008, Derwent Park 7009, Lutana 7009, Moonah 7009, Dowsing Point 7010, Elwick 7010, Glenorchy 7010, Goodwood 7010, Montrose 7010, Rosetta 7010, Austins Ferry 7011, Berriedale 7011, Chigwell 7011, Claremont 7011, Collinsvale 7012, Glenlusk 7012, Geilston Bay 7015, Lindisfarne 7015, Rose Bay 7015, Risdon Vale 7016, Grasstree Hill 7017, Honeywood 7017, Old Beach 7017, Otago 7017, Tea Tree 7017, Bellerive 7018, Howrah 7018, Montagu Bay 7018, Mornington 7018, Rosny 7018, Rosny Park 7018, Tranmere 7018, Warrane 7018, Clarendon Vale 7019, Rokeby 7019, Clifton Beach 7020, Sandford 7020, Lauderdale 7021, South Arm 7022, Opossum Bay 7023, Cremorne 7024, Dulcot 7025, Richmond 7025, Campania 7026, Colebrook 7027, Apsley 7030, Bagdad 7030, Bothwell 7030, Bridgewater 7030, Brighton 7030, Broadmarsh 7030, Dromedary 7030, Dysart 7030, Elderslie 7030, Gagebrook 7030, Granton 7030, Interlaken 7030, Jericho 7030, Kempton 7030, Lower Marshes 7030, Mangalore 7030, Melton Mowbray 7030, Miena 7030, Pelham 7030, Pontville 7030, Shannon 7030, Steppes 7030, Waddamana 7030, Kingston 7050, Kingston Beach 7050, Kingston 7051, Blackmans Bay 7052, Bonnet Hill 7053, Taroona 7053, Barretta 7054, Coningham 7054, Electrona 7054, Fern Tree 7054, Howden 7054, Leslie Vale 7054, Margate 7054, Neika 7054, Ridgeway 7054, Snug 7054, Tinderbox 7054, Huntingfield 7055, Catamaran 7109, Crabtree 7109, Cradoc 7109, Glaziers Bay 7109, Glen Huon 7109, Glendevie 7109, Grove 7109, Hastings 7109, Huonville 7109, Judbury 7109, Lonnavale 7109, Lower Longley 7109, Lucaston 7109, Lune River 7109, Lymington 7109, Mountain River 7109, Petcheys Bay 7109, Raminea 7109, Ranelagh 7109, Southport 7109, Strathblane 7109, Waterloo 7109, Wattle Grove 7109, Woodstock 7109, Abels Bay 7112, Cygnet 7112, Deep Bay 7112, Eggs And Bacon Bay 7112, Garden Island Creek 7112, Gardners Bay 7112, Nicholls Rivulet 7112, Randalls Bay 7112, Verona Sands 7112, Franklin 7113, Cairns Bay 7116, Castle Forbes Bay 7116, Geeveston 7116, Police Point 7116, Port Huon 7116, Surges Bay 7116, Dover 7117, Stonor 7119, Andover 7120, Antill Ponds 7120, Baden 7120, Lemont 7120, Levendale 7120, Mount Seymour 7120, Oatlands 7120, Parattah 7120, Pawtella 7120, Rhyndaston 7120, Stonehenge 7120, Tiberias 7120, Tunbridge 7120, Tunnack 7120, Whitefoord 7120, Woodbury 7120, Woodsdale 7120, York Plains 7120, Strathgordon 7139, Black Hills 7140, Boyer 7140, Bradys Lake 7140, Bronte Park 7140, Bushy Park 7140, Butlers Gorge 7140, Dee 7140, Derwent Bridge 7140, Ellendale 7140, Fentonbury 7140, Fitzgerald 7140, Glenfern 7140, Glenora 7140, Gretna 7140, Hamilton 7140, Hayes 7140, Hollow Tree 7140, Karanja 7140, Lachlan 7140, Lake St Clair 7140, Macquarie Plains 7140, Magra 7140, Malbina 7140, Maydena 7140, Molesworth 7140, Moogara 7140, Mount Field 7140, Mount Lloyd 7140, National Park 7140, New Norfolk 7140, Osterley 7140, Ouse 7140, Plenty 7140, Rosegarland 7140, Sorell Creek 7140, Strickland 7140, Tarraleah 7140, Tyenna 7140, Uxbridge 7140, Victoria Valley 7140, Wayatinah 7140, Westerway 7140, Adventure Bay 7150, Allens Rivulet 7150, Alonnah 7150, Barnes Bay 7150, Dennes Point 7150, Gordon 7150, Great Bay 7150, Kaoota 7150, Killora 7150, Longley 7150, Lunawanna 7150, Oyster Cove 7150, Pelverata 7150, Sandfly 7150, Simpsons Bay 7150, Upper Woodstock 7150, Casey 7151, Davis 7151, Macquarie 7151, Macquarie Island 7151, Mawson 7151, Kettering 7155, Birchs Bay 7162, Woodbridge 7162, Flowerpot 7163, Middleton 7163, Acton Park 7170, Cambridge 7170, Mount Rumney 7170, Roches Beach 7170, Seven Mile Beach 7170, Midway Point 7171, Penna 7171, Nugent 7172, Orielton 7172, Pawleena 7172, Sorell 7172, Wattle Hill 7172, Carlton 7173, Connellys Marsh 7173, Dodges Ferry 7173, Forcett 7173, Lewisham 7173, Primrose Sands 7173, Copping 7174, Bream Creek 7175, Marion Bay 7175, Kellevie 7176, Dunalley 7177, Murdunna 7178, Eaglehawk Neck 7179, Taranna 7180, Port Arthur 7182, Highcroft 7183, Nubeena 7184, Stormlea 7184, Premaydena 7185, Saltwater River 7186, Koonya 7187, Apslawn 7190, Buckland 7190, Cranbrook 7190, Little Swanport 7190, Maria Island 7190, Orford 7190, Runnymede 7190, Spring Beach 7190, Swansea 7190, Triabunna 7190, Strahan 7468,

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Wills, Estates & Probate Law & Lawyers Updates

What Is an Advanced Care Directive?

Tue, 12 Oct 2021 11:43:20 -0500

None of us want to think about being so severely injured that we become incapacitated. In the event that a tragedy like this happens, it's recommended that you have an advanced health care directive in place.

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What Is an Estate Plan and Why Do You Need One?

Thu, 24 Oct 2019 18:27:49 -0500

Estate planning isn't just making a will in case of your untimely demise. It is preparing for any situation in which you are incapacitated and ensures your affairs are in order in case of death.

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Key Persons Involved in Writing a Will in Singapore

Mon, 30 Apr 2018 13:48:05 -0500

Writing a will is an important task for ensuring that loved ones are not burdened by legal and administrative issues in the midst of grieving. However, with all the legal terms, understanding and preparing a will can be tiring. Read on to learn more about the legal terms used to describe the key persons involved in writing a will in Singapore before getting started on writing your will.

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Why Heirs Should Use Advance Inheritance Funds

Sun, 01 Apr 2018 10:19:05 -0500

Inheritance cash advances provides financial support to heirs entitled to assets found locked until the probate process is over. Assets can consist of real estate, financial holdings, businesses, automobiles, and personal belongings such as jewelry, household items, antiques, art work or vehicles. There are many reasons why a heir would consider loan against inheritance a good solution. Find out the top reasons to select this payment option and skip waiting for probate.

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Typical Will Exclusions

Wed, 22 Nov 2017 07:01:14 -0600

A will is a document in which the testator wishes to distribute assets, properties and taking care of persons. It is a very good idea to make a will, just to make sure that all your belongings end in the right hands after your death. You must sign the will in the presence of a witness. In order for a will to be valid, it must follow specific guidelines. This also means that certain items and valuables will not be included in the will. Find out more about the typical will exclusions.

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Why You Should Have A Will

Wed, 01 Nov 2017 08:27:00 -0500

Having a will is one of the most important things you can do to protect your family and loved ones in the tragic event of your death. Not only can a will legally protect your spouse, children, and assets, it can also arrange exactly how you would like things handled after your passing. Find out the top reasons you should have a will:

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Will Lawyers and Their Role in Our Lives

Thu, 26 Oct 2017 08:54:59 -0500

The term 'will lawyer' is self explanatory. The job of a will lawyer is to help you write your will, so that all your wishes are word by word followed, even when you are gone.

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What Are Inheritance Loans And How To Access Them

Wed, 21 Jun 2017 20:17:16 -0500

When a person dies and leaves behind a will, a complicated financial and juridical process will be initiated. Entitled authorities will analyze the case and item and properties distribution will be made according to the will.

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When You Should Contest The Will

Wed, 21 Jun 2017 20:16:42 -0500

When what you inherit after a long time of devotion and care are just scrambles, life may seem to be very bitter. If the will seems unfair and you want to fight for your rights and inheritance, you should hire a lawyer and discuss further options.

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Will Disputes Lawyers

Mon, 28 Nov 2016 13:19:50 -0600

Usually, will disputes happen when one of the beneficiaries has a conflict about how the property is going to be distributed. Normally, one of the beneficiaries brings up the dispute. However, a third party may also file the dispute and their name may not be mentioned in the will. If you want to know more about this subject, you may want to read through this article. This article gives some examples of will disputes and the best ways to handle them.

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Who Can Challenge a Will in the UK?

Tue, 16 Aug 2016 09:45:05 -0500

In the UK, an individual is entitled to leave their estate to whomever they choose. They can leave it to charity, to an individual or put it in a Trust. It is their choice. However, finding out you've been left out of a Will can be extremely distressing, both emotionally and, in some cases, financially. The law does provide protection for certain individuals, such as those who are financially dependent on the deceased. In order to challenge a Will you must have shared a certain relationship with the deceased.

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All You Need to Know About Probate

Tue, 10 May 2016 07:32:56 -0500

When you see the dead body of your loved one, you are in a terrible state of shock. No doubt you have got nothing to do with the property, the money and the inheritance that you have been assigned with, deep down inside, you know that you must go on and live your life with a smile after a few days. After all, no one can control death and the things that are beyond your control make you surrender in life.

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What Is Probate in Relation to a Will?

Tue, 23 Feb 2016 11:15:35 -0600

A will is a legal document that outlines what one would want to happen after their death in terms of their funeral, care for their children and most important of all, distribution of their estate. When a person dies having drafted their will, they are said to have died testate in legal terms. The opposite of this would be dying intestate.

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Plan For Your Last Big Event - Death

Thu, 31 Dec 2015 15:37:40 -0600

Our culture is shy about death, yet it is inevitable. Why not consider it a natural event to be planned for such as birth. Consider this article as a step in the right direction in welcoming and planning for this once in a lifetime event.

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Succession Law in Israel - Inheritance by Law

Tue, 08 Dec 2015 10:15:19 -0600

Most people prefer not to dwell on this subject, but the fact is that life is transient. Upon the death of an individual, the fate of their property must be decided. Inheritance is the universal practice of passing on property, as well as rights, obligations, debts and even titles.

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Inheritance Law in Israel Inheritance by Will in Israel

Tue, 08 Dec 2015 10:13:49 -0600

Inheritance in Israel is governed by the Succession Law of 1965 ('Succession Law'). According to the law, a person's estate passes on to his or her heirs upon death. This may happen in one of two ways: by will or by law.

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Succession and Wills Regulations in Cyprus

Tue, 10 Nov 2015 09:53:28 -0600

Cyprus Succession and Wills Law, Cap. 195 and how the new EU legislation 650/2012 supports cross-border succession. In Cyprus, an individual can distribute his/her estate by drafting a Will. In case, a deceased person had not prepared a Will during his/her lifetime then his/her estate will be distributing according to the Cyprus Wills and Succession Law, Cap. 195. Precisely, the distribution of an estate could be regulated by a Will or according to the Law or both.

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5 Reasons to Have a Will

Fri, 30 Oct 2015 09:28:30 -0500

You know you're going to die sooner or later. You probably even know who you'd like to get your money and your stuff. But, are you one of the 2 out of 5 Americans over the age of 45 who doesn't have a will? Here are 5 reasons to get that will written.

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A Solution For Beneficiaries Needing Quick Finance - Probate Loans

Thu, 29 Oct 2015 10:08:31 -0500

The initial excitement that occurs when you come to know about receiving some inheritance stays just for a short duration because the excitement turns into impatience on realizing that the process is taking too long. Understanding the working of probate loans help if you are a possible heir.

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All There Is To Know About Probate And Wills

Thu, 29 Oct 2015 10:05:12 -0500

The inheritance of property is not a simple procedure. You may have written your Will already and assume that when you are no more the property and everything you own will automatically be passed over to the person indicated in your Will. Unfortunately legal proceedings are not so simple.

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A Brief Overview On Probate Loans

Thu, 29 Oct 2015 10:03:52 -0500

Being named an heir is definitely exciting news. Though exciting when it comes to acquiring the inheritance it could get tiring. The probate process is long and tiresome. Ensuring and confirming the heir and passing on the property of the deceased to the deserving person is done through the process of probate.

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Why You Need a Wills Lawyer

Tue, 29 Sep 2015 13:54:54 -0500

If you have decided to make a will, but you are not sure how you are going to create it, you have just two options: you can do it by yourself or you can hire an experienced wills lawyer to help you make a will. Both options have their own distinct advantages; however, making the choice on the right option will depend on your specific needs.

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Estate Planning Myths That May Keep You From Creating a Will

Thu, 17 Sep 2015 12:42:48 -0500

Estate planning is an important step for anyone. There are some myths that force people to think they don't need a will or a trust. However, it is just good practice to ignore these myths and put your wishes in writing.

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Is Your Children's Inheritance At Risk?

Fri, 04 Sep 2015 14:27:59 -0500

When a will is written with future events in mind it can protect your inheritance from divorce, bankruptcy, inheritance tax and from a second marriage. This article covers four common scenarios but it is only through discussing your own situation with a professional will writer and with proper advance planning, that you can ensure that your children's inheritance is safe.

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Reasons Why Inheritance Advice Is A Crucial Requirement

Thu, 27 Aug 2015 08:56:06 -0500

It is the sole responsibility of the person named as the executor to distribute the monies in a responsible manner when there is a situation where the deceased has had a will made. In cases where a solicitor or a bureau is handling the Will then they would have to talk to the beneficiaries in person. This will allow for proper and meticulous payment arrangement in a timely manner.

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Wills And Trusts 101 - Part 2 Of 2: Estate Planning Primer

Wed, 12 Aug 2015 10:59:29 -0500

This week, we start off addressing the need of the every-day person to set up an estate plan. It's likely that many readers shy away at this idea, especially when reading that amorphous word-"estate." And, it's also as likely that many of us think that an estate plan is reserved for those who own multiple homes, a boat, numerous fancy vehicles, and loads of cash and jewelry stored away in some safe deposit box. But, that's not the case.

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Reasons To Hire A Lawyer For Your Will Writing

Tue, 04 Aug 2015 13:18:55 -0500

Family feuds can be dangerous as far as dividing or sharing and managing property and money left by a deceased person is concerned. A will can however make all the difference for those you leave behind when you are gone because you guide them on how to handle everything that you have left behind. Writing a will is therefore very important but you also need to ensure that your will is valid and reasonable. A will lawyer can help you with the process and to guide you as well on your options in decision making, advice on the will and double checking to see that the will interprets your instructions correctly.

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Wills And Trusts 101 - Part 1 Of 2

Fri, 24 Jul 2015 10:36:16 -0500

Wills and trusts are not the same thing. So, what's the difference?

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The Threat to Your Foreign Real Estate

Thu, 23 Jul 2015 15:30:19 -0500

Foreign real estate is an effective asset protection strategy, but it's still vulnerable to legal proceedings. If you don't plan ahead, you could lose your offshore property to a little-known law.

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Wills and Trusts - What Are the Differences?

Wed, 22 Jul 2015 11:06:07 -0500

With a will, it is cheaper to prepare but it can be expensive to probate. In many jurisdictions, according to estate law, this is a legally binding document, which will allow you to give your assets to a designated beneficiary or beneficiaries. Unfortunately, this usually does not happen until after the person of the will dies. A will executor carries out the distribution of their assets. After the creator dies, the will must go through probate.

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What Happens to My Property If I Die Before My Divorce Is Final?

Thu, 16 Jul 2015 15:54:00 -0500

The purpose of this article is to reveal the potential problems that can arise when one spouse dies during the divorce process. Yes, death is a difficult topic to address, especially when coupled with divorce. But, the hard truth is that ignoring it does not make it go away.

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Information About Contesting Wills in Australia

Wed, 15 Jul 2015 06:47:34 -0500

The Family Provision Act of Australia states that spouses, children, parents, or even de facto partners are entitled to file claims for not having been provided for adequately under a Will. You can also argue that the will was unfounded or certain conditions were not correct. Former spouses and de facto partners, grandchildren and step children may be eligible for claims depending on circumstances.

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Do I Need a Will?

Mon, 29 Jun 2015 13:50:56 -0500

It is never a comfortable topic to consider, but everyone has to at some point. Learn whether you need a will to distribute your property when you pass.

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Why Must You Have a Will - Malaysian Perspective

Thu, 07 May 2015 08:53:20 -0500

A will is a tool of financial planning which is only effective when the person who makes it dies. It helps to distribute your estate to your loved one.

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Don't Have A Valid Will? Contact Estate Planning Lawyers Today!

Thu, 07 May 2015 06:35:17 -0500

Don't have a will? Estate planning lawyers can help ensure that your loved ones are taken care of after you're gone.

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How A Tax Attorney Can Help You Take Care Of Your Family After You're Gone

Thu, 07 May 2015 06:26:40 -0500

Don't let the strangers decide the fate of your estate when you shuffle off this mortal coil. Have a tax attorney help you write your last will and testament today. Find out how here.

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Understanding of Probate - The Process of Assets Transfer After a Person's Death

Tue, 05 May 2015 10:03:55 -0500

When someone dies, his or her assets should go through probate. The probate process includes collecting the deceased's assets, paying off liabilities and necessary taxes, and administering property to heirs as per the will.

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5 Simple Tips for Creating Your Own Last Will and Testament

Tue, 27 Jan 2015 09:04:16 -0600

As time continues, many of us quickly start realizing that life will not last forever. The day will eventually come when we take our last breath and say our final goodbye. And when we do, everything we have collected and worked for will be left in the hands of a single document: your Last Will and Testament. But creating a Final Will can be a daunting and expensive task, especially for those who have no legal writing experience. That is why we have come up with this list of five simple tips to help you get started in creating your own Last Will and Testament.

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Why It's Important to Plan Ahead

Wed, 14 Jan 2015 13:08:17 -0600

The former heavyweight boxing champion of the world Mike Tyson once said "everyone steps into the ring with a plan, until they get punched in the mouth." It makes a lot of sense when you think about it. Namely, most of us "think" we have a workable plan in place... until life throws us some sort of curve. Could this be you, especially if a healthcare crisis strikes you or a loved one from out-of-the-blue? With things such as the cost of nursing home care on a steady rise, having some sort of make-shift plan or worse no plan in place at all to protect things like your home and assets can wind up being a tragic oversight.

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Why You Need an Attorney for Estate Planning

Mon, 15 Dec 2014 09:00:02 -0600

Estate planning is an essential responsibility for those who have enough foresight to realize that, well... we will eventually move on to whatever afterlife awaits us and leave our loved ones behind. Estate planning is also a legal procedure and, like most all legal procedures, can be ineffective or even detrimental if not done properly.

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The New Year Is Approaching, What Will Issues and Concerns Will You Resolve?

Mon, 17 Nov 2014 09:11:34 -0600

This article is about which issues people tend to focus on for their New Years Resolutions and/or New Year's Positive Plan. The article is written from a legal perspective and addresses issues that can be resolved with good planning and set you up for a great New Year.

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Superanuation and Your Will

Wed, 29 Oct 2014 06:59:22 -0500

If you are unsure if you are able to receive your partner's superannuation after they have passed away you might want to take a look at this article. The bottom line is to always consult a professional legal advisor but here are a few points to be aware of when preparing a will that you don't want to be contested.

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Main Factors To Consider When Estate Planning

Mon, 13 Oct 2014 11:16:55 -0500

The main reason for undertaking an estate plan is to make sure assets are inherited by the right people, while attracting little tax. The best way to plan for these certainties, namely death and taxes, is through designing an estate plan. Ideally, a lawyer is recommended to help with the planning.

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Will Forms

Wed, 01 Oct 2014 07:35:49 -0500

Will forms and estate planning documents include: Last Will and Testament, revocable living trust, trust agreement and living will. Choosing the correct will form is the first step. It is also very important to know the pitfalls and to avoid them.

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Last Will

Tue, 30 Sep 2014 14:14:07 -0500

The Last Will and Testament is a directive of how you would like your estate to be handled. Guidelines and important tips on how to complete your last will to ensure that your wishes are adhered to.

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The Importance of Estate Planning For Your Peace of Mind

Thu, 18 Sep 2014 09:14:38 -0500

Estate planning is an important process, where you will be legally documenting your assets and property sharing decisions. Your 'Will' will be legally executed by your attorney after your death. Property planning can also be a crucial step to secure your financial future too, as almost all companies have abandoned the pension and retirement plans.

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Avoid the Terry Schiavo Dilemma: Make Sure Your Estate Is in Order

Mon, 15 Sep 2014 11:14:27 -0500

Many people can remember the very public case of Terri Schiavo. For a brief period in time the case gripped the nation. However, had Terri taken a few steps early on, her case would have been like so many others and never been so scrutinized.

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Couple Given Permission to Rip Up Trust Which Had Been Poorly Drafted

Fri, 29 Aug 2014 11:11:51 -0500

A married couple were allowed to destroy a trust which had been badly trusted, when a mistake meant that the wife could not benefit from it. The trust had been set up by her spouse some years ago, in order to be able to provide for his family if he died, using the bank to act as the trustee.

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Ensure That Your Assets Reach the Right Beneficiaries With Estate Planning In Advance

Wed, 20 Aug 2014 07:47:58 -0500

Not many of us take up estate planning as seriously as we should. There is a common misconception among people that planning of estates is meant for only landlords, with wealthy and rich families. Well, that is not the fact!

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The Proper Estate Planning Tips in Case of an Emergency!

Fri, 15 Aug 2014 09:57:39 -0500

The proper legal documents you need to protect your family. Information about how important a will, healthcare power of attorney and living will directive is. Understand how these documents can help your family in a time of great pain and how to have them completed correctly and make it cost-effective!

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Why Making a Will Is An Important Task for Your Family And You

Thu, 31 Jul 2014 07:20:27 -0500

Will making is a legal procedure that will need an expert supervision. Willjini is one of the leading succession service providers who will help you in writing your own legal will with ease.

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The Advantages of Making a Will Which Can Serve As a Catalyst for Preparing It

Tue, 22 Jul 2014 09:39:08 -0500

Like most legal documents, the importance of a will increases with its acceptance amongst authorities. Making a Will is a complete legal procedure and its advantages are many which make the preparation imperative on the part of the owner. But the legal responsibility for making a Will shouldn't be taken in a negative light and procrastinated about. Instead the very advantages of making a Will could be the single greatest catalyst for the preparation of a Will by the owner of the assets. Below are a few of the major advantages of making a Will that could be the catalyst for the owner to prepare it.

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Ensuring The Benefits Of The Non-Emplyee Spouse In A Divorce

Wed, 16 Jul 2014 08:08:29 -0500

Specific instructions regarding distribution of the assets and transfer of the funds are vital for any divorce settlement agreement. In case as per the agreement the couple has agreed for 401K Divorce, the court has to issue a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) that gives instructions regarding payment to be made to the non-employee spouse as the share of the plan benefits. This order provides the provision to separate the retirement account, withdraw money from the same without penalty and deposit the same into the retirement account of the non-employee spouse.

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Making a Will? Read a Short History and the Benefits of Making a Will

Wed, 09 Jul 2014 08:13:11 -0500

Each individual with any asset should make a Will. Even if someone has insurance policy, he/she should make a Will thereby insurance claim can be distributed within family or else all such asset will be distributed as per succession laws.

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What Does an Estate Lawyer Do?

Mon, 23 Jun 2014 10:04:41 -0500

Only 55% of Americans have wills. Most young people do not think they will need a will, or think it unlucky to have one. However, their families need the peace of mind that having a will or trust will provide.

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The Commonwealth of Virginia Advance Health Care Directive Registry

Tue, 22 Apr 2014 14:09:52 -0500

Advance Directives are an important part of end of life planning. The most efficient way to secure an Advance Directive is through a secure, online registry.

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How a Probate Attorney Help Resolve Estate Claims

Thu, 17 Apr 2014 07:48:16 -0500

There comes a time when certain home based issues cannot be solved by family members due to certain differences which prove quite complicated. In such cases a Probate Attorney is hired to come up with reasonable solutions.

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Wills Vs Medical POA: A Will Attorney Explains The Difference

Thu, 03 Apr 2014 08:56:20 -0500

If you don't understand the difference between a living will and a medical power of attorney, you're not alone. Get an explanation from a will attorney so you know what each of these documents do.

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Ways of Contesting a Last Will and Testament With Solutions to Stop It From Happening

Fri, 28 Mar 2014 14:40:03 -0500

One of the worst family situations must be when someone wants to contest a Will. The death of a family member is highly emotional and stressful at the best of times, so having your loved ones Will contested is not ideal.If you are aware of the circumstances in which a Will can be contested, then this will go along way in ensuring that your final wishes will indeed be final.

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The 7 Reasons Why You Need A Last Will and Testament

Wed, 26 Mar 2014 10:38:23 -0500

Many people put off making a Will. Since no one knows when their time is up, I've noted the 7 main reasons why you should. You've worked hard to acquire your assets, don't leave your family unprotected, they'll thank you for it when you've gone!

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Some Information About Breach Of Contract

Thu, 27 Feb 2014 07:51:25 -0600

The contract is nothing, but a legally enforceable agreement entered into between two parties. Each of them makes a guarantee to either perform a duty or pay a particular amount. If one of them do not perform the agreed upon duty or pay, the other party has the liberty to get a legal relief for the same.

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Reasons Why Making a Will Is Important

Tue, 18 Feb 2014 07:35:46 -0600

For most people, making a will is something they'd rather not do because it forces them to confront the reality of death. As such, they keep putting it up until they die without one so to avoid any disputes after you're gone, read on to find out what you need to do to prepare a will to make sure your loved ones are taken care of even when you're no longer there to do it.

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Not All Data Is the Same: Understanding Your Data Privacy Obligations in Legal Outsourcing

Mon, 10 Feb 2014 08:47:45 -0600

Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) arrangements often involve the management of large volumes of personal information about an organization's customers or employees. Often, this information includes highly sensitive information, such as financial and medical data, payroll and benefits information, and even personal social security numbers.

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Why Families With Special Needs Children Need To Set Up A Trust And Guardianship

Mon, 27 Jan 2014 08:43:14 -0600

Special needs children can require specific considerations in your will. Learn about why a special needs trust and guardianship is important for your family.

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Tips From Elder Law Attorneys On Preparing Your Aging Parents For The Future

Mon, 27 Jan 2014 08:42:28 -0600

As your parents age, it's important to plan for the future. Here are some tips to make a sensitive conversation easier.

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Living Wills Review: Five Reasons Why You Must Have A Living Will

Tue, 21 Jan 2014 16:22:00 -0600

Living wills and advance directives have lately become the hot topic of discussion with the case of the brain-dead pregnant women in Texas going to the courts to decide. While her individuals rights versus Texas state law makes for a heated debate, the real question for most Americans and Canadians should be 'What happens if you don't have a living will and the unthinkable happens?'

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Elements And Conditions For A Valid Will

Wed, 15 Jan 2014 06:47:35 -0600

A document that contains the wishes of the person regarding the disposal of the property of such a person is known as Will. The property of a person is distributed among the heirs of the deceased by two methods - by testamentary succession and intestate succession. Intestate succession is the succession where the deceased dies without leaving behind any testament while testamentary succession is when the deceased on dying leaves behind a testament for the disposal of his property.

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3 Reasons Why You Need Estate Attorneys

Tue, 17 Dec 2013 07:33:26 -0600

If you don't think you need estate attorneys, think again! Here are three common situations in which an attorney can help.

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Understanding What Probate Attorneys Can Do For Your Family

Tue, 17 Dec 2013 07:31:30 -0600

If you've never gone through the estate planning process or been through the probate process following a loss in the family, you might not understand just what probate attorneys actually do. Learn more about what you can expect from this type of lawyer and why it's important to have one on your side when you're writing a will and going through probate procedures.

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The Importance of Redoing Your Will at Marriage

Mon, 09 Dec 2013 13:18:10 -0600

If a person dies without protecting his or her current spouse in his or her will, the law will protect the surviving spouse. There are two ways the surviving spouse is protected, 1) if there is a valid will that does not protect the surviving spouse he or she may exercise the spousal elective share (a statute allowing him or her to elect to take a specified portion of the probate estate), 2) if the is no will or the will is found invalid, the surviving spouse will receive an intestate share (statutory system for the division of property without a will).

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5 Important Guardianship Questions To Consider

Tue, 12 Nov 2013 10:05:15 -0600

For anyone with children under the age of 18, establishing legal guardianship in a will is a difficult but vital task. In order to ensure your children are placed in the home of your choosing, here are five important questions to consider.

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The Problems When Families Fall Out Over Inheritances

Thu, 24 Oct 2013 08:21:02 -0500

This article looks at the disputes sometimes caused by families who fall out over inheritances. It examines the case of Philip and Geoffrey Randall to highlight the importance of legal evidence of family circumstances before a member has deceased to determining the outcome of these problematic cases.

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Bona Vacantia - The Unclaimed Millions

Wed, 23 Oct 2013 15:59:12 -0500

This article highlights the problem of 'Bona Vacantia', or vacant goods. It stresses the importance of registering a will so that one's worldly goods do not end up going to the monarchy, as medieval tradition dictates, upon death. By registering a will cheaply and easily, one has the say over where their possessions will go.

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Registering a Will: Much More Than Just Possessions

Wed, 23 Oct 2013 15:37:47 -0500

This article highlights the importance of registering a will. It outlines how wills are not used simply to indicate where one's possessions will end up after death - in fact, it can also enable one to have a say upon preferrences including whether they are buried or cremated. On top of this, wills can assist in avoiding situations where remaining family members are left struggling financially. Otherwise, this can lead to hardship and complications which could have easily been avoided.

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Is a Will Kit a Smart Option?

Fri, 18 Oct 2013 07:30:27 -0500

Using an online Do-it-yourself will kit may seem like a cheap and easy alternative to seeking legal advice from a specialized legal advice but what are the downfalls? This article discusses the potential problems with discount will kits.

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Naming Of Guardianship In Wills

Thu, 10 Oct 2013 07:22:16 -0500

When there are minor children, a Will should always be used to name a guardian(s) of their persons and property. This guardian is who will be taking care of them in your absence and will also have control over their finances, both from you and for their well being. This guardian that you appoint, needless to say, is someone that you must be able to trust completely with your children and someone who will make sure that they are cared for in the way that you have planned.

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Living Wills And Other Advanced Directives - Problems And Perspectives

Wed, 09 Oct 2013 07:34:11 -0500

The 'living will' was the first advance directive and the best known. You use a living will to describe the kind of medical treatments or life-sustaining treatments you would want - or don't want - if you become seriously or terminally ill. But a key point here is that a living will doesn't let you select someone to make decisions for you.

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Introduction to the Power of Attorney Form

Fri, 20 Sep 2013 11:33:45 -0500

A Power of Attorney form refers to a lawful certificate that confirms the formation of a relationship among two persons, called an agent and a principal. This document allows the principal to authorize an agent to work on his behalf. There are many kinds of Power of Attorney.

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The Importance Of A Will: Lawyers Explain Its Necessity

Wed, 04 Sep 2013 08:44:44 -0500

It's easy to overlook the importance of a will, but in its absence, the heirs of an estate could end up in court for years. Without this precaution in place, any number of things could go wrong.

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The Benefits of Contract Management and Abstraction Services

Mon, 26 Aug 2013 11:47:23 -0500

Legal departments and law firms alike have hundreds or thousands of paper contracts stored in file cabinets or saved as spreadsheets. This type of storage system is cumbersome and does not ensure that key dates and payment terms are met and that certain key terms or clauses are implemented.

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What Is Estate Planning and Why Should I Do It?

Thu, 25 Jul 2013 10:32:35 -0500

Everyone tells you that estate planning is a necessity, and yet no one really details exactly what estate planning is or what the goals of planning your estate should be. This article details the what and why of estate planning in Canada.

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Why Estate Planning and Wills Should Be Your Concern Now

Mon, 08 Jul 2013 09:32:02 -0500

Despite the importance of planning one's estate early and with the help of knowledgeable legal representation, many people neglect to complete their will in a timely manner. This article outlines the importance of planning an estate early and with the help of a professional.

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Executor Of Will, Probate And Much More-You Need To Be Attentive About All These Legal Terms

Tue, 25 Jun 2013 13:35:37 -0500

There are some legal terms which should be understood by every citizen. Because, the lack of this knowledge can make you pay heavy penalties. Here, I'm discussing the legal terms in a very simple language to make everyone understand them.

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Ways To Do A Will And Testament

Thu, 13 Jun 2013 14:42:15 -0500

Need to create a Last Will and Testament or thinking about it? This is a succinct and to the point description which outlines the various options that are available for making out your Will and Testament. It gives a simple and straight forward explanation of what you can expect with each of these choices.

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Find Help and Advice in Making a Will

Mon, 03 Jun 2013 14:04:12 -0500

Upon a will being created it is important that none of the members of the will feel that they have been hard done by and that the will is fair to all parties. Obtaining professional assistance will help you understand all of the problems that you could face and find the best way to avoid these problems.

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How to Find a Reliable Estate Planning Lawyer

Thu, 30 May 2013 13:04:36 -0500

An estate planning attorney is your best source if you want professional assistance regarding preparing your will and other important documents. Read this short guide and be informed about how you can find a reliable lawyer in your area.

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Smart Estate Planning: Living Trust or Last Will and Testament

Fri, 17 May 2013 08:39:28 -0500

Living Trust or Last Will and Testament? Which is best for you and why? Smart estate planning begins here.

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The Importance of a Healthcare Proxy and Living Will

Mon, 06 May 2013 11:57:40 -0500

A living will is a legal document that describes your end of life wishes. You create it when you are alive, but it does not become valid until you are in an end of life situation. With a living will your agent(s) have final decision, but it should be made with medical doctors and other healthcare officials to be sure you are given the correct prognosis and so that your agents can make the right decision. You should give a copy of your living will and healthcare proxy to your local hospital, doctor, nursing facility or hospice care agency.

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What Happens If You Die Without Making a Will?

Thu, 02 May 2013 09:06:46 -0500

A person is said to die intestate when no effective will has been left to dispose of the person's property on death. The person may die totally intestate or partially intestate which is when a will disposes of only part of the person's property. In either case, there are rules which define the distribution of the person's property in the absence of an effective will.

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End of Life Decisions That Count

Thu, 28 Mar 2013 16:37:50 -0500

Advance Medical Directive also known by the name of living will, personal directive, or advance healthcare directive is a set of instructions that define the health care parameters in case you are not able to make decisions on your own due to illness or incapacitation. These instructions usually involve the appointment of a person for making health related decisions on behalf of the incapacitated person.

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Estate Planning: More Than Just Having a Will

Thu, 14 Mar 2013 17:34:21 -0500

Preparing for one's death is also about making sure that the property he will leave behind goes to the rightful and deserving persons. To make sure that everything will be in place in case of one's death or incapacity, there has to be careful estate planning.

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Passwords, Calendars and Files, Oh My!

Tue, 12 Mar 2013 09:52:46 -0500

If your spouse were to die tomorrow, would you know their passwords to important online financial data like bank accounts, life insurance or billing? Since we are living in a electronic world, most of our important documents are stored online or in folders in our computer. These accounts use usernames and passwords to secure the information.

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If You Are Concerned About Preparation for Your Will

Thu, 07 Feb 2013 09:48:52 -0600

If you are concerned about preparation for your will - there is hope for you. Many places will prepare with supplies that shall help you legalize the papers for your last will and testament. Having a will has to be done right and you have to use the proper papers for legal wills. Therefore, purchasing will paper is a necessity. This is legal paper which is made specifically for wills. You can also purchase legal stationery and legal office supplies which assist you with planning your will.

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Making of a Will - The Basics

Tue, 05 Feb 2013 11:04:17 -0600

Making of a will is something that anyone can do. Just keep in mind a few key pointers, and don't try and make it too fancy.

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Durable Powers of Attorney in Wills and Estate Planning

Mon, 04 Feb 2013 10:29:00 -0600

Wills, estate planning, living trusts, and powers of attorney are just some legal documents you must draft as soon as possible. These will help you cope with unforeseen circumstances, such as a sudden illness, an accident, a death of a spouse, and other life-changing events.

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Planning for Incapacity: Control Your Fate

Thu, 24 Jan 2013 09:01:32 -0600

Many people consider having a Will, but what if you don't die? Planning for incapacity is just as important as planning for your demise -- maybe even more so. Incapacity can last for a long time. Are you and your loved ones prepared?

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Reasons Why It Is Important to Assign Someone Power of Attorney

Tue, 15 Jan 2013 08:56:21 -0600

Power of attorney (POA) is a written, authorized contract in which an individual, the principal, grants another individual, the agent, the authority to act on the principal's behalf in regard to private, business, or financial decisions. Durable, statutory, and medical are the valuable assortments of power of attorney that are available at present.

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When There's a Will There's a Way

Wed, 09 Jan 2013 14:05:26 -0600

A will and a Testament are the same thing so your Last Will and Testament means it is the last document of declaration of possessions you made - it nullifies all others made before it. The importance of having a will is to enable your family to take control of your affairs when you die. Writing a will is simple and is crucial to your peace of mind and that of your family.

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Living Trusts - Do They Reduce Estate Taxes?

Fri, 21 Dec 2012 11:54:44 -0600

When properly drafted they do! While living trusts have nothing to do with one's real estate tax bills, they can be well crafted to reduce these estate taxes or avoid them entirely. A couple can transfer the ownership of their property into a trust and then act as the trustees of this document. Both the husband and the wife can serve as co-trustees of the property so that when one spouse dies, the other can still be able to manage the living trust and; thus, avoid expensive estate tax bills.

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Wills, Trusts and Probates in Estate Planning

Thu, 20 Dec 2012 14:15:05 -0600

Ask your estate lawyers for assistance in planning your estate. Draw up your last will and testament as early as possible before your death or write a living will when you know you have a terminal illness. Finally, create a revocable living trust to avoid paying expensive fees during the probate process and to transfer properties to your beneficiaries faster.

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Section 12(2), Wills Act, 1936-1975 (S.A.)

by SNL Palk - 1976 - - For England see the Wills Act, 1837, as amended, s.9. For South Australia, see .. of two witnesses as required by s.8, Wills Act, 1936-1940. Nor could the ..

McGowan, Phillip --- "The Succession Act 2006 - An Update" [2008 ..

by P McGowan - de Groots Wills & Estate Lawyers. The Succession Act 2006 (NSW) ("the Act") commenced on 1 March 2008. The Act is the first step by New South Wales ..


Western Australian Consolidated Acts. [Index] [Table] [Search] [Search this Act] [Notes] [Noteup] [Download] [Help]. WILLS ACT 1970 - NOTES ..

Wills Act 1997 - SECT 51 Repeal of Wills Act 1958

Wills Act

1997 - SECT 51. Repeal of Wills Act 1958 51. Repeal of Wills Act 1958 The Wills Act 1958 is repealed. [Index] [Table] [Search] [Notes] [Noteup] ..

Wills Act 1997 - SECT 34 When does a will take effect?

Wills Act

1997 - SECT 34. When does a will take effect? 34. When does a will take effect? (1) A will takes effect, with respect to the property disposed of by the ..


- You should have a good understanding of the Wills Act 1970 (WA) and the Wills Amendment Act 2006. You should have a good understanding and be able to ..

Groves, M --- "As the Court Wills" [2009] UMonashLRS 7

by M Groves - The Wills Act 1997 (Vic) enables the Surpeme Court to make, amend or revoke on a will on behalf of people who are deceased or who cannot ..


MENT) ACT. Act No. 49, 1932. An Act to amend the law relating to wills pro bate and administration; to amend the. Wills Probate and Administration Act,. 1898 ..

imageREAL Capture

an update to the Wills Act. The new Wills Act 1997 has. (finally) come into operation. .. finished a complete annotation of the Wills Act. 1997, to be released as an ..

FAMILY PROVISION ACT - SECT 13 Property subject to power of ..

(c) by virtue of section 35 of the Wills Act that general devise is to be construed as including the real property over which the deceased person had that power of ..


Additional requirements where Part X of the Wills Act 1970 is relevant. (1) Where it appears that Part X of the Wills Act 1970 may apply to any document of a ..


TRUSTEE AND WILLS (EMERGENCY PRO. VISIONS) ACT. Act No. 32, 1940. An Act to facilitate the execution of trusts; to amend the law with respect to the ..


South Australian Consolidated Acts .. Registrar may in certain cases obtain directions of Registrar Division 4--Deposit of wills 13. Wills may be deposited 14.


(e) where, under any will or trust or other disposition, any property would have passed, whether in consequence of section 33 of the Wills Act 1837 of the United ..

WILLS BILL 2000 Second Reading Speech

The purpose of the Wills Bill 2000 is to repeal and replace the Wills Act 1938, as amended, so as to clarify, amend and reform the law in the Northern Territory ..

Books - Leo Cussen Institute


law and legal principles; clear explanations of the relevant legislation; complete text of the Victorian Wills Act 1977. Published 2008 - ISBN 9781921376634 ..


Guardianship and Administration Act 1990 amended 26 111A. Applications under section 40 of the Wills Act 1970 26 2. Inheritance (Family and Dependants ..


1873). Wills Act 1970 s. 3. 12 of 1970. 29 Apr 1970. 1 Jul 1970 (see s. 2 and Gazette 5 Jun 1970 p. 1521). Property Law Act Amendment Act 1971. 19 of 1971 ..

Non-contentious Probate Rules 1967 - 04-c0-01

Rich Text Format - Will not proved under section 9 of Wills Act 1837 13. 20A. Additional requirements where Part X of the Wills Act 1970 is relevant 14. 21. Privileged wills 15. 22.


Wills Act

1997 s. 2 Act No. (i) the capacity of minors to make wills; and (ii) the effects of marriage and divorce of testators on wills made by them; and 5 (b) the ..

Act No. 13, 1898. An Act to consolidate Enactments relating to Wills ..

This Act may be cited as the " Wills, Probate and Adminis tration Act, 1898," and is divided into Parts and Divisions, as follows— i. PART I.—Wills—ss. 4-32.

Legal Practitioners (Non-Contentious Probate Costs) Determination ..

Rich Text Format - (B) an application to prove an informal Will under Part X of the Wills Act 1970. Schedule. Legal Profession Act 2008. Legal Practitioners (Non-Contentious ..


46 of 1991, 18.12.1991. Testator's Family Maintenance Amendment Act 1995, No. 34 of 1995, 1.9.1995. Wills Legislation Amendment Act 1995, No. 68 of 1995 ..


(1) Nothing in rules 15, 16, 17 or 18 applies to any will that it is sought to establish otherwise than by reference to section 8 of the Wills Act 1970 ; but the terms ..

E LAW | The Statute of Frauds in the Digital Age - Maintaining the ..

Evans 2 LJ Ex 19 (signature by seal valid for purposes of Insolvency Act); In Re Byrd Curt 117 (signature by seal invalid for purposes of Wills Act); Schneider v.

Transgender (Anti-Discrimination and Other Acts Amendment) Act ..

5 Amendment of Crimes Act 1900 No 48. 2. 6 Amendment of Wills, Probate and Administration Act. 1898 No 13. 2. 1 Amendment of Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 ..

Wills Act 1997 - SECT 45 Dispositions not to fail because .. - AustLII

Wills Act

1997 - SECT 45. Dispositions not to fail because issue have died before the testator. 45. Dispositions not to fail because issue have died before the ..


Part 1.7 Supreme Court Act 1933 25. Part 1.8 Trustee Companies Act 1947 31. Part 1.9 Wills Act 1968 33. 2010. THE LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY FOR THE ..

imageREAL Capture

the Wills Act 1997: "(1) A Will is not valid unless -. (a) it is in writing and signed by the testator or by some other person, in the presence of, and at the direction of ..

CRIMES ACT 1900 - SECT 135 Stealing, destroying etc wills or ..

New South Wales Consolidated Acts. [Index] [Table] [Search] [Search this Act] .. 135 Stealing, destroying etc wills or codicils. Whosoever steals, or, for any ..

Victorian Consolidated Acts beginning with W ..

Victorian Consolidated Acts beginning with W . .. (MELBOURNE HARBOR TRUST) LAND ACT 1963 · WILLS ACT 1997 · WITNESS PROTECTION ACT 1991 ..


by HAJ Ford - 1964 - Such a covenant need not be in the form required by the Wills Act in order to be valid.' In Fletcher v. Fletcher" Ellis Fletcher by a voluntary deed made in 1829, ..

Western Australia Legal Profession Act 2008 Legal Practitioners ..

Inquiries and submissions under section 277 of the Act 2 Part 3 .. (B) an application to prove an informal Will under Part X of the Wills Act 1970.


(vii) if at the date of execution of the will the testator was less than 18 years of age, whether the applicant relies on section 6 or 20 of the Wills Act 1997 and the ..


Will not executed according to Wills Act 2A.09. Registrar's powers 2A.10. Transitional ORDER 3-APPLICATION FOR ADMINISTRATION WITH WILL ANNEXED ..

Western Australian Consolidated Acts beginning with W ..

Western Australian Consolidated Acts beginning with W . .. WILDLIFE CONSERVATION ACT 1950 · WILLS ACT 1970 · WIRE AND WIRE NETTING ACT 1926 ..


An Act to amend the Wills, Probate and Administration Act 1898 with respect to the execution, rectification and revocation of wills. [Assented to. 18 April 1989] ..

Supreme Court (Chapter III Amendment No. 1) Rules 2009 S.R. No ..

2A.08 Will not executed according to Wills Act r. 7 (1) This Rule applies to an application that the Court admit to probate as the will of a ..


1(3) Current State: All of Act in operation Wills (Interested Witnesses) Act 1977, No. 9044/1977 Assent Date: 22.11.77 Commencement Date: 22.11.77 Current ..


The Wills Act 1936 repealed the following: .. An Act for the amendment of the laws with respect to wills (The Imperial Act 7 Will. .. Wills Act Amendment Act 1940 ..


3 Legislation history. The Wills Act 1968 was originally the Wills Ordinance 1968. It became an ACT Act on self-government (11 May 1989). Before 11 May 1989, ..

Leviathan, by Thomas Hobbes

Therefore, notwithstanding the laws of nature (which every one hath then kept, when he has the will to keep them, when he can do it safely), ..

Wills Amendment (International Wills) Bill 2011 Explanatory ..

Clause 3 provides that in the Bill, the Wills Act 1997 is called the Principal .. Division 6 contains provisions for wills to which foreign laws apply.

Wills and Succession

be familiar with succession principles and the relevant laws and principles relating to succession, wills and intestacy generally; be able to prepare basic wills ..


Application of Act PART 2--CAPACITY AND FORMAL REQUIREMENTS Division 1--Capacity 6. Property that may be disposed of by will 7. Minimum age for ..


Application of Act PART I-GENERAL Division 1-Interpretation 5. Definitions Division 1A-Deposit of wills with registrar 5A. Will may be deposited with registrar 5B.


Name of Act 2. Repeals and savings 3. Definitions PART 1 - WILLS 4-29A. (Repealed) 30. Place of original wills 31. Official copy of whole or part of will may be ..

The Social Contract, by Jean-Jacques Rousseau

In the first case, the will, when declared, is an act of Sovereignty and constitutes law: in the second, it is merely a particular will, or act of ..

Registration of Deeds Act 1856 - 02-e0-01

Rich Text Format - Whereas it is expedient to consolidate and amend the laws relating to the registration of wills, deeds and other instruments affecting real property in the State of ..

LAW00062 Wills and Estates - Southern Cross University (SCU)

Concerned with the law relating to wills and the administration of deceased estates. .. LAW00130 - Introduction to Law and Contract OR LAW00111 - Legal ..


ADMINISTRATION AND PROBATE ACT 1919 .. Wills may be deposited 14. .. Proceedings for probate on death of testator where will has been deposited ..

WILLS ACT (Repealed)

[This Act commenced on 06 March 1990 and was repealed by the WILLS ACT 2000, NO. 59 which .. This Act may be cited as the Wills Act. (See back note 1) 2.

RMIT - Wills and Succession

Knowledge of the sources of the laws relating to wills and succession planning, how they is made and developed, and of the institutions that administer them ..

_01-2008_ BURNS F_Key Aspects of the Succession Act ..

Uniform Succession Laws' Report on the Law of Wills and, later, a NSW Law Reform .. the model bill to bring NSW legislation into line with the wills legislation of ..

WILLS BILL 2000 Second Reading Speech

The purpose of the Wills Bill 2000 is to repeal and replace the Wills Act 1938, .. Wills legislation affects everyone and underpins many social arrangements.


However, these often require legal assistance and, therefore, may not be available to individuals with lower incomes. Also, they are often inadequate. Wills ..


Interests as joint tenants, &c., under wills of testators dying before commencement of Act 63. 63. 64. 64. Power of Court to make orders for due administration of ..

Natural law and will in Ockham

God may have willed from eternity a kind of detailed schedule according to which moral laws will be suspended or even changed on various dates, just as ..

Citation and Abbreviations - Free legal resources for the Public ..

If you are required to cite one of the legal encyclopaedia we have online you will need to follow the format specified in AGLC3 except you will ..

E Law: Lange v ABC: the High Court rethinks the ..

by S Walker - - Whether a defendant will rely on s 22 of the Defamation Act 1974 (NSW) or on the Lange form of qualified privilege, when it is available, will depend upon ..

Bachelor of Laws | Victoria University | Melbourne Australia

This course will provide you with a range of legal professional skills, such as advocacy, ethical judgement, communication, legal research and writing, ..

Debts Recovery Act 1830 (Imp) - 01-00-04

Rich Text Format - Debts Recovery Act 1830 (Imp). CONTENTS. [1.] Recited Acts repealed 2. 2. For remedying frauds committed on creditors by wills 2. 3. Enabling creditors to ..


(Repealed) Division 5A - Proceedings under sections 13, 15A and 29A of the former Wills Act or sections 10 and 27 of the Succession Act 78.34A. Form of ..

Bachelor of Laws (Graduate Entry) | Victoria University | Melbourne ..

In calculating the GPA, those Bachelor of Laws units successfully completed by the student will be ranked in order commencing with 8 point ..

Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Business (International Trade ..

In calculating the GPA, those Bachelor of Laws units successfully completed by the student will be ranked in order commencing with 8 point ..

UNSW Handbook Course - Succession - LAWS3393

Note: as the course has been reduced from 8 UOC to 6 UOC there will be less emphasis on the Legal Personal Representative and Administration of Assets ..

Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Arts | Victoria University | Melbourne ..

In calculating the GPA, those Bachelor of Laws units successfully completed by the student will be ranked in order commencing with 8 point ..

Master of Applied Law Programs - College of Law

Unlike an LLM, these masters of law courses focus on the practical delivery of legal services in their areas of specialisation. These programs will appeal to: ..


in relation to natural law, the thesis that the laws of nature bind as laws only because they are imposed on us as laws by God's will;. the thesis that the content of ..

Wills Amendment Bill 2006 EXPLANATORY MEMORANDUM The ..

PART 2 WILLS ACT 1970 AMENDED Clause 3 The Act amended Clause 3 .. Clause 4 Section 4 amended 2 Clause 4 amends section 4 of the Wills Act 1970 ..


Power of Public Trustee to act on certificates issued by proper officers in other jurisdictions 32. Public Trustee may open and deliver up wills 33. Personal effects ..

ANU - STUDYAT - Succession

Course Subject: Laws. Offered in: LAWS2236 will not be offered in 2012 .. While the course concentrates on the law of the ACT, students will also frequently ..


Validity of will or other instrument made under order 28. Relationship with Guardianship and Administration Act 2000 and Powers of Attorney Act 1998 ..

Griffith University | 7154LAW: Wills and Estates Practice

This course will provide an introduction to the legislative framework relevant to the relationship between substantive succession law and legal practice in the ..

The System of those Laws Which Require No .. - eBooks@Adelaide

For an object of any act of my will, is something that it would be physically within my power to use. Now, suppose there were things that by right ..

The Broken Heart, by John Ford

Yes, and the king himself impórtun'd Crotolon For a dispatch. Crotolon. Kings may command; their wills. Are laws not to be questioned. Ithocles.

Wills Act 1997 - SECT 16 Can a revoked will be revived?

Wills Act

1997 - SECT 16. Can a revoked will be revived? 16. Can a revoked will be revived? (1) A will or part of a will which has been revoked is revived by ..

An Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation, by ..

The phrase is, that the will of these persons concurs not with the act; that they have no vicious will; or, that they have not the free use of their will.

Leviathan, by Thomas Hobbes

To avoid both these rocks, it is necessary to know what are the laws divine. .. 31 Whether men will or not, they must be subject always to the ..

Leviathan, by Thomas Hobbes

.. as their wills (which make the essence of all covenants) were before .. nor the effect of the laws, but of the unrevealed will and of the power of ..

WINTER 2011 - University of Sydney

- Candidates will be expected to achieve a thorough knowledge and understanding of the basic legal principles of the law of Succession, and to demonstrate an ..

Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Business | Victoria University ..

In calculating the GPA, those Bachelor of Laws units successfully completed by the student will be ranked in order commencing with 8 point ..


Schedule 1 of the Act will commence on a single day to be fixed by Proclamation, .. Items 1, 2 and 30 of Schedule 2 will commence on the 28th day after the Act ..

New South Wales Consolidated Acts

This database contains consolidated legislation of the State of New South Wales. .. Any amendments made since the date of the last receipt of data will not be ..

Face-to-Face Seminars - College of Law

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20 February


Supreme Court: The Essential Guide to Practice and Procedure




21 February


The ABC of Will Drafting Also satisfies Rule ..




E Law: Same-Sex Relationships In Western Australia

by CN Kendall - - The Inheritance (Family and Dependents Provision) Act; Why you need both a Power of Attorney and a Will. Superannuation; Appendices. Appendix A: Sample ..

SUCCESSION BILL 2006 Explanatory Notes

Those recommendations were endorsed by the New South Wales Law Reform Commission in Report 85 (1998) Uniform Succession Laws: The Law of Wills.

Unit Outline - LAW4615 Commercial Practice, Conveyancing ..

leases and licences;; securities and mortgages;; guaranties and indemnities;; the sale and purchase of a business;; resources;; planning laws;; wills and ..

Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Business (Event Management ..

In calculating the GPA, those Bachelor of Laws units successfully completed by the student will be ranked in order commencing with 8 point ..

Wills and the Administration of Estates | Victoria University ..

The unit of study content will include: Intestacy and the administration and .. not made a Will; Testamentary capacity and intention; The legal requirements for the ..

UTS: 76517 Succession - Law, UTS Handbook

The subject will concentrate on the law of New South Wales. References will be made to other laws where appropriate. The prescribed reading and proposed ..

Non-contentious Probate Rules 1967 - 04-c0-01

Rich Text Format - Attempted revocation of will 13. 19. Affidavit as to due execution, terms, etc., of will 13. 20. Will not proved under section 9 of Wills Act 1837 13. 20A. Additional ..

Act on the General Rules of Application of Laws

This law shall provide the general rules for the application of laws. ... xvi Choice of law rules for maintenance obligations and formalities of wills are provided ..


by M SHIRCORE - See also Radford v Ward (1990) ATR 81-064; Wills v Bell [2002] QCA 419. 42. Law Reform (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1965 (NSW) pt 3; Law Reform Act ..

A tolerant society?

Pauline Ridge points out that appeals against wills can be carried out under the Family Provision Act 1982, whereby the applicant can challenge the distribution ..

Every player wins a prize? Family provision applications and ..

by M McGregor-Lowndes - 2008 - - in wills, including qualitative research relating to the practical issues arising with both legal practitioners and charities' bequest officers. In recent years ..

LEC - Subject Pages - Australian Constitutional Law - Useful Links

Australian Government Solicitor, Application of State Laws to the Commonwealth, .. Precision Data Holdings v Wills (1991) 173 CLR 167 ..

ANU - STUDYAT - Advanced Succession Practice

Offered By: Legal Workshop. Academic Career: Graduate Coursework. Course Subject: Laws. Offered in: LAWS8030 will not be offered in 2012. Unit Value: 6 ..

On Track Toward Inclusive Education

by M Aniftos - - struggling to respond to the wide array of students (Wills & Cain, 2002). .. protected by the Education Act 1989, Anti-Discrimination Act 1991, Disability Services ..

Annotated Legal Studies Study Design

Teaching the Legal Studies. Study Design 2011 – 2015. Key knowledge and key skill changes. This document will address some of the key changes to the key ..

Toothless Tiger, Sleeping Dragon: Implied Freedoms, Internet Filters ..

by JM Duffy - 2010 - present plan to implement a mandatory internet filter in Australia. This paper will argue that. Australian law does not possess a developed legal framework to ..

McGowan, Phillip --- "The Succession Act 2006 - An Update" [2008 ..

by P McGowan - de Groots Wills & Estate Lawyers. The Succession Act 2006 (NSW) ("the Act") commenced on 1 March 2008. The Act is the first step by New South Wales ..

Historical Materialism

But it will be said that the general laws of economic life are one and the same, no matter whether they are applied to the present or the past. This Marx directly ..


of a person or a group of people. In general, an act will be 'public' if it is possible for someone other than those directly involved in the act to have seen, heard or ..

natural law

235) quotes the following: "Sin is an act, statement or wish contrary to the eternal law; the eternal law is the divine reason or will of God, commanding the ..


The following Competency Standards for practical legal training for entry level .. At the point of admission, each applicant will thus be expected to provide ..

Criminet - Manslaughter mansl.htm

At one time, the unlawful act could consist of a tort. Later cases established that only criminally unlawful acts will suffice. However, in Howard's Criminal Law, it is ..

The Forfeiture Rule

an application under family provisions legislation,34 and there is even authority to suggest that a killer will be disbarred from a pension.35. While the application ..


Wills Act

1997 s. 2 Act No. (i) the capacity of minors to make wills; and (ii) the effects of marriage and divorce of testators on wills made by them; and 5 (b) the ..

W - Databases - Library guides at Griffith University

It contains all essential information: annotated legislation, prescribed forms, commentary on wills law and practice, grants of probate, estate administration and ..

Students FAQ: How do I get in to Law at Adelaide? (Domestic ..

To gain admission to the Bachelor of Laws, you will need to apply through SATAC's Uniweb. If you already have a Bachelor degree or higher, ..

Holmesglen | Dual: Advanced Diploma of Legal Practice / Diploma ..

Students will be eligible to apply for membership of the Institute of Legal Executives, a professional, non-profit organisation that supports law clerks, legal ..

Wills and Succession - Open Universities Australia

be familiar with succession principles and the relevant laws and principles relating to succession, wills and intestacy generally; be able to prepare basic wills ..

Legal and Risk | Travel Insurance

I will be working for 6 weeks and my family is joining me for a 3 week holiday in the .. AU@acegroup.com and thomas.pontt@adelaide.edu.au in Legal & Risk ..

Commentaries on the Laws of England, by William Blackstone

It is well if the mass of mankind will obey the laws when made, without scrutinizing too nicely into the reasons of making them. But, when law is ..

Commentaries on the Laws of England, by William Blackstone

What act does, or does not, amount to a determination of the will on either side, has formerly been mater of great debate in our courts. But it is ..


by J CASSIDY - 2005 - will assist legal practitioners in identifying those clients who may benefit from .. wills and are matters that all legal practitioners working in the area of wills and ..


by J Dunphy - Private international law-Constitutional law-Rule that courts will not permit the enforcement offoreign revenue laws-Full faith and credit. There is a touch of irony ..


The whole. 17 Vic No 5, An Act to amend the Law with respect to the Execution of Wills. The whole. 26 Vic No 12, Trust Property Act of 1862, Sections 27, 28, 29, ..

TITLE: The Growth In Wills & Estates Law1 DATE: 18 October 2004 ..

Informal wills have only recently been recognised in the Victorian jurisdiction as per the Wills Act 1997. The section relevant to informal wills is s9(1) of the Wills ..

Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Business (Accounting) | Victoria ..

In calculating the GPA, those Bachelor of Laws units successfully completed by the student will be ranked in order commencing with 8 point ..

The doctrine of binding precedent

Microsoft Powerpoint - Eventually the judges began to follow earlier decisions and the rules .. of reasonable care in the preparation or putting up of the products will result in an injury ..

Commentaries on the Laws of England, by William Blackstone

These, and an infinite number of other instances, will better be understood, when we come regularly to consider the rules themselves, to which ..

Comparative law | Australian Law Postgraduate Network

It has been argued that, without an understanding of comparative law, it will be difficult to reconcile different legal systems while protecting and extending human ..

Commentaries on the Laws of England, by William Blackstone

Neither can a felo de se [suicide] make a will of goods and chattels, for they are forfeited by the act and manner of his death; but he may make a ..

UTS: 75403 Commercial and Estate Practice - Law, UTS Handbook

Students will be provided with a subject outline once they enrol in the subject. .. The subject explores the legal practitioner's role in commercial and estate ..

Commentaries on the Laws of England, by William Blackstone

These will therefore require a minute discussion, and demand some .. of remainders, and the reasons upon which those rules are founded. 1.

2501.1 - Course

Special emphasis is placed on legal skills. During their course students will develop skills in advocacy, negotiation, legal drafting and legal research.

The System of those Laws which require Public Promulgation.

by I Kant - 2004 - - Public right embraces the whole of the laws that require to be .. by law, the structure of legislation reared by the others will also be undermined, ..

F7032.1 - Unit

Transactional Legal Practice will focus on meeting the students' needs that, at the point of admission to practice, they will be expected to provide evidence that, ..

UWA Handbooks 2012 - Units - Trusts

An understanding of trusts is important for many areas of legal practice including property law, wills and estate planning, taxation, family law, ..

Design and Planning of Caravan Parks

by Ryan Wills .. This evolution has led to changes in legislation such as the introduction of the Residential Parks Act 1998 to .. Legislations and Regulations ..

Transgender (Anti-Discrimination and Other Acts Amendment) Act ..

5 Amendment of Crimes Act 1900 No 48. 2. 6 Amendment of Wills, Probate and Administration Act. 1898 No 13. 2. 1 Amendment of Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 ..

Commentaries on the Laws of England, by .. - eBooks@Adelaide

Commentaries on the Laws of England, by William Blackstone .. majority of the individuals: this one will may establish rules and orders for the ..

The Second Treatise of Civil Government, by John Locke

Laws politic, ordained for external order and regiment amongst men, are never framed as they should be, unless presuming the will of man to ..

Seeking the Testator's Authentic Voice in Research Using Wills

by P Vines - 2002 - This is well illustrated by conditional wills and the responses of beneficiaries to those conditions. Wills are extensively used for social, legal and historical ..

Law Extension Committee

up the Australian legal system, to the sources of law, and to the Commonwealth and New South Wales constitutions. The matters which will be considered ..

Legal Terminology, Law, Assistant, language, correspondence course

Anyone who works with the law, will encounter and use legal terminology. This includes everyone from law enforcement officers and prison staff to lawyers and ..

The Income Tax Implications of a Foreign Individual Contracting to ..

by M Wills - 1997 - - Where an individual contracts to do business in a non-treaty partner country, he will be at the mercy of that country's domestic tax legislation. As Australia levies ..

Probate Fact Sheet - Supreme Court : Lawlink NSW

Can I apply for probate myself or do I have to use a solicitor? This varies from person to person and depends greatly on the complexity of ..

OPAL - FirstConsolidatedDraft (AP065891.DOC;1)

- Wills And Powers Of Attorney. 3.1 Introduction to Wills. A will is a written statement of the way in which you (the testator) wish to have your property distributed ..

de Groots Wills & Estate Lawyers - Submission: Improving the ..

Our Ref: JK:LFA:20075'l2. Your Ref: 13 January 2009. The Manager. Philanthropy & Exemptions Unit. Personal & Retirement Income Division. The Treasury ..

The Public Trustee - Official Solicitor

The Office of the Official Solicitor was created by the Public Trustee Act 1978. .. Wills, Trusts and Disability Workgroup - this workgroup provides specialist advice ..

Fact Sheet 12 - Legal Services Commissioner : Lawlink NSW

Other documents which cannot be the subject of a lien include wills. Wills cannot be held under a lien because a solicitor holds a will for a client ..

Supreme Court of Western Australia : Probate FAQ

Jump to ‎: You may instruct a lawyer to prepare and file an application ..

Older People and The Law - online guide - Lawlink Corporate ..

Ch 1 - topics. Ch 2 - Taking control of your health care decisions. Ch 2 - word · Ch 2 - pdf. Ch 2 - topics. Ch 3 - Wills and powers of attorney ..

Fact Sheets - Supreme Court : Lawlink NSW

Can the executor's attorney swear affidavits in an application for probate? Who can witness an affidavit in New South Wales and outside the ..


The Probate Rules dated 1 April 1998, which came into operation on 1st July 1998, .. attorney and proctor of the Court who holds a practising certificate issued ..


though Capital Gains tax has entered the field, this abolition has altered the way in which estate planners and probate lawyers prepare wills. 1 ..

Who we are. What we do.

We employ specialist solicitors, accountants and investments staff as well as Wills Officers, Estate Managers and Trust Managers. Our experts represent the best ..

Probate grants

If you have any doubt about your legal position and responsibilities, you should obtain legal advice from a solicitor who specialises in probate work. The Law ..

Supreme Court of Victoria - Probate Office FAQs

the date of the will; and; the name of the person depositing the will. In all cases a fee must be paid to deposit a will. You or your solicitor must attend the Probate ..

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80+ items – Tasmania Online. www.tas.gov.au Contact Disclaimer ..

Abetz Curtis Lawyers


Hobart based law firm, offering commercial, property ..


AIC Tasmania


Representing specialist conveyancers in the state


The Public Trustee - Executor FAQ

Like all trustee companies and solicitors, The Public Trustee charges a fee for .. of the Public Trustee to obtain Probate from the Supreme Court on your behalf.

Supreme Court of Western Australia : Probate


– where a person has died leaving a will that nominates a person as .. area of the law and applicants will often require the assistance of a lawyer.

Public Trustee Office

Updates & events. spacer Wills. spacer WA Will Bank. spacer Deceased Estate Administration. spacer Enduring Power of Attorney. spacer Trust Management ..

What is Probate? - Supreme Court of Western Australia

supremecourt.probate@justice.wa.gov.au. Website www.supremecourt.wa.gov.au. Office of Births, Deaths & Marriages. Department of the Attorney General ..

Enduring Power of Attorney in Western Australia

The Guide updates The Practical Guide to Enduring Powers of Attorney (1999) to incorporate: ... Wills, Executor and Deceased Estate services: 1300 746 116 ..


Applicant: PETER BAGNARA Counsel: MS R FIELD - Solicitor: .. Application seeking an order pursuant to section 12(2) of the Wills Act 1936 ..


list from information publicly available regarding lawyers practising in .. Specialities: Criminal & Civil Litigation, Family Law, Property, Wills & Probate, ..

Solicitors - Job Outlook


provide legal advice, prepare and draft legal documents, and conduct .. preparing and critically reviewing contracts between parties; preparing wills ..

Law Handbook Online - South Australia

Complaints against lawyers · Legal Practitioners ... Discretionary payments by the Attorney-General · SERVICES · WILLS, ESTATES AND FUNERALS · WILLS ..

Supreme Court of Victoria - Deceased Estates FAQs

The Deceased Estates landing page in the Probate Office area provides a list of most frequently .. Q: Can a Grant of Representation be made to an attorney?


A limited grant of probate (q.v.) or administration on behalf of a minor. .. In a solicitor's bill, a disbursement may include payments made on lodging documents, ..

The Public Trustee - Workgroups

The Lawyers within this workgroup regularly attend at mediations and appear .. The Wills, Trusts and Disability Legal Workgroup delivers legal services to The ..

Powers of Attorney | Public Trustee - ACT

The Public Trustee provides a professional service and will prepare your Enduring Power of Attorney, where you have nominated the Public Trustee as your ..

Aged Care Australia - help with aged care homes - Legal issues for ..

Powers of attorney can be used for almost any purpose, including operating a .. In some states, living wills or advance health directives allow a ..

Victoria Government Gazette

Willis Simmonds Lawyers. 218. Wills & Probate Victoria. 218. Wisewould Mahony. 219. Sales by the Sheriff. Savada Nand Sharma & Reshmi ..

Victoria Government Gazette

(Legal Services) Pty Ltd. 2212. Whitehead Summons. 2212. Wightons Lawyers. 2212. Willis Simmonds Lawyers. 2212. Wills & Probate Victoria ..


Consolidated Report to the Standing Committee of Attorneys General on The Law of Wills. (QLRC MP 29, December 1997; NSWLRC R 85, April 1998) ..

Basics : wills & probate / presented by Pam Suttor | National Library ..

APA Citation. Suttor, Pam. & NSW Young Lawyers. 1999 Basics : wills & probate / presented by Pam Suttor NSW Young Lawyers, Sydney : ..

Wills, probate and intestacies in family history (State Library of ..

However, copies of individual wills may sometimes be found in private hands or amongst the records of individual solicitors or executors.

Glen Eira City Council Directory

Business description: Legal services such as litigation, probate, debt recovery, powers of attorney, wills, conveyancing, agreements. Hours of operation: Monday ..


some of the Public Trustee's key Wills and Estate lawyers. Better Practice Agency. Fourth Year Running. The Public Trustee was recognised as a Better Practice ..

Estates and Executors | Public Trustee - ACT

Home · Wills · Estates and Executors · Powers of Attorney · Trusts · Investments .. by being submitted to a probate court having jurisdiction of the estate of the ..


concerned with wills and probate duty. 4 . Four of them derived from. *. Justice of the High Court of Australia. 1. Attorney-General (NSW) v Metcalfe (1904) 1 CLR ..


Rich Text Format - An appearance may be entered by you at the Probate Registry of this Court at 1 Gouger Street Adelaide either in person or by your solicitor. If you do not enter ..

Lawlink NSW: 2. The resealing system

2.2 A court may need to grant an executor probate to give him or her full .. if the lawyers have to engage an agent in one of the capital cities.

Victoria Government Gazette

Verhoeven & Curtain. 472. Williams Winter. 472. Wills & Probate Victoria. 472. Wilsons Lawyers. 473. Government and Outer Budget Sector. Agencies Notices ..

Victoria Government Gazette

102. Stidston Warren Lawyers. 102. TCL Legal Services (Vic.) Pty Ltd. 102. T. J. Mulvany & Co. 102. Tony O'Brien & Associates. 102. Wills & Probate Victoria ..


Tax Litigation, Wills & Intellectual Property) Ema", iSabelbenitOfreSnO@ .. Spanish' English' French' Catalan Mr John S.Rochlin (Australian Lawyer living in SP) ..

Home - Queensland Courts


and estates (probate) .. Bailiff-Sheriff Australia · Bar Association of Queensland · Department of Justice and Attorney-General · Legal Aid Queensland ..

NSW Court of Appeal - Recent Decisions of Interest - Supreme Court ..

Lawyers: negligence; plaintiff obtained order under Family Provision Act .. Wills and estates: executors; whether duty of executor prevents a ..


Lawyers, the Public Trustee and private trustee companies do this type of work. Usually a grant of probate (registering of the will by the ..


The Probate Registry is the registry of the court which deals with applications for grants of probate or administration and other related matters. The registry keeps ..


- 10% off wills, Power of Attorney, residential conveyancing & selected serv. .. 10% off prof fees on wills, Powers of Attorney, conveyancing & deceased estates, ..

Lawlink NSW: Chapter Three - Restrictions on Non-Lawyers Using ..

3.8 Section 48E of the Legal Profession Act (NSW) reserves the conduct of general legal work, and probate work, when conducted for a fee, to solicitors and ..

Victoria Government Gazette

Westminister Lawyers. 1699. Wills & Probate Victoria. 1699. Advertisers Please Note. As from 28 July 2011. The last Special Gazette was No.


The law concerning wills is contained in the Wills Act 1936 . Many of the legal .. There is no legal requirement that a lawyer must prepare a will.

Lawyers Algarve - Australian Embassy

List of Portuguese lawyers conversant in English in the Algarve area .. sale properties, Wills, constitutions of companies and offshore and process of probate ..


In some States, solicitors work in offices and undertake legal work dealing directly with clients, such as preparing wills, contracts or deeds or ..

Victoria Government Gazette

Mills Oakley Lawyers. 2528. Raelene A. Murley. 2528. Verna A. Cook. 2528. Wills & Probate Victoria. 2529. Wisewould Mahony. 2529. Sales by the Sheriff ..

OPAL - FirstConsolidatedDraft (AP065891.DOC;1)

- 3 WILLS AND POWERS OF ATTORNEY............................................... 20. 4 TAKING CONTROL OF YOUR FINANCES.

About Us - Supreme Court : Lawlink NSW

.. former Chief Justices, Attorneys General, Sheriffs and the History of our .. Probate / deceased estate matters; Commercial matters; Admiralty ..

Supreme Court - Courts Administration Authority South Australia

The Probate Registry is the registry of the court which deals with applications for .. The Probate Registry is responsible for determining, on application for a grant ..

Trustee Corporations Association of Australia

Rich Text Format - preparing a will, trust instrument, power of attorney or agency arrangement; and. applying for probate of a will / grant of letters of administration, or electing to ..

Alphabetical Index Of Forms

to lead citation to accept or refuse probate (Form 11). to lead citation to accept or refuse administration (Form 12). to lead citation against executor to whom leave ..

International Legal Services Advisory Council (ILSAC) Submission ..

The vast majority of India's one million lawyers provide consumer services, typically in areas such as family law, wills and personal injury. Australian lawyers do ..

Fremantle Community Legal Centre - City of Fremantle

Our daytime solicitors can provide you with referrals, legal advice, minor .. For example, the lawyers give talks about wills, enduring powers of attorney, ..

PDF 272 kb - Lawlink NSW - NSW Government

During Remote Wills Days, PTNSW staff provide services to people making Wills and Powers of Attorney in local courthouses, libraries and other community ..

Public Trustee - Already been nominated as an executor?

Generally, an executor will instruct a solicitor to prepare and lodge the application for probate with the Supreme Court of South Australia.

Costs — Judicial Commission of New South Wales

This exception relates to any court officer, including solicitors, barristers and .. The costs of obtaining a grant of probate or letters of administration are regulated ..


Lawyers, the Public Trustee and private trustee companies do this type of work. Usually a grant of probate (registering of the will by the ..

south australian judgments - recent judgments

6 days ago – Professions And Trades - Lawyers - Duties And Liabilities - Solicitor And .. Succession - Wills, Probate And Administration - The Making Of A ..

Some aspects of the practical operation of litigation relating to ..

The vast majority of grants of probate are grants in common form. .. allegations of impropriety in a caveat only if the lawyer has the same sort of ..

Supreme Court of Victoria - Probate Office


matters will now be listed for hearing on Tuesdays in the Practice Court.

Victoria Government Gazette

Harris & Chambers Lawyers. 2495. Lyttletons. 2495. Moores Legal. 2495. Verna A. Cook. 2495. White Cleland Pty. 2496. Wills & Probate ..

Australia-India FTA feasibility study submission on Legal Services

- The vast majority of India's one million lawyers provide consumer services, typically in areas such as family law, wills and personal injury. Australian lawyers do ..


from other solicitors in the firm (particularly as the partner works part time) and .. 2. work in litigation, family law, debt recovery, commercial work, wills and estate ..


of Attorney, Executor Services,. Financial Management and Trusts. Bathurst staff will also be regular visitors making and updating Wills and Powers of Attorney ..

My family is separating — what now? | Family Law Solicitors

Property settlements · Superannuation · Wills and Estates .. The collaborative law process is where both parents, their lawyers and any other professionals ..

Law Clerk - myfuture: Australia's career information service

Law clerks perform a variety of legal tasks under the supervision of solicitors, .. their employers in all areas of law, including probate (proving the validity of wills), ..

Case Management in the Supreme Court

Supreme Court (Court of Appeal) Rules 2005, Non-Contentious Probate Rules 1967 and the ... Certificate or Undertaking of Solicitor or Counsel on Urgent ..


Rich Text Format - FORM 64. Section 17 of the Act. Rule 50. OATH TO LEAD RE-SEAL OF GRANT. South Australia. In the Supreme Court. Testamentary Causes Jurisdiction ..

The Public Trustee of Queensland - Queensland Government ..

Department of Justice and Attorney-General .. Estates Administration; Trusts and Protective Management; Wills and Estate Planning; Regional ..

Section 5 Annual Report 08_09_TEXT ONLY

The Crown Solicitor's Office (CSO) provides legal services to the NSW. Government .. Wills clients and estate beneficiaries are surveyed annually to establish a ..

Victoria Government Gazette

executor may convey or distribute the assets, having regard only to the claims of which they may then have notice. WILLS & PROBATE VICTORIA, lawyers, ..

Supervised Traineeship Scheme

An entry-level lawyer should be able to demonstrate oral communication skills, legal ... WILLS AND ESTATES PRACTICE – Diary Entry Reconciliation ..

Complaints against banking and financial services

.. ACCESS TO INFORMATION VICTIMS OF CRIME WILLS, ESTATES .. against lawyers · Complaints against banking and financial services ..

Legal Profession Admission Board

The LPAB is a self-funding body, created by legislation, responsible for making rules for, and approving, the admission of lawyers and ..

1. CURRENT AGREEMENT 2011-12 180111 draft v8 no tracked ..

assessments of any duties or taxes (other than probate, death, succession or .. an estate pursuant to an enduring power of attorney that the Public Trustee ..

Lawlink NSW: 5. A uniform resealing procedure

Lawyers well versed in the rules of their own jurisdiction will .. A grant of double probate "runs concurrently with the first grant if any of the first ..

Family law

The Attorney-General's Department administers policy regarding family law through the Family Law Branch and Family Pathways Branch. These branches ..



Administration and Probate Act 1919 Three year time requirement - State law ... Legal Practitioners Act 1981 Complaints against lawyers Disputes about ..

Lawyer - Tags - Government of South Australia

Pace Lawyers is a small firm specialising in injury and commercial law. .. Advice, Children's Issues, Property Settlements and Wills & Estates.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Probate - Supreme Court ..

Can the executor's attorney swear affidavits in an application for probate? Who can witness an affidavit in New South Wales and outside the ..

Freedom of Information - Department of the Attorney General

State Solicitors Office Level 14, 141 St Georges Terrace PERTH WA 6000. Applications for documents dealing with wills, trustees and estate ..

Fact sheet 1 - Attorney-General's Department

The Attorney-General's International Pro Bono Advisory Group .. legal services such as wills and probate, family law and human rights.


- Lawyers: SPAIN-WIDE. Updated: .. (Civil, Mercantile, Tax Attorney & Real Estate Matters) .. (Company, Mercantile, Commercial Law, Civil, Tax Litigation, Wills ..

Macpherson+Kelley Lawyers - Submission to Exposure Draft ..

Macpherson + Kelley Lawyers, since the collapse of the Timbercorp group .. Employment + industrial relations Transport + commodities Wills + ..

Intellectual property


Justices of the Peace · Land rights · Law reform · Legal services · Legislation · Police services · Wills and powers of attorney · State law and justice links ..


Reichman Lawyers. 10% off. Werribee Suite 1, 261 Heaths Rd. 03 9749 4600. McNamaras -. Barristers & Solicitors. 50% off wills. Essendon 1/257 Keilor Rd ..

List of Lawyers Dubai & the Northern Emirates

List of Lawyers. Dubai & the Northern .. Investments and Regulations, Real Estate and Conveyancing, Criminal Law, Succession and Probate,. Contracts ..

What is Probate? - Public Trustee

Department of the Attorney General .. Probate is the process of proving and registering in the Supreme Court the last Will of a deceased person ..

99997 OLSC CostDis form.indd

Probate/Wills/Family Provision. ■ Sale/Purchase/Lease of Real .. The lawyer has issued a summons to recover costs. ❑ Yes ❑ No. The total amount of the bill/s ..

Untitled - Federal Court of Australia

Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Queensland. *. Solicitor of the High Court of Australia .. conveyancing, time-share administration, wills and estates) and to the ..


the Young Lawyers Animal Law Committee's Brochure on Bequests to Animals – a brochure .. their pets may be the objects of their devotion in their wills.

Find legal advice - Court cases in Australia - Research Guides at ..

5+ items – Find information about court cases, including law reports and ..

Law help guide – free and low cost legal services


A quick guide to legal ..


Victoria Legal Aid


Victoria Legal Aid provides ..


Where to keep a will

Banks and insurance companies hold wills, usually for a small charge. .. Lawyers will usually hold a will if they have prepared it for a client, ..

Deceased Estate Administration and Executor Assist

you or your loved ones with: • Deceased Estate. Administration. • Executor Assistance. • Trustee services. • Wills and Will storage. • Enduring Powers of Attorney ..

Courts Administration Authority South Australia - Judgments

Succession - Wills, Probate And Administration - The Making Of A Will - Execution - Informal Document Intended To Be Will - South Australia - Other Cases ..


Home to 63 staff including 15 lawyers and 9 paralegals specialising in fields of litigation, family law, commercial and property matters, wills and estates allows ..


This advice was largely on a wills matter, which is always a problem for lawyers in matters of capacity, but I maintain it extends to all legal ..

9. Next of kin – general order of distribution

Probate Act 1929 (ACT) s 49(1), s 49B, Sch 6 Pt 6.2 It 1; Wills, Probate and ... scenario fanciful, but received advice from Alberta lawyers that "heir hunters" do ..

Filing fees

top -. PROBATE Fees as at 1 July 2011 .. All grants of probate or administration .. WILLS. Depositing Will (Sec 13). $99.50. Withdrawal of Will (Sec 15). $49.00 ..

Substitute decision making and older people

by D Setterlund - 1999 - - Government, and the proposed changes to the Powers of Attorney Act .. are Powers of Attorney provisions and guardianship. .. wills and decisions regarding ..

Member Profiles - Superannuation Complaints Tribunal


at the College of Law, where she taught tax, wills and probate, and business law. .. Mr Lacey is a lawyer with over 30 years experience in in-house general ..

Some aspects of the practical operation of litigation relating to ..

There are two basic types of grants of probate -- grants in common form .. Thus, a lawyer acts properly in making allegations of impropriety in a ..

Without Prejudice Issue 47 - Legal Services Commissioner : Lawlink ..

Earlier this year the NSW Attorney General announced new laws which .. the power to limit legal costs in cases involving disputes over wills.


A power of attorney is a document that gives a person (called either the .. ACCESS TO INFORMATION VICTIMS OF CRIME WILLS, ESTATES ..

- Building & Construction - Flashman & Chalker Lawyers | Cobar ..

Flashman Chalker Lawyers. .. Wills, Powers of Attorney, Enduring Guardians; Estates, probate and letters of administration; Australian Water Conveyancing.

Law — Research - eResources - State Library of New South Wales

The Lawyers Practice Manual New South Wales is a procedural guide which deals .. Formerly Wills Probate & Administration Service NSW.

Victoria Government Gazette

convey or distribute the assets, having regard only to the claims of which they may then have notice. WILLS & PROBATE VICTORIA, lawyers, ..


Many people suffer unnecessarily as the result of legal problems that could have been avoided if a lawyer had been consulted at the first sign ..


Many people suffer unnecessarily as the result of legal problems that could have been avoided if a lawyer had been consulted at the first sign ..

Tasmania Online: Business and economy > Financial services ..

15+ items – Tasmania Online. www.tas.gov.au Contact Disclaimer ..



Financial advisers and planners, located at Rosny ..


Australian Debt Counsellors


Independent non-Government organisation ..


PEAD Alfred - Trove

Geraldton Guardian (WA : 1906 - 1928) Tuesday 14 May 1912 p 1 Article: Men who make their own wills to cheat the lawyers of a guinea ..

Victoria Government Gazette

only to the claims of which she then has notice. Probate was granted in Victoria on 2 March. 2011. FINDLAY ARTHUR PHILLIPS, solicitors,. Suite 32, Level 3, ..

Admission - Legal Services Commissioner : Lawlink NSW

Practical legal training for solicitors is different from that for barristers. .. Trust and office accounting; Wills and estate; Work management and business skills.

Mediation - Supreme Court : Lawlink NSW

Mediators are usually appropriately qualified lawyers, non-lawyers or Court .. (a) For equity and probate cases – affidavit evidence which ..

Public Trustee - Enduring Power of Attorney Frequently Asked ..

You are here: Products & Services > Enduring Attorney > Enduring Power of Attorney .. Why should I appoint Public Trustee as my Attorney?

supreme court probate rules 2004 schedule 1 forms

Click here for an RTF file containing all of the Probate Forms or choose individual forms from the table below. Click here for the alphabetical index to the forms.

Project No 88

various practical problems to persons concerned with probate and the administration of estates, whether they be lawyers, executors of wills or administrators of ..

Supreme Court of Western Australia : Mediation FAQ

Court of Appeal · General Division · Probate .. Who attends the mediation? All the parties to the action, and their lawyers. In very unusual circumstances, a case ..

Victoria Government Gazette

WILLS & PROBATE VICTORIA, lawyers,. Level 3, 20–22 McKillop Street, Melbourne. 3000. may convey or distribute the assets, having regard only to the claims ..


A person who is concerned about the conduct of a lawyer, including .. ACCESS TO INFORMATION VICTIMS OF CRIME WILLS, ESTATES ..

The Supreme Court of the Northern Territory

Home · About Us · Going to Court · For Lawyers · For the Media · For Jurors .. History of the Court · Current Judges · Wills & Probate · Going to Court · Video ..

Victoria Government Gazette

having regard only to the claims of which they may then have notice. WILLS & PROBATE VICTORIA, lawyers,. Level 3, 20–22 McKillop Street, Melbourne 3000.

Executor Frequently Asked Questions | The NSW Trustee and ..

Quick Links --, What is a Power of Attorney? .. If, after reading these you have any further questions relating to Wills please contact your nearest branch of NSW ..

Service Tasmania Online: Law and public safety > State government ..

Links to services for lawyers and members of the public and to participating .. advice on wills, trusts, estate administration, enduring power of attorney, and ..

Mair, Peter – Legal Costs

- Lawyers wanting clients to accept costs agreements should themselves accept .. Wills can be incendiary devices and a deceased estate lying on the table ..

Justice of the Peace Handbook

Witnessing applications for probate. § Witnessing applications for letters of administration. § Witnessing enduring power of attorney ..

Training for Lawyers - Lawlink Libraries : Lawlink NSW

Legal Management Services - Attorney General's Department .. South Wales Wills and Probate Procedures - Law Society of New South Wales ..

- Business Services - Legal Services - Flashman & Chalker Lawyers ..

Flashman Chalker Lawyers. .. Wills, Powers of Attorney, Enduring Guardians; Estates, probate and letters of administration; Australian Water Conveyancing.

Public Record Office Victoria online catalogue

the safe custody of documents such as wills (section 14, Property Law Act 1958 .. powers of attorney, married women and widows entitlement to land, and had ..

Southern Grampians Shire Council - Legal Services

Hunter Newns Barristers & Solicitors has experienced practitioners .. Law, Family Law, conveyancing, Wills and Probate and Police Matters.

Victoria Government Gazette

of Wills & Probate Victoria – Lawyers, GPO. Box 1946, Melbourne 3001, by 23 July 2008, after which date the executors may convey or distribute the assets ..

Legal Services - myfuture: Australia's career information service


legal advice and the preparation of legal documents, such as contracts and wills. .. The States and Territories have different requirements for lawyers to meet, ..

Your Last Will and Testament

managers, Wills officers and estate and trust managers who can help you or your loved ones with: • Wills and Will storage. • Enduring Powers of Attorney ..

Let's talk about Executor Services

obtaining probate from The Supreme Court .. includes a team of lawyers, accountants and investment .. and have over 900000 Wills in our free, safe document ..


member, friend, solicitor, accountant, STL or another trustee company. An application ... Alleged unreasonable action in relation to Wills, failure to respect the ..

Where to get legal advice and information - CaTS Corporate New ..

Courts and Tribunal Services | Department of Attorney General and Justice .. The scheme covers only certain matters, including criminal cases, wills and estates ..

Supreme Court : KMason

RETURNING HOME: A lawyers reflections on the parable of the prodigal .. In my early days at the Bar I acted in many wills disputes, especially ..

Protocol for Work Allocation

"a masculine, aggressive profession and the lawyer is rigid, technical and .. compensation, abuse in care applications, preparation of wills, family provision ..

Victoria Government Gazette

Mills Oakley Lawyers. 1881. Ms M. G. S. Davies. 1881. Tragear & Associates Pty. 1881. Wills & Probate Victoria. 1882. Wisewould Mahony. 1882. Sales by the ..

Publication Guide

Publication Guide. How to access information held by the Attorney General's Division ... trustee services, wills, executor information, trustees, Power of. Attorney ..

Legal Briefing No 1 - Australian Government Solicitor

AGS - Australian Government Solicitor .. Papers by AGS lawyers .. case) andNationwide News Pty Ltd v Wills (2) (the Nationwide News case) ..

In re the Estate of the late E M Groll [2009] NTSC 14 PARTIES: IN ..

original Will, they took the copy to the applicants' present solicitors in order to obtain a grant of probate. Also located with the copy of the Will ..

Admission - Legal Services Commissioner : Lawlink NSW

Lawyer Regulation in Australia .. solving; Property law; Trust and office accounting; Wills and estate; Work management and business skills.

List of Lawyers Abu Dhabi and Al Ain This list is provided for the ..

quality of work performed by any lawyer on this list". probate, bankrupt, banking & finance, corporate, private business, recovery, civil right, legal ..

Lawyer to lawyer negotiation

Where each party has a lawyer they may choose to have them .. AND ACCESS TO INFORMATION VICTIMS OF CRIME WILLS, ESTATES AND ..

Supreme Court of Victoria - Links


Institute of Victoria (LIV) is the state's peak body for lawyers and those who work with .. Probate Applications; Caveat and Wills Indices, Probate Applications; ..

Hobsons Bay City Council Directory

Description: Legal Services including wills and probate, conveyancing, building .. The office of the Legal Ombudsman investigates complaints about lawyers.


The service is staffed by volunteer lawyers who provide preliminary .. (e.g. family law, personal injuries, wills and estates), geographic location ..

Legal and Justice of the Peace services - City of Subiaco

Department of the Attorney General .. to assist local residents with legal matters including estate planning, wills, commercial and civil matters and family law.

Victoria Government Gazette

Wills & Probate Lawyers. 1301. TABLE OF PROVISIONS. Advertisers Please Note. As from 28 June 2007. The last Special Gazette was No. 138 dated 27 June ..

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